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F / Under a honeysuck...
Posted 2/28/09 , edited 3/1/09
When Daichi says "There's no way I'm the only one that can be happy" do you thinks he say that because he doesn't want to betray and let SOra down? And maybe even Seiya 2?
Posted 3/8/09 , edited 3/9/09
Oh my gosh x3 I still remember that. I think its to not betray Sora and Seiya. They both like her, and Najika chose Sora and Daichi, but then Najika actually likes Daichi a lot. So he can't be happy. Sora died, and Najika doesn't like Seiya :| Soo sad. Hopefully this made sense x3
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23 / F / still crying from...
Posted 3/15/09 , edited 3/15/09
mmm daichi doenst like seiya, so that doesnt matter.. but i think daichi dusnt wanna betray sora.. cos he had flashbacks of sora and najika.. >< its all sora's fault!! LOL :D
Posted 3/15/09 , edited 3/15/09
well, Seiya we can't do anything about
'cause Najika just plain don't like him in that way
but he must feel guilty
Najika liked Sora and vice versa
before Sora died
so he's betraying his brother (or so he thinks)
I also think it's a little for him too...
I mean
Won't he feel like a replacement for Sora?
They ARE brothers after all
and then Najika liked him AFTER Sora goes
so that's why I don't have a particularly high opinion of Najika
no offense
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F / アメリカ
Posted 3/21/09 , edited 3/21/09
This is somewhat of a spoiler of chapter 45:
I found it in the july 2008 issue of nakayoshi no pic though:
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Posted 5/10/09 , edited 5/10/09
Does annyone know where you can read the last chapters online!
I've looked everywhere.
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