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Memento Mori ~ Noah (part 1)

“DIE!” yelled Abel.
Dmitri rolled out of the way just in time to avoid an arrow that had been fired at him. He took out his two hand guns and began firing at his attackers. The two angels got out of the way.
Dmitri was in Sibilis to take care of a riot originally caused by Azriel, the deceased fallen angel and Sinner of Wrath. Once Dmitri had arrived, he found that most of the insurgents had already been killed by a pair of angels named Abel and Axel. The two began fighting Dmitri once they discovered that he was the Sinner of Sloth.
Abel fired random arrows at the ground to cause a cloud of smoke, blinding Dmitri. Axel then flung an axe at Dmitri’s position. Due to Dmitri’s Hawkeyes, an ability in which he could sense the emotions of others, Dmitri was able to dodge the attacks. He then fired at the sources of anger.
“Gah!” screeched Abel.
There as a thump as Abel fell into the ground. Dmitri sensed Axel still in the air.
I need to get Axel onto the ground, thought Dmitri.
Dmitri initiated his Power of Sloth. He hoped this would cause Axel to become lazy and decided not to fly. To his disappointment, it didn’t work.
Axel threw two more axes at Dmitri. Dmitri ran away from the attack. The cloud of smoke was now beginning to fade. He was now in plain sight.
“Gotcha!” laughed Axel.
Axel reached for another axe to find out he was empty. Angry, Axel flew down onto the ground.
Excellent, thought Dmitri.
Dmitri took out his gun. He knew he only had one bullet in each.
“DIE!” shouted a startling voice from behind Dmitri.
Dmitri had paid too much attention to Axel that he didn’t realize that Abel was still alive. Just as Abel loaded his bow, Dmitri twirled around and fired a bullet straight into Abel’s head. The dead angel collapsed.
“Abel!” screamed Axel.
Axel charged at Dmitri. Dmitri turned back at the remaining angel and fired. Unfortunately the bullet missed Axel’s head and hit Axel’s knee. The angel skid to the ground.
Dmitri put his handguns back in their holsters. He walked over to one of Axel’s axes and dislodged it from its spot. He then walked over to Axel.
“I already heard from N.V. that you angels killed Matthau,” said Dmiti, “this is your punishment.”
And with a swing, Dmitri cut off Axel’s head. Dmitri then dropped the axe and sat down on the rubble of a wall.
Just as Dmitri sensed a new presence, a female voice said “nice job.”
Dmitri recognized the voice.
“Hello, Nairb,” greeted Dmitri.
“Hi,” replied ‘Sister’ M. N. Nairb, one of the Nirvanism Maesters.
“What are you doing here?”
“The other Maesters are busy helping the Mysic Council fight off some faction called the Remnants of Atlantis in Faralda. I was asked by Leader to investigate a secret facility here in Sibilis called The Clock Tower.”
“The Clock Tower?”
“It’s a twelve story underground building under Sibilis’ Hall of Music. You seem to be done here. Wanna come?”
“Sure.” Secretly, Dmitri senses that Nairb was withdrawing some information but kept quiet about it.

Dmitri and Nairb finally found the entrance to The Clock Tower under a sculpture of Blue Satan. They went down some stairs to find themselves in a blue hallway. Suddenly the door closed on them.
“What’s going on?” demanded Dmitri.
“I don’t know,” lied Nairb, which Dmitri could tell.
There was a white light and Dmitri found himself inside the ARK.
“What an unpleasant surprise,” said a familiar voice.
A sharp pain struck Dmitri. He was feeling a strong cold and lazy presense. Dmitri turned to see the face of Noah, the original Sinner of Sloth.
“Impossible,” muttered Dmitri.
“I’m here because you took too long in delivering the sample,” said a shinigami.
Dmitri turned around to see a shinigami at a doorway. Both the shinigami Leviat and Noah were ignoring him. Strange.
“I was going to have Valentine deliver it but it appears that Kurasawa Cross isn’t in Valentine’s payroll anymore,” said Noah, “Leviat, who exactly are you working for? And don’t say Valentine. I already found out that you’re not part of his Wave Project.”
Leviat smiled. “If you’re so interested, I’ll tell you. I’m with the Fallen Order. We’re going to infuse Draethius’ blood into a vessel so he can be brought back from the depths of the Death Dimension.”
“You plan to resurrect Azazel? You’re crazy.”
“Do not identify him by that name!”
“Touchie. Fine.” Noah tossed the vial of blood at Leviat. “Take it. Not like I’d do anything to stop you.”
“Thanks. You can contact me at…”

There was another flash and Noah found himself in the blue hall again. Nairb was gone. Dmitri leaned against a wall and slide to the ground as he tried to get over his headache.
“What… what was that,” mumbled Dmitri.
“It is the power of this place,” said a voice.
Dmitri stood up immediately and took out his guns. He aimed them at the source of the innocent aura.
A door opened and a small boy in black cloak and a white owl perched on his shoulder walked into the blue hallway. He gave off an aura of innocence and nonaggression.
“Who are you?” asked Dmitri.
“My name is Ben. And I know who you are. You are Dmitri Valenti, now Dmitri de Acedia, the current Sinner of Sloth.”
“How do you know that?”
“This place, Valentine’s fourth hidden facility, The Clock Tower, contains the memories of all Sinners, new and old.”
“Their… memories?”
“Yes. Each floor in The Clock Tower contains the memories of Sinners, whether they are alive or dead. You may even find the floor that contains your memories.”
“How do I get out of here?”
“There are twelve floors in The Clock Tower, Dmitri. If you come through one end, you must depart through the other.”
“Then if this is the top floor, I need to get down.”
“There was a woman with me, where is she?”
“That, I do not know. She may have gone without you.”
Dmitri walked to the door and went down the stairs to get to the next floor: the red hallway.
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Memento Mori ~ Rubi (part 2)

Dmitri found himself in a hallway similar to the floor above but instead of blue, everything was red. As he was wondering whose memories laid inside this floor, pain shot into his head and found himself in another memory.
Dmitri was in the middle of the desert. To his right he could see the cliffs that held Dry Man’s Point, where he and Matthau Ashford had been during the end of The Great God War. To his left in the distance was Kaidva Town. Dmitri knew where he was: the Desert of Kaidva.
“Get a move on!” shouted a familiar voice.
Dmitri turned around to see Rubi running along three other people. Dmitri recognized all of them. They were former members of the Order of the Mystic Knights: Ruuso, Saria Sarou, and Mare Mara.
“If they are here in the Desert of Kaidva and this is one of Rubi’s memories,” said Dmitri to himself, “then this must be the Battle of Kaidva.”
Dmitri had read the file. It was a major battle between the Mystic Knights and the Fallen Order. While the battle only lasted forty-three minutes, the casualties on the Fallen Order’s side was dramatic.
Trumpets blew and a marching army came into view. They held the insignia of the Fallen Order. Two people were in the front: Cheruna and “The Demon Lord’s Hand”.
“Kill them all!” bellowed Cheruna, “leave no survivors.”
The Fallen Order’s army charged at Rubi, Saria, Ruuso, and Mare. The four Mystic Knights stood their grounds.
“Now!” ordered Rubi.
Suddenly explosives began detonating under the army’s feet. In just one minute, half the army was gone. Two people on a horse rode over to Rubi.
Dmitri recognized them as Zayru Licayan and Manuel.
“Good work with the explosives,” Mare said to Zayru.
“No problem,” said Zayru.
“Me and Zayru are going to go to Dry Man’s Point and snipe from there,” informed Manuel.
“Okay, get there as soon as you can,” said Rubi, “there’s a lot of enemies here.”
With a nod, Manuel and Zayru rode off for Dry Man’s Point. From the smoke came Cheruna.
“Ah, I see you set a trap for us,” said Cheruna. He eyed the moaning and injured soldiers of his army. “You ruined the elegance of my army and for that, you’ll pay.”
Cheruna unsheathed his sword.
“Rubi, Saria, you take care of the grunts and look for The Demon Lord’s Hand,” said Mare, “me and Ruuso will deal with Cheruna.”
“Okay,” said Rubi.
Rubi and Saria ran past Cheruna. Cheruna did nothing to stop them.
“So I see I get to play with you low lives first,” said Cheruna, “suffer under my grace!”
Cheruna ran towards Ruuso and Mare. Mare took out her sword as Ruuso made an incantation. However, Cheruna broke through Ruuso’s sword and swung at Mare.
“No!” panicked Ruuso.
Mare was still taking out her sword as Cheruna approached her. Just as Cheruna swung, Ruuso jumped in the way and was slashed. The bleeding god fell down.
“Ruuso… Ruuso… RUUSO!” screamed Mare.
Mare swung her sword at Cheruna but it was blocked by Cheruna’s own sword. She was engulfed in rage and swung vigorously at the demon. The demon blocked every time.

“This doesn’t make sense,” said Dmitri, “Ruuso is alive.”
“How ugly,” said Cheruna.
Cheruna knocked the sword out of Mare’s hand. Just as he was about to decapitate Mare, Rubi punched Cheruna. The demon was knocked to the ground.
Mare picked up her sword.
“This is for Ruuso,” said Mare.
There was a gunshot. Rubi turned to see a sniper in the smoke. It was The Demon Lord’s Hand.
“Im.. pos.. si…” mumbled Mare.
Mare took a couple steps before falling down dead.
Cheruna quickly got up and ran over to The Demon Lord’s Hand.
“Let’s get out of here,” said Cheruna, “the army can finish them off.”
“Coward are you?” mocked The Demon Lord’s Hand.
Cheruna bit his lip. “I need to get back.” It was an obvious lie.
“Fine, let’s go.”
The Demon Lord’s Hand and Cheruna disappeared into the smoke.
Rubi rushed over to Mare. Her heartbeat was gone. She checked Ruuso’s.
“He’s alive,” sighed Rubi.
Rubi patched up Ruuso. While doing so, Saria, Manuel, and Zayru finished off the other soldiers.
In the end they, all met up together.
“There was too many here,” said Saria, “Bia de Pri and Dia L. Sloth should have been with us.”
“They’re in Sibilis looking into an explosion there,” said Zayru.
“Manuel, Zayru, I need you to take care of Mare’s body,” requested Rubi. “Me and Saria need to get Ruuso to a doctor right aw-”

The memory ended abruptly. Dmitri noticed Ben sitting on the ceiling.
“Ben, why did Valentine de Invidia build The Clock Tower?” asked Dmitri.
“I don’t know,” said Ben, “most likely to hide something.”
“Hide something?”
“Rumor has it that there is an artifact at the bottom of The Clock Tower. Who knows, maybe you’ll find Sister Nairb there.”
Dmitri passed Ben and went down the stairs. He found himself in a purple hallway.
“Wait a sec,” said Dmitri, “how did he know her name?”

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Memento Mori ~ Ashley (part 3)

Dmitri had taken one step after saying “how did he know my name?” when he was brought into a memory. He found himself in Faralda. A stranger with long hair and an umbrella was talking to an angel.
“Name, sir?” asked an angel courteously.
“Flamel…” replied the long-haired stranger, “Nicolas Flamel.”
“Thank you, sir. Have a good day.”
Twin angels walked by.

Right away Dmitri recognized the angel twins as Axel and Abel.
“Kyriel, we’re going to Sibilis to see if we can find Nemesis,” said Abel.
“Don’t take long,” warned the angel Nicolas Flamel had been speaking too. Apparently his name was Kyriel. “Remember, Nemesis is the woman has crimson earrings.”
Flamel walked away from Kyriel.
“Flamel, Flamel, Flamel…” muttered Dmitri, “where have I heard that name before?”
Flamel went down an alley and took off a hat. With it off, the stranger was revealed to actually be female.
“…I know!” exclaimed Dmitri, “Flamel was the angelic name of Lady Ashley de Superbia. She must have ”
Ashley suddenly spun the Veneratio at a dumpster.
“Show yourself!” demanded Ashley.
A fallen angel revealed himself. He walked over to Ashley, obviously defenseless.
“What are you doing here, Damien?” spat Ashley.
“I came here shortly after the Ragnarok Tragedy occurred,” explained Damien, “many angels and gods are massing here after it.”

“Ragnarok Tragedy? That happened not so long ago,” Dmitri said to himself, “then this must mean that Ashley de Superbia is alive.”
“That seems odd, you’ve been hiding from the Elder Gods since you and Azriel Fell,” said Ashley.
“Well, ever since Azriel’s death at Mirage Island, I’ve been labeled as an enemy to the Four Heavenly Rulers,” said Damien, “thus, I seeked out the sanctuary of the Elder Gods.”
“Not much of a help since many were killed.”
“No problem.”
“No problem? Most of Atlantis was wiped out.”
“Actually, Ashley, the Remnants of Atlantis have a plan to regain their power by invading Lemures.”
“Like Prince Wyatt would allow it.”
“So I was right, you’re the Sinner of Pride that one of Valentine’s assassins claimed to have killed,” said a familiar voice.
Evangeline hopped down from the top of a building. She had Twin Blades in her hands.
“You’re Evangeline, Sirberius Reono’s adopted sister,” said Damien.
Evangeline charged at Damien and Ashley. Damien flew out of the way but Ashley put Veneratio, her umbrella, between her and Evangeline’s Twin Blades.
“You’re stronger than Dominique,” commented Evangeline.
“Of course I am,” replied Ashley.
“Shame I need to kill you and report back to the Mystic Council. Youichi and Valentine would love to hear about this. Assault of the Black Rose!”
Dozens of black rose petals materialized. They shot at Ashley who twirled Veneratio and blocked them all.
“You won’t win,” said Ashley, “just surrender.”
“I’ll help with that,” said an angel hovering in the sky.

Dmitri looked up to see a six-winged angel. He wore a majestic robe.
Damien bowed before the Crowned Angel.
“Forgive me, Evan Nigel,” apologized Damien, “I failed to kill the Sinner of Pride and the spy from the Mystic Council.”
“What?!” exclaimed Ashley. “How dare you!”
Ashley charged at Damien. Evan Nigel flew down in front of Damien and swung his sword at Ashley. Before Ashley could even block, Evan Nigel’s sword slashed at her chest.
“Fu-” was all Ashley could manage before coughing up blood.
“Demise Slash!” chanted Evangeline.
Evangeline’s Twin Blades glowed. She slashed at Evan Nigel who blocked the attack. Damien grabbed her arms, squeezing until Evangeline dropped the Twin Blades.
“I’m going to have you live a while longer,” Evan Nigel told Evangeline. He blew her a kiss and Evangeline lost consciousness.
Damien and Evangeline looked at where Ashley had fallen. They couldn’t see her.

Dmitri, however, was seeing Ashley’s memories so he could see Ashley laying on the ground, perfectly still. Dmitri guessed Ashley was Clown Theory on them.
“Let us return to the Cathedral of Serenity and report to Unknown,” said Evan Nigel.
“Understood,” said Damien.
Damien and Evan Nigel flew away with the unconscious Evangeline. Ashley unshielded herself. She stumbled up, using Veneratio as a cane.
“Must… warn… Council…” mumbled Ashley.

The memory faded. Dmitri continued walking until he spotted something on the floor. It was a crimson earring.
Dmitri remembered that in Ashley’s memories, Axel and Abel were going to meet a woman named Nemesis, probably the Four Heavenly Rulers Nemesis. Kyriel also mentioned that Nemesis had crimson earrings.
“Did Nairb have crimson earrings?” Dmitri asked himself out loud. “No, she had gold ones…”
That’s when the realization came. If these earrings belonged to Nemesis of the Four Heavenly Rulers, then that means that she’s somewhere in The Clock Tower. She may have kidnapped Nairb!
Dmitri ran down the stairs. He found himself in a grey hallway.
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Memento Mori ~ Azriel (part 4)

Dmitri was running through the grey hallway when he was sucked into another memory. This time he found himself in a gothic area, possibly Atlantis.
An angel was walking towards a giant domed building.
“Azriel!” cried out a voice behind him.
The angel, Azriel, turned around to see a young female angel run over to him.
“Yes, Brit, what is it that you need?” asked Azriel.
“Well, um, I know you’re going to see the Council of Elder Gods soon and I just, um, wanted to wish you luck,” mumbled Brit, the female angel. She blushed.
“Hey, since when do I need luck? My views are solid. I mean, honestly, why should we have to resort to worshiping these clans of races in the Mystic Realm? We are angels! We are one step below the gods and they want US to bow to THEM? I don’t think so! Don’t worry, love, I will be fine. It is the council that should fear me anyway.”
“Right. Is Damien going to join you?” He is loyal to you and you have been friends for a long time. If something were to happen, you know he is there for you.”
“I know, babe. Now go to the chamber hall and listen to my address of the situation, all will be clear soon, I promise.”
Azriel flew over to the domed building. He met up with another angel.

Damien, the fallen angel from Ashley’s Memory!
“Sire, I am here to aid you in your attempt to appeal to the Elder Gods,” said Damien.
“Although appreciated, it is not needed, my friend,” replied Azriel, “I have this under control. You know what will happen already, don’t you?”
“Indeed I do, sir, and I have come prepared.”
“Good cause there is a lot that could go wrong and having you by my side will make this a lot easier.”
“Sir, I will follow you till Judgment Day comes.” Damien bows before Azriel.
A booming voiced summoned Azriel inside. He walked inside and stood before a council of twelve silhouettes. Onlookers were muttering to themselves.
“Azriel, welcome,” greeted a god. “We understand that you have a problem with the new found alliances taking place in the Mystic Realm. Is peace and harmony too much for you to accept? Do you think yourself too good for those of the Mystic Realm? Too good for the gods? It is by our power that these alliances have taken place. It is by our hands and our guidance that peace will restore the rising in entropy that has plagued Atlantis. Now answer me: do you deny your maker, your gods?”

“Do I deny your place as my maker? Do I deny you as my god? No, Eleison, I am not so ignorant as to block out the reality of this realm. I in no way refuse you as my leader, thus the reason I called for this arrangement. I do not simply refuse peace. I in no way think that I am above the almighty ‘gods’ but I do feel that the people of the Mystic Realm have no place, nor should they be allowed to even conceive that they are in anyway on the level of an angel. I think that there could be peace without the acceptance of them as equals. I mean why should a celestial being be reduced to the status of those in the Mystic Realm? I debate the fact that you, the ‘makers’ of our society, the ‘rulers’ of our realm as all powerful, even the gods, living in your own egos, could make a misjudgment. I simply ask you not to reduced our titles as angels, not to underestimate our place in ‘your’ realm, for we ARE a force to be reckoned with and we WILL fight for our place! “ shouted Azriel. “We are strong, we will fight, and we will not be put down, not even by you so called gods.”
“This is treachery!” replied an Elder God with a scar. “You dare impose your resilience and defiance towards the gods. You will be punished for your deeds.”
“My brothers, fight by my side! Spread your wings, set yourselves free from these chains, fight with me, we are stronger than they think. We can take this realm. We can rule our own race.”
Dozens of the angels in the crowds were rallying to Azriel’s cause, many whom which had their weapons out. Azriel took out a broadsword as Damien went over by his side.
Azriel flew over to the scarred Elder God. The Elder God, anticipating the attack, blocked Azriel’s swing and hit him. Azriel faked another swing and slashed the Elder God. The scarred Elder God erupted in flames.
“Rikia!” panicked Eleison.
Eleison fled the hall.

Just then, the memory fragment ended.
“So that must be how Azriel and Damien Fell,” theorized Dmitri.
Dmitri continued the rest of the way to the stairs to the next floor. He noticed a crumpled up piece of paper on the foot of the stairs. He picked it up and read it.

Dmitri read the ‘TO MY OLD TIME RIVAL AND NEMESIS’ twice.
“I can’t believe this,” said Dmitri, “Valentine is working with Nemesis. I should never have trusted him.”
Dmitri continued to the next floor. Floor 5’s hallway was pink.
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Memento Mori ~ Diva (part 5)

After finding Valentine’s letter, Dmitri proceeded to Floor 5. Similar to the previous floors, this hallway was a different color; in this case, pink.
Dmitri had walked half way through the hallway when his Hawkeye Curse peered into another memory fragment. He was now in the Castle in the Sky on one of its many balconies. Diva was with Valentine; the two were drinking tea.
“So, Diva, I hear you are becoming a big hit in the Mystic Realm,” commented Valentine.
“That’s right,” confirmed Diva. “I’m climbing the ladder of success through my singing.”
“And sleeping with managers,” muttered N.V. as she poured more tea in Valentine’s cup.
Diva pretended not to hear.
“Valentine, what do you think of the Phaethon?” asked Diva.
“Tiolee Cross? He’s just a power hungry fool. Kira seems to like him.”
“Don’t tell me you hate all of the Four Heavenly Rulers.”
Diva touched Valentine’s hands. In a mere second, N.V. had Valentine’s Envious Scythe at Diva’s throat.
“Don’t even think about it,” threatened N.V.
“Stand down, N.V.,” said Valentine calmly, “Diva knows very well that a Sinner’s power does not affect other Sinners.” He glanced at Diva. “And you, Diva, don’t forget that I don’t like you using the Power of Lust on my people.”
“Ah, but I had a fun time with Javex Serva though,” said Ashley with a tease.
“I don’t care. And your question earlier. There is only one Heavenly Ruler that I am actually allied with…”

The memory fragment ended. Guarding the stairs to Floor 6 was Ben.
“Who are you really?” demanded Dmitri.
“Whatever could you mean?” said Ben, guised in innocence. Dmitri’s Hawkeye Curse could tell that Ben was lying.
“You know where Nairb is. Tell me where she is!”
“Oh, the Nirvanism Maester? I put her in Floor 12. Don’t worry, I’ve taken good care of her.”
“You monster!”
Dmitri took out his guns and began firing. Ben vanished.
Ten seconds later, Ben appeared in front of Dmitri.
“Made you look,” mocked Ben.
Ben punched Dmitri in the stomach. Dmitri bent down in pain.
“Nemesis was right,” said Ben, “the Sinner of Sloth is weak.”
Dmitri put one of his guns up and pulled the trigger. The bullet hit Ben’s shoulder right before Ben vanished.
“Coward,” said Dmitri.
Dmitri went down the stairs to Floor 6 where a yellow hallway awaited at.

Ben stumbled around in Floor 11, blood dripping from his wound.
“I see you had difficulty,” said Nemesis.
“I am deeply sorry,” apologized Ben.
“It matters not,” said Nemesis. “Now I know Valentine hid the Gem of Power in an obelisk but I can’t seem to find it. I need you to delay him a little while longer.”
“But how?”
“Just tell him that Nairb’s life is on the line.”
“As you wish, Nemesis.”
Ben used his Crystal ability to teleport to a higher Floor.
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Memento Mori ~ Leonardo (part 6)

Dmitri reloaded his guns as he walked into the yellow hallway. Just as he heard the click from the ammo locking in place in his gun, he was brought into another memory.
This time it was a small laboratory. A sign said The Gourd.
“So this must be Mirage Island,” guessed Dmitri.
Four scientists were inside. In a corner reading a book was Leonardo.
“Grimm, this alloy looks like it may work,” said the first scientist.

Dmitri recognized the first scientist as Valentine de Invidia.
“I agree,” agreed the second scientist.
“Cedric, think this will be workable with weaponry?” Valentine asked the third scientist.
“I think so,” said the third scientist, Cedric Aduella.
The four scientist sighed. “Why am I stuck doing this? I should be working on the Wave Project and Key 4.”
“Kurasawa Cross, I told you,” said Valentine, “I’ve decided to wait a few years to start Key 4.”
“Personally I think you should not do it all together,” commented Leonardo.
“You have no taste, Leonardo. What’s the problem of having a little mayhem.
“Funny, I could swear Penemue said the same thing during the Battle of Swawns.”
Valentine sighed. “Maybe you’re right.”
A god walked into the room.
“Vincent, shouldn’t you be at the Mu guarding the Castle in the Sky along with Va’ashear?” asked Kurasawa.
The god, Vincent, ignored Kurasawa. He proceeded over to Valentine. “Lord Valentine, you have visitors whom I’ve brought from the Mu.”
“Visitors? Please don’t say it’s Darmadia. She’s been complaining about my Kim-un-Kur experiments for the last month.”
“No, they identify themselves as Azriel and Damien.”
“Damien?” asked Leonardo, suddenly interested.
“Bring them in,” ordered Valentine. He glanced at the scientists. “Please excuse us.”
Cedric, Kurasawa, and Grimm stayed in the lab. Valentine and Leonardo followed Vincent up the elevator and outside. At the beach were Azriel and Damien.
“Samyaza,” Leonardo greeted Damien.
“Shamsiel,” Damien greeted back.
“So, Azriel, what brings you hear?” asked Valentine.
“I’ve been banished from Atlantis,” explained Azriel, “I was hoping to get sanctuary from SALIGIA.”
“Sorry but I’ve had my fill with fallen angels,” said Valentine.

“I will,” offered Leonardo.
“You will?” said Valentine and Azriel in surprise.
“Samyaza and you are old friends,” said Leonardo, “I wouldn’t throw old friend out to the dogs.”
“They probably deserve to be thrown to the dogs,” insulted Vincent.
“You wanna repeat that?!” snapped Azriel. Azriel reached for his broadsword.
In an instant, Azriel attacked Vincent. Vincent grabbed the sword and ran electricity through it.
“Gah!” screamed Azriel.
“Weak,” muttered Vincent.
“You wait. One day I’ll beat you and humiliate you. I’ll hang you from chains like a decoration.”
“Enough, all of you,” ordered Leonardo, “me and Valentine need to meet Sebastin Darling and Tenkai Hyachi in the Maverick Hills District.”
“I had completely forgotten that,” said Valentine, “apparently Sebastin thinks Cedric went missing when, in reality, he’s here at Mirage Island.”
“Well, I think we should get going. Vincent, try not to get into a fight with Azriel and Samyaza again…”

The memory ended. Dmitri remembered that Cedric Aduella was thought to have gone missing shortly before the Maverick Hills Incident. This must have happened shortly before Leonardo and Sebastin’s deaths.
Dmitri noticed a person at the end of Leonardo’s hallway.
“Nairb!” exclaimed Dmitri happily.
Dmitri then stopped. He could sense murderous intent coming from the person. Not only that, he could tell that the person was male.
“Why do you look so much like Nairb?” asked Dmitri.
“I am Brian, a Nobody of M. N. Nairb,” informed the person, “Z’Niel created me. I have a message for you from Ben Cane: stop or the life of ‘Sis’ M. N. Nairb won’t be guaranteed.”
Dmitri smiled. He could tell that Brian was worried. This must mean that Brian was bluffing.
“I have had enough of these games,” said Dmitri.
Dmitri fired a bullet at Brian. It missed but Brian fell down the stairs. Dmitri chased Brian down into the black hallway.
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Memento Mori ~ Dmitri (part 7)

Dmitri chased Brian into Floor 7, a black hallway. He fired a couple shots but missed. Brian got to Floor 8.
“Shoot,” cursed Dmitri.
Dmitri noticed a box on the side of a wall. On the box said “To Dmitri de Acedia.” Dmitri opened the envelope on the top of the box.

“That explains why the top entrance sealed itself after me and Nairb got in here,” said Dmitri. He looked around. “So this is my floor. I wonder why Hawkeye hasn’t activated yet.” He guessed it was because Floor 7 was his floor.
Dmitri opened the box. Inside were the maps and the key, just like Grimm said. Dmitri put the jeweled key into his pocket. He looked at the labels of each floor.
Floor 1: Noah
Floor 2: Rubi
Floor 3: Ashley
Floor 4: Azriel
Floor 5: Diva
Floor 6: Leonardo
Floor 7: Dmitri
Floor 8: Dominic
Floor 9: Dominique
Floor 10: Joel
Floor 11: Kira
Floor 12: Valentine

“So the remaining floors I need to go to are Dominic’s, Dominique’s, Joel’s, Kira’s, and Valentine’s,” said Dmitri. “The sooner I get going, the sooner I rescue Nairb.”
Dmitri pocketed the maps and made his way to Floor 8, the orange hallway.

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Memento Mori ~ Dominic (part 8)

Dmitri reached the last step to Floor 8, the orange hallway, when he saw Ben talking to Brian. The two were startled to see Dmitri.
“This time you die,” said Dmitri.
Dmitri pulled out his two guns. He fired two rounds at Ben and Brian. Ben teleported but the a bullet struck Brian in the arm. Smoke was hissing out of Brian’s wounds.
“Now I get it,” said Dmitri, “you have the ability to teleport.”
“That’s right,” replied Ben, “my Crystal ability is ‘Rift Lift’.”
“Crystal ability? So you’re with Nirvanism!”
“Not just any Nirvayan, I’m the lieutenant to ‘Sis’ M. N. Nairb.”
Brian noticed that Dmitri was divulged with his conversation with Ben. The Nobody took out a claymore.
“DIE!” shouted Brian.
Unknown to Brian, Dmitri had sensed Brian’s emotions quickly shift and was able to react in time. Just as the tip of the claymore neared his head, Dmitri fired a bullet into Brian’s head. Brian exploded into smoke.
“No matter, Z’Niel will just have to make another,” said Ben.
Ben froze in horror.
“What is going on?” panicked Ben, “why can I not use ‘Rift Lift’?”
“I used my Power of Sloth on you,” explained Dmitri, “your body is becoming lazy and slump. Your ability has become null.”
“Curse you!”
Dmitri raised his gun when his Hawkeye Curse. He knew what was going to happen: he was going to see one of Dominic’s memories.
Ruins of a once great city were all around. Tombs littered a small garden. One of the tomb stones was labeled Ovan.
This was the ruins of Besaid.
A young man wearing a gold and crimson crown walked by a fallen statue. He wore a white jacket over a black and white stripped shirt..
“Over here,” said a voice in the shadows.
The young man walked over to a ruined citadel. Walking out of the shadows came Cardinal Dominic de Avaritia.
“And you are?” demanded Dominic.
“I am Tim Drei from Organization V,” informed the young man. “My master sent me.”
“I see.”
“He wishes for me to inform you that we can no longer protect you. Thus, you should stay in hiding.”
“Ridiculous! I know you can hide me. You were able to hide Azriel at The Gourd.”
“Azriel took The Gourd without our help. Besides, Azriel is dead.”
“Azriel.. Is dead? Then that means me and Valentine are the last of the original Sinners.” He grinned. “This may work in my favor. If I take out Valentine then I’ll be the only original Sinner left. I could become a god to the new Sinners.”
“Not to burst your bubble or anything but Ashley de Superbia is alive.”
“She is? Perfect. She hates Valentine. Together we can crush Valentine and the Mystic Council.
“Not to burst your bubble, again, but Ashley is missing. She appears to be using the guise of ‘Nicolas Flamel’.”
“Curse her, I-”
Footsteps could be heard outside in the streets. A female yelled “Oh my god, you’ve snapped! You’re gonna rape me!”
Then, to Dominic’s glee, came the voice of L’rac Aledan, usually called Larac.
“I’ll leave you to yourself,” said Drei, “I’ll leave my soldiers under your care.”
Drei walked off. Dominic walked through the doorway.

The memory fragment ended. Dmitri sighed when he realized that Ben had escaped when Dmitri was looking at Dominic’s memories.
“I’ll definitely rescue you, Nairb,” promised Dmitri.
Dmitri walked down the stairs. He came upon a green hallway.
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Memento Mori ~ Dominique (part 9)

Dmitri arrived at the green hallway of Floor 9. According to Grimm’s map, this floor belonged to Dominique de Gula, the original Sinner of Gluttony.
Dmitri noticed a trail of blood.
“He must be near,” guessed Dmitri.
Dmitri took two steps before being whisked into one of Dominique’s memories.
Dmitri found himself in Besaid again. Unlike last time during Dominic’s memory, the city was not in ruins. In fact, it was busy. Hybrids and pure bloods roamed the streets. He then spotted somebody he recognized: Matthau Ashford.
“The war is coming!” shouted Matthau Ashford to the streets. “This haven will not be paradise for long. You need to prepare for the worst.”
A prophet walked over to Ashford and asked him to hush down.
“Fine, I’ll return to The Order,” mumbled Ashford, “sorry for disturbing you, Ovan.”
Ashford walked off with Zel. Ovan was walking towards his house when a silver haired girl and her assistant approached him.
“Hello little girl,” greeted Ovan.
“Hi,” replied the little girl, “I’d like to hear your Prophecy of the End of the World.”
“How do you… never mind, I don’t want to know how you know of its existence. Sorry, but I’m busy.
The little girl took out her fan and had the spikes had Ovan’s neck. Gluttony took out a butcher’s knife and had it at Ovan’s throat.
“Start talking,” ordered the little girl.
“Fine,” said Ovan in defeat. He took a breath and recited the Prophecy of the End of the World:
Twilight will rise once again;
A mix of the moon and sun
Yet be not a crimson eclipse
No, it shall be a devil

This devil is no devil
The devil will be a messiah;
A savior and destroyer
A sheep in wolves clothing

The devil will be come;
Brought forth from himself
Seperated in the four corners
Joined together as one

May this devil be of equality
May this devil be of truth
May this devil be of happiness
May this devil be of originaliality

The devil will be a puppet;
The orchestra of the innovator
His will strung together by love
Destiny of fatal attraction

The devil of divine fate;
Destined to change the world
And kill the gemini chaos
Only for fire and ice

Solo the devil is weak
With four kings he is not
His friends he must sacrafice
His beloved lost in ruby skies

Only then can the devil win
Defeated will be the innovator
Then with the order gone
He shall pledge...

"With order comes chaos,
With chaos comes destruction,
With destruction comes death,
And with death comes new order"

Happy now, miss?”
“Very much,” said the little girl, “oh, and the name’s Dominique.”
Screams could be heard as Va’ashear began his attack on Besaid. With a little smile, Dominique and her assistant, Gluttony, teleported back to Shadow Imperia.

The memory ended.
“Prophecy of the End of the World,” muttered Dmitri.
Dmitri thought for a moment. Who could be the devil it referred to ? Blue Satan? If that is the case, then could the four kings be the Four Heavenly Kings? This had to be investigate but once he rescued Nairb.
Dmitri walked down into Floor 10, the brown hallway.
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Memento Mori ~ Joel (part 10)

Dmitri took the last step to Floor 10, the brown hallway when his Hawkeye Curse activated. He was brought into one of Joel’s memories.
The location was an alley in Atlantis. A young angelic Joel was with two friends who were beating up a poor female angel.
“Better run home, trash,” insulted Joel’s male angel friend.
“Yeah, run home, trash,” agreed the other angel, a female.
“Ael, Rachel, let’s stop,” pleaded Joel.
“Why should we,” countered the male angel friend, Ael.
Ael threw another stone at the little poor angel.
“Please stop,” begged the little angel, “I didn’t do anything to you.”
“Stupid trash,” insulted Ael, “you poor angels think you’re better than us high ranking angels.”
“Yeah,” agreed Rachel.
Ael raised his hand to throw another rock when his hand flopped to the ground. Ael screamed in pain from the loss of his hand.
“What the he-” Rachel began.
That’s when Rachel, Ael, Joel, and the little angel noticed three high class angels nearby. The one in front with six wings had a bloody scythe.
“Damn you!” cursed Ael.
Ael lurched at the angel. The angel to the right fired an arrow into Ael’s head. The disgraceful bully fell down dead.
“Ael!” screamed Rachel.
Rachel charged at the trio. The six-winged angel swung his scythe, cutting Rachel in half. Joel stood petrified in the corner.
“Azazel, you didn’t have to shoot him in the head,” the angel on the six-winged angel’s left said.
“Don’t be such a wuss, Nathaniel,” replied Azazel.
The six-winged angel noticed the little girl. He walked over to her and stretched out a gentle hand.

“You must be scared,” said the six-winged angel, “what is your name?”
“Yu-Yusel,” stuttered the little girl.
“Yusel? What a lovely name. How would you like to work for me?”
A smile spread across Yusel’s face. “Yay!” As the six-winged angel began to turn back towards Azazel and Nathaniel, Yusel asked “what’s your name?”
The six-winged angel smiled back at Yusel and answered “Barrel.”

The memory fragment ended. At the other end of the brown hallway was Ben holding a dagger to Nairb’s throat.
“Nairb!” exclaimed Dmitri.
Ben laughed. “Not so tough now are you? Surrender while you still can.”
“Like I will.”
Dmitri had one card left. He had to use his Power of Sloth at full strength to weaken Ben’s body to the point of exhaustion.
Dmitri took a deep breath and concentrated real hard. Luckily he had his Hawkeye Curse to help concentrate on Ben.
“Wh-what’s hap..” muttered Ben.
Ben’s body gave way. He fell down to the ground. Nairb ran over to Dmitri.
“Thank you, thank you, thank you,” thanked Nairb.
They went over to Ben’s barely moving body.
“Shoot him, Dmitri,” urged Nairb.
“Why?” questioned Dmitri.
“He’s too dangerous. Trust me, I know. This man here is Ben Cane, my lieutenant. You need to kill him.”
Dmitri pointed a gun at Ben’s head.
“Are you sure?” asked Dmitri.
“Positive,” said Nairb.
“I don’t know…”
“Do it.”
“It wouldn’t be right.”
“DO IT!”
Dmitri fired a bullet.
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Memento Mori ~ Kira (part 11)

“It wouldn’t be right,” protested Dmitri.
“DO IT!” ordered Nairb.
Dmitri’s head began to hurt. The white hallway from the floor under them, Floor 11, was glowing.
Suddenly Dmitri was whisked into a memory. To his surprise Joel was no where. However, in a corner near an empty throne stood Kira. Three other thrones occupied the mysterious shaded room; two of them had a person sitting on the throne. Dmitri recognized the unmasked of the two people sitting down: the leader of the Fallen Order, Heavenly Ruler “Athius”, the once glorious angel Azazel, the one who called himself Draethius the Demon Lord.
“With Tim Drei’s news of Dominic’s passing is truly tragic,” said Draethius, “there was no other more easily manipulatively than he.”
“He was a fool and a weakling,” commented the masked man.
“Do not forget, Duo, it is thanks to him that you are able to cross from here and the Mystic Realm.”
“If only we could copy his Right Hand of God,” said Draethius, “with its power I could leave the Death Dimension.”
“I have been told by Ein Stein that research into freeing you is underway,” reported the masked man, Duo.
“Research that will ultimately fail. Zwei already told me that. That reminds me… Tim Drei!
Tim Drei came when he was summoned.
“Yes, Athius?” asked Drei.
“Dante, my former vessel, is somewhere in the Death Dimension. Monitor his progress but make no such actions.”
“And if he is about to escape?”
“Then you do nothing,” said Duo.
Drei dismissed himself from the room. Duo got up.
“So what now?” asked Draethius.
“For now Vier Weiss shall go after Hyroku the Gem of Power,” informed Duo.
Duo exited the room. From another side of the room came a click of high heeled shoes.
“Ah, you’re back, Nemesis,” greeted Kira.
“Yes I am,” said Nemesis, “Kira, I’ve found out that your brother may have the Gem of Power hidden at The Clock Tower.”
“He what?!”

“Well, of course,” said Athius.
“You knew?”
“Of course.”
“But you never told me?”
“And why should I, you parasite? The only reason why you’re here is because you served Phaethon and Dr. Zwei thinks you will be useful later on.”
“Now, now, calm down,” taunted Nemesis, “everything will be good. Ben will be taking me and Brian to The Clock Tower to retrieve the Gem of Power ourselves. From my interrogation of Grimm, apparently the Gem is hidden in a key.”
Nemesis came into view.

“N-Nairb?!” exclaimed Dmitri.
The memory ended. While Nairb had her attention focused on Ben, Dmitri moved the direction of the gun barrel. It was now pointing at Nairb, or rather, Nemesis. He fired a bullet.
Nemesis was too quick for him. Instinctively she activated her Crystal ability, Temper Swing, to create a flame to melt the bullet. A part of a melted bullet struck her face, burning a scar. She jumped ten feet away from Dmitri and the weakened Ben.
“How dare you,” cursed Nemesis.
“I know you’re Nemesis,” said Dmitri.
A wave of shock struck Nemesis but not for very long. She soon regained her natural, ‘innocent’ look. It then changed into a sinister expression.
“Too bad, I hoped to kill you without you knowing,” laughed Nemesis.
Nemesis charged at Dmitri. Dmitri fired two rounds but they were incinerated. She reached Dmitri and punched him in the stomach. As he gasped in agony, Nemesis plucked her hand into Dmitri’s pocket and stole the key: Hyroku the Gem of Power.
“I’ll be merciful this time,” said Nemesis.
Nemesis ran down to Floor 11. Dmitri ran after her.
As Dmitri reached Floor 11, Nemesis was gone. Ben teleported next to him. Dmitri was about to fire when Ben put his hands up.
“She’s too powerful,” said Ben, “we can still beat her though.”
Dmitri lowered his gun.
“What do you mean?” asked Dmitri.
“When Nemesis interrogated Grimm, we found out Valentine hid something we never thought possible down in his floor.”
“And that is?”
“A second Oracle.”
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Memento Mori ~ Valentine (part 12)

Ben teleported Dmitri to Floor 12, another white hallway, just like Kira’s. Nemesis was holding a glass ball.
“You’re too late,” snickered Nemesis.
Nemesis escaped through a door to the outside.
“This is not good,” sighed Ben.
Suddenly Dmitri’s Hawkeye Curse activated. He found himself in a crumbling world. Everything was dead in the world. Decayed corpses littered the ground. Fires claimed vegetation.
“Wh-what is this place?” said Dmitri.
“This is a memory from the future,” said a voice.
Dmitri turned around to see a man completely wrapped in bandages.
“The future?” asked Dmitri.
“Yes, The Clock Tower has the ability to house memories of what has happened and what will happen. I have been researching a long time to make sure that the Prophecy of the End of the World comes true.”
“Why would you want that?”
“Why would anyone?”
“Who are you!”
“I have many names. My colleagues in Organization V, the organization working for the Four Heavenly Rulers, is Zwei.”
The memory fragment ended.
“You alright?” asked Ben.
“I’m fine,” replied Dmitri.
Dmitri and Ben teleported to Faralda to help the Mystic Council.

Just as Ben and Dmitri arrived in Faralda, they saw Kira plunge Valentine’s Azure Nine into Valentine’s chest.
“Time to take us out of play,” murmured Valentine with a weak grin.
Valentine activated a spell and he and Kira were gone.
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