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Posted 2/28/09 , edited 3/1/09
Noted1: [ if Yoo have Request , Question , ETC , do Not quote my Post ! ]
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Here ! i will answer all Question Yoo post or Request Yoo have !

Mixed Roleplay :

Q: what is in the "Forbidden Room" in the Library that Zelly Entered ?
A: Forbidden Room is a Room where all our Past && some Important Data are kept , we are Not allowed to enter !

Q: where did Aki & Zelly qo after they opened the Chest ?
A: They when to another dimesion , because the chest is a Dimesional chest !

Character RolePlay

Q: What is the Different between "Monster Hunters" & "Demon Hunters" ?
A: Monster Hunters are = Humans tryinqq to Kill us Monsters(Good people)
Demon Hunters are = Monster Tryinqq to Kill Demons(Bad People)

Q: how many Contract can a Summoner Make ?
A: as Much as they Like ! , but Summon Monster will Drain their Energy !

Q: Does the Monster Power Affect the energy Drains ?
A: Yea ! , the Stronger the Monster the More energy is Drain !

Q: Does Summoner have a Main Contract ? , How do they get their Main Contract
A: Yea ! , Their Main Contract were Put in them So they will have a Tattoo on their Back to Mark that they have A Very Strong / Main Contract , Like Naru , Sophia & Aki

Q: How does Summoner make Contract with a Monster ?
A: they will have to Fiqht the Monster , if they win they will Have a Contract , if they lose they will get eaten if Unlucky !

Q: who put the Main Contract in the User Body ?

A: Your Parents / Grandparents who is Once a Summoner !

Q: is Main Contract Close to the User ?
A: Yes they are ! , Other Contract would called Yoo "My Lord" but Main Contract calls Yoo Your Name !

Q: what does Main Contracts get in return ? , why are they so Loyal to their User ?

A: When the User dies they eat their Soul , That is Why they are Loyal to them in return !

Q: Is it Nessasary to Get a Main contract ?

A: No !

Q: Unlike Sophia & Naru , why is Aki's Main Contract Tryinqq to Eat her when she was 3 ?

A: well , Aki did not Tamed him & He did not Believe in Aki Will & Power !

Q: Can Demon become a Contract too ?

A: Yes of course ! , Like Aki & Naru have their Main Contract a Demon !

Q: Demon Main Contract & Monster Main Contract what is the Different ?
A: its actually all the Same , but Demon's Attitude will be Killinqq Killinqq && Tryinqq to Kill more , while Monster's attitude is Tryinqq to Keep peace

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