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Posted 2/28/09 , edited 6/27/09
Hey all! XD ... *ahem* I ... uh ... haven't ever gone in2 much detail on any romance novels before .... but i do enjoy reading romance so i thought i'd give it a try. This is from a romance novel i'm currently working on. Mayb i'll end up putting that on here as well ...
Anyway, enjoy & comment!

~Urgent Kisses~

I wasn’t concentrating on his hands; all I knew was that he had just confessed what I wanted to hear for so long. His eyes pierced mine, studying my reaction. His brow furrowed in worry. I rubbed the lines on his forehead away with my thumb. I smiled weakly.
“I love you, too.”
He blinked. I could have slapped him and he wouldn’t have noticed. I let him think, resting my cold hand on his warm cheek. I giggled. He was blushing. I found myself blushing, too.
“And … and thank you,’ I whispered. “For today, I mean. I really did think … that I was a goner.”
He swallowed. Suddenly his far away gaze turned pained. His eyes became wet.
“Violet …” he whispered. His grip tightened on my waist. “Violet, don’t you ever do that to me again.”
I let my hand drop. “Do what?” I asked him. What had I done now? My stomach twisted into knots.
He sighed. He let go of my waist with one of his hands and used it to place my hand back on his cheek. His hand was so warm.
“Don’t make me think that I’ve lost you.” The pain in his voice stabbed at my heart.
I could feel them, the tears edging closer and closer to spilling over my cheeks. My eyes were beginning to blur and sting.
“Never again,” I croaked. I couldn’t look at his face. I let my gaze fall down to my feet. I felt Damien’s eyes on me. I concentrated on looking at the carpet.
“It wasn’t your fault,” I heard him rush in panic. “Violet, look at me! I never said that it was. Don’t punish yourself! Look at me, Violet!” And I could hear it in his voice, his worry, his forgiveness, his urgency. I took a peek at him.
His eyes were wide with shock. I returned my gaze to the carpet. I just couldn’t look at his pain.
“It is my fault,” I mumbled to the carpet. “I’m making you feel like this. I’m making you suffer. I’m the one who should be punished. So why aren’t you punishing me?” I asked in anger. “You’re too nice!”
I heard a small but definite snigger rise from his lips. I glared at him.
“Is your pain funny now?”
Damien softened his face. He took the chance, and pulled my face towards his. There was a smoldering desire behind his eyes. I swallowed.
“The only pain you’re making me feel right now,” he paused to slyly grin at me, “is the pain of not having my lips on yours.” He bent his head to brush his lips against my cheek. “And that pain can easily disappear,” he purred.
I had to remember to breathe. I swallowed.
His lips were warm on my cold skin. I shivered. A light groan escaped from his firm lips, and with his hands he guided my lips to his. My heart stuttered; my breath caught in the back of my throat.
His kiss was more than sweet; it was excruciating. He melded into me with every soft kiss, teased me with his tongue and teeth, put me on the edge. Unconsciously, my arms wrapped around his neck. I heard another groan. It took me a moment to realize it was from me.
I wanted more of him. More than he was giving me. I didn’t want him to hold back anymore. I wanted him to give me what he wanted to give me all this time. I crushed my lips against his. A rush of heat ran down my body. I grew more eager, quickening the pace of our kisses, twisting in his arms with pleasure.
I sighed in anguish when his breath caught and his lips paused. He drew away from me. I didn’t have any power in my arms anymore. They hung limply at my sides as I stared in agony into his warm, seducing green eyes. He smiled his breathtaking smile. His breathing had become ragged. I felt my heart racing inside my chest before it gave an uncomfortable jolt.
“If only I could know what you were thinking …” Damien whispered, wrapping his arms around my waist and drawing me close so that he could whisper in my ear.
“I thought you didn’t want this. Not yet.”
I tried to find my voice. “I can change my mind if I want to.”
He closed his eyes. I started to feel the steady rhythm of Damien's hand moving up and down my waist. It felt pleasant; great, even. I controlled a sudden urge to jump on him.
“I’d be more controlled, you know,” he suddenly chuckled.
“Hmm?” I asked, dazed.
“I mean I wouldn’t be doing this right now,” he sighed. “If you didn’t nearly take yourself away from me today.” There it was; the pain again. I stood still and frowned at myself. Damien straightened himself up too his full height and looked down at me with his oh-so-gorgeous eyes.
“I’m not saying it was a good thing. It was agonizing. But if that hadn’t happened … if you hadn’t drowned at the lake today-“ I heard his voice crack at the word drowned, “I … don’t think I would have been able to … tell you all this.”
I tried to make a joke. “Well, maybe I should drown more often.”
He took the bait and chuckled. I smiled.
“And what about kissing?” He murmured, resting his hand below my breast. “Should you do that more often?”
I found his lips with mine. “Yes,” I whispered.
He groaned before smoldering my concentration with his urgent kisses.

(c) copyrighted by Amanda, Kujin-jump, rightful owner and composer. All rights reserved. Any familiarity with any events or happenings or persons is strictly coincidental and in no way relates to this piece.
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23 / F / On chair, decidin...
Posted 4/10/09 , edited 4/25/09
Waiting for comments .... gee i'm so darn nervous. DX
Posted 5/24/09 , edited 5/24/09
Wow, I am speechless.
Or rather I was rather aroused

Good usage of language and vocabulary....

I would rather criticize but unfortunately today, I was rather amused by this short and warming short story.
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23 / F / On chair, decidin...
Posted 6/27/09 , edited 6/27/09
Well, thanks XD I'm glad u ... had a good reaction, i guess

It's good to know that even though i have no experiance, can barely think about things like this, and can't watch it on tv without my blood rushing to my cheeks, and still be able to write about it XD

Thanks so much for the comment, sasukesrg!
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