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Posted 3/1/09 , edited 3/1/09
Hey everyone!!! I know all of you are just as excited (an understatement) as I am for Super Junior's Comeback...So, let's here it all out in CR...

What do you think will be Super Junior's Concept for their 3rd Album? I f you can't think of any tell us what you want their concept to be...

Come On Guys! It's all for fun ^_^

I'll start....

For a time now I've been feeling that on their 3rd Album each and everyone of them will have SUPER BLACK HAIR... you know like 'back to basics' kind of thing....i think it will be super cool...

you're turn now....
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Posted 3/1/09
I think they don't have black hair coz in Sukira.. Eunhyuk and Leeteuk oppa are covering their hair,right? But we can see that Leeteuk has his hair colored blonde..
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Posted 3/1/09
But he painted his hair again, is no longer blond. Also cut, apparently well short. Does not really like to see is, you can only see the color. Some are saying that they wear suits to shoot the MV.

sukira 27/02

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Posted 3/3/09
maybe they are planning to have a new style for the new year.
having long hair maybe will be their hair statement for the past years
and now, '09 they are going to make a new statement,
that will make people like them even more!

can't wait for the teaser tomorrow (pacific time)
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