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22 / F / Not with you
Posted 3/1/09 , edited 3/1/09
What is there not to like about Lady GaGa. I love her style and she know how to make her self look good for everyone
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F / America
Posted 4/17/09 , edited 4/18/09
I love her voice and her songs are so catchy!

Besides that I love the fact that she has fun with her style and doesn't try to look like everyone
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Posted 6/12/09 , edited 6/12/09
her songs. her looks, and her hair
Posted 7/24/09 , edited 7/24/09
i love her style, song & voice....!!
Posted 5/3/10 , edited 5/3/10
Gagas style is definatly what I love about her and all of her songs are very heart felt. She hits me right in the soul. She works extremely hard at all of her looks....shes awesome and fanworthy.
Posted 6/15/12 , edited 6/15/12
Her beauty & her music was what caught my eye. But I also love how brave she is.
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