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Posted 3/1/09

pikangie wrote:

Updated on 2/11/09

Hello, this is Pikangie. I was browsing through all of the items in the "Other" category, and had found countless items that were in the wrong category, copywritten, and had bad quality!

When making dual-weapons, please be sure that you seperate each hand's weapon! From now on, dual-hand weapons will automatically be disapproved.

Now this was JUST the "Other" section of items... there must be TONS of items that need tuning or disapproval.

I know most people are probably not wanting items to get nerfed, or balanced down to more considerable stats, but it's important that you help us by reporting items that are overpowered. And to be honest... we just don't get enough reports. The report inbox is often empty, so never hesitate to report an item. We are manually going through the items ourselves, but it takes quite a while with so many items. so your help is greatly appreciated!

All you need to do:

Simply find an item that in Shinji's Shop that you think may be overpowered.

Copy the name of the item, and then go to the "Latest Items" or "Pending Designs" page.

There should be a search box on the left. Type in or paste the name of the item, and search.

Finally, press the Report button, and enter what is wrong with it (helps to be specific).

If we cannot get the number of items down, we may not be able to accept anymore new designs in the future for the Boy, Girl, and Chibi avatars!

PS: When reporting bugs, please PM a mod, such as BasouKazuma, rather than telling everyone about it! You can no longer post bugs on the forum, as it is considered exploitation, and against the rules.

PPS: Please use English when you are reporting, since most of us cannot understand other languages. If you cannot use English, then I'm not sure how you got around the site's navigation in the first place.

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