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Posted 3/8/09 , edited 3/8/09
Ms. Rose: “Ms. Luxuria Telfair.”

“Here Ms. Rose.” When Luxuria saw Ms. Rose’s gaze heading her way she quickly looked away and waited for her to call another name. She did not want to look that woman in the eyes. “That woman is…well was my sire’s first wife. She took place in all the tortures, and punishments my sire forced me to go through. She also did things to me on her own or with the other wives.” Luxuria looked down in her lap not wanting to see Clover’s face nor Ms. Rose. What she really wanted was to crawl into a hole, close her eyes, and wish all the bad things in her life go away, especially Rose Tulane.

Ms. Rose: “Now that roll call has officially ended let’s get to today’s get to know your classmates activity going. I will be sending a flying hat around the room, you must take one piece of paper and if you draw a letter A then you are in team A. If you draw the letter B then you are in team B. Once everyone is their team I will discuss the rest of the activity.”

“Clover would you mind promising me something? Never be alone with that woman. You will regret it, believe me I know.” Luxuria looked up at Clover and tried to hide the panic sadness in her eyes but she knew she was doing a lousy job of it. Seeing someone who should be nothing but dust was really getting to her.
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Clover's eyes softened at Luxuria's explanation. It hurt him to see her look so vulnerable and lost. He cupped her cheeks with his hands and turned her face so that she was looking at him.

Clover (out loud): *whispering* Luxuria, I promise but I also want you to promise the same for Mr Hector. I can't exactly tell you why right now because... we're still figuring things out... but promise me, okay?... Don't speak to him if you are alone together unless it is absolutely necessary, don't look at him in the eye and most importantly, no matter what he says, take. It. Seriously. Just in case... He's a lot more complicated than he looks...

The popo turned away from her when the hat came over to them. He reached in and pulled out a strip of paper.

Team A.

Clover (out loud): Luxuria, what team are you on?

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27 / F / under your bed an...
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Rain: *about to leave*

Fate: then can you explain to me why they are not in heaven?

Rain: *stops*

Fate: i know you can't enter the god realm so there's no way you could know......... i know every immortal, angel, demon, or human that has died and gone to either heaven or hell..... and yet your mother and sister and not there

Rain: *leaves the room*

Fate: *before the doors close behind her* i'd sill be on the look out if i were you......... of that rouge god

*doors close*

Fate: *talks to Shadow* well you can do what you want i won't stop you *sigh* that child needs to learn that many things cannot be seen just by sight *looks at the grim records* *notices*

Shadow: is there something wrong?

Fate: *closes the records* does she know?

Shadow: know what?

Fate: the records have been altered *looks at shadow* the paper's too new and the handwriting different....... changing the grim records uses up alot of one's powers, stamina, and mental strength....... changing the records is also changing time *realizes* i see!!

Shadow: what?

Fate: the reason why he got away!! the rouge god that escaped!! instead of going back through time he came here and re-wrote history thus making me chase an illusion of him in time...... i was wondering why he disappeared so suddenly! when he disappeared he's body turned to sand which is not possible even if you are a shape-shifter cause then you wouldn't be able to come back in a human form

Shadow: so that would mean that?

Fate: it would mean that since it was not grim who changed it creating deaths are not really possible, even though it says that they have died they really haven't he probably transported them to different dimension right now* puts finger on chin* i'm gonna do some investigating in the god realm for a while....... keep a good watch on Rain for me shadow......... and do not tell anyone about this conversation

Shadow: got it i'll contact you if i find anything

Fate: okay i'll send a communicate to you so you can contact me while i'm in a different dimension

Shadow: okay

Fate: *leaves*


Fate: *enters room*

Yoru: *whispers* welcome back

Fate: *signals Yoru to go outside*

Yoru: *nods and leaves room*

*in hallway*

Fate: Yoru i need to go back somethings came up

Yoru: it's about Rain right?

Fate: yeah.....

Yoru: you always go out of your way to help her yet she never does anything in return *smile*

Fate: i know bu that's what the older sister has to do....... *looks down* Rain's clumsy, air headed, obnoxious, crazy and stubborn...... but that's what i like about her *looks up at Yoru smiling and crying* *looks back down and puts head on Yoru's chest* truth is i don't want to leave yet but if i don't Rain's going to be in danger

Yoru: you always put people before you *hugs Fate*

Fate: *backs away* *wipes away tears* yeah i'll be back soon.... Yoru and while i'm gone [lease try to make up with Rain

Yoru: got it *smile*

Fate: good! *smiles* *opens portal and leaves*

*the next morning*

Maria: what!? mother left!? why!?

Yoru: she had some important stuff to do at the god realm

Maria: *cries* but she left without saying goodbye

Yoru: *pats head* it's okay i'm still here

Maria: but still miss her!!!!! wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!

Yoru: okay but please clam down and get ready for school

Maria: no!! i'm staying home!!!

Yoru: come on Maria if you did that Mommy would be sad

Maria: your right i'm sorry *gets up and leaves room*

Yoru: *sigh* why do i have the feeling she's going to skip class *sigh*


Maid: shadow-sama Fate-sama told me to deliver this package to you *gives the box to shadow*

Shadow: oh thanks *thinks* this is probably that communicator she was talking about *open's box*

Communicator: *jumps out* mokona mokona!! my name's mokona what's your's!?

Shadow: what? *unimpressed*

Mokona: i said my name's Mokona what'-

Shadow: i don't mean that!! what are you!!!

Mokona: huh? mokona's mokona

Shadow: besides that can you really contact Fate?

Mokona: huh? you wanna talk to Fate -sama?

Shadow: i was only!

Mokona: *gem on forehead glows and projects an image* Fate-sama! Fate-sama

Fate: *though projection* huh have you found something yet Shadow?

Shadow: uh no i just wanted-

Fate if you have nothing to say don't calll me out of nowhere!! *hangs up*

Mokona: she hung up..... you must be unfaithful!! ahaha

Shadow: shut-up *walks away*

Mokona: Wait for me *hops after*
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Luxuria didn’t mean to shed any tears but she was having trouble keeping herself together right now. Seeing Rose’s smiling face was bringing back memories better left forgotten. “I-I promise Clover.” Luxuria pulled one of the pieces of paper out of the hat and showed Clover her paper which had the letter B on it. “Seems like I’m on the opposite side of the fence.” Luxuria set the piece of paper down and waited for the rest of the class to finish picking so she could know what the rest of the activity was. “Clover when you get out of your last class could you meet me in front of the entrance please? I have something I want to tell you.” Before Clover even had a chance to answer, Ms. Rose smacked a giant gong to get the entire class’ attention.

Ms. Rose: “Sorry about that everyone but I had to get your attention. You all were so locked in conversation but anyway it is now time for me to reveal the rest of the activity.” Rose signaled for her assistant to come forward and remove the gong from the stage. Once that was taken care of she continued. “Now Like I was saying, you all have picked a piece of paper with a letter on it. If you chose letter A then you are on team A which will seat on the right side of the room. Team B is on the left. Once you get situated with your teammates I will play different sound bites of music and the team that identifies it first will receive a point.” Rose pointed to the board next to her, curtsy of her assistant, to show everyone where the points would be recorded. “We will play until five minutes before the bell. Now students in the balcony seats please come down.”
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27 / F / i dont know
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the next morning I felt really bad for what I said to Fate so I went to look for her
I knocked on Maria doors and she opened but the music in her room was so loud
maria:(screaming) yo Rain im getting ready what can i do for you
I entered the room and turned off her music
me: your going to kill your ears where is your mom
Maria:she left to go investigate on something
me:she doesnt quit
Maria: why dont you like dad
me: what
Maria: i was listening to him and mom talk why dont you like him mom said you hate him and he said you ungrateful and mom does to much for you
me: it a long story dnt feel like talk ohh and coming front he man about to kill her ohh wait til she come s back im so going to
Maria: i see
she walked up and put her arms around me
maria: hey i got her
Winter: ohhh i can feel trouble after this your daddy better pay good
Winter touch my side and all my powers were drain
maria: yay now take her to the garden and ill tell the maid to bring the tea and cookie
me: im kill you all you just wait i plan on adding you to my record
maria; i love you auntie
Winter took me to the black rose garden and sat me in the queens chair there sitting on the fountain was Yoru
yoru: Rainy so nice of you to join me
He walked to me and sat on the ground near me he handed me a picture
Yoru: remember this i took you up to the mountains you were so cute and clingy

I looked at the picture and burned it with the remaining magic i had
Yoru: now that not nice it was a nice picture of us
me: i hate now can i leave before i burn this castle down again
Yoru:(ignoring me) we were so close and had so much fun i wonder what happen
me:you killed my mother ass hole
He looked at me with cold eyes that mad me sink into the chair a little
Yoru: i didnt do it
I looked at him with devilish eyes i gad no power and could really move
me: talk if your going too but make your lie good
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27 / F / under your bed an...
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(yeah...... so..... umm...... sorry this is so sudden but i have like a 2 week over-night school feild trip or something like that but anyway i won't be here for the next 2 weeks anyway so bye bye ^_^ you can role-play without me)
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BACK!!!! GAWD, I'm sore as hell!!!!... it was like fat camp!!!!... but it was still fun... xD...

Clover's eyes furrowed as he crumpled the piece of paper in his hands and stuffed it in his pocket. He turned to Luxuria for the last time that lesson.

Clover (out loud): I'll see you later then... good luck.

The popo walked to the other side of the auditorium and sat at the back furthest corner of his group.

Random boy: Hey... you don't need to wear such a grump face...

Clover looked up and raised his eyebrow when he saw the flame boy from earlier. He had a care-free smile on his face and held out his hand.

Random boy: My name's Leonard... nice to meet you.

Clover (out loud): *doesn't shake hand* Same here.

Leonard: Aw, you don't have to act like that... you're stuck in here for a LONG time you know...

Leonard leapt over his seat and sat in the empty one next to Clover.

Leonard: We'll get along very well.

The popo eyed the student suspiciously. Something seemed off about what he had just said. The tone around it seemed... as though... he couldn't exactly put his finger on it but it unnerved him.

Clover (out loud): What makes you think we will?

Leonard: *chuckles* Oh, trust me. We will, Clover Sinclair.
Posted 3/11/09 , edited 3/11/09
Welcome Back!!!!

“Yeah see you later Clover.” Luxuria wanted to follow Clover’s example of sitting alone but the boys on her team wouldn’t allow that. And to make matters worse the girls on her team were beginning to give her dirty looks. “Um shouldn’t you guys be looking at the board?” If you were smart you could hear the uneasiness in her voice. But the guys around her weren’t smart and failed to hear it. While the guys went on and on about how rich and cool they were Luxuria glanced over at Clover and saw him talking to the kid that had ate the fireball. Was the kid trying to start something again? But Lux soon got her answer when she saw him extend his hand out to Clover. He was trying to befriend, how cute was that?

Ms. Rose: “If the teams are ready let us begin.” Rose nodded to her assistant who played the first soundbite which was Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata.
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23 / F / Meh...
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Clover's attention was snatched away when the teacher played the first soundbite. His eyebrows furrowed.

Clover: This is Beethoven's Moonlight Sonanta... nobody wouldn't know this!

He opened his mouth to yell out the answer but Leonard stopped him.

Leonard: *whispers* Wait. We don't know the rules of this game yet...

Clover (out loud): The teacher didn't tell us.

The boy chuckled and shook his head.

Leonard: No, the students make their own rules...

The popo quirked an eyebrow at the student next to him and got back to saying the answer but a girl in the front row beat him to it.

Girl: Moonlight-

The girl was cut off (literally) when a boy in the other team threw a knife and sliced her head clean off. The boy who threw it cackled and yelled out the answer.

Ms Rose: Team B receives 1 point.

The girl's headless body bent down and picked up its head before placing it where it should be and healing it. When fully healed, the girl "Hmphed" and complained about how she wasn't ready before sitting back down.

Clover: So this is how it is...

Ms Rose: Soundbite 2.

The familiar keys of Chopin's Waltz Op. 64 No. 2 in C sharp Minor started to fill the auditorium.
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Luxuria was speechless when she saw one of her teammates slice a girls head off. So you could stop another team’s member by any means necessary…that little fact was scary to think about. Lux would ask why Ms. Rose would leave such an important thing out but she knew why. So instead of dwelling on that Lux got ready to answer the second soundbite. “That is Chopin’s….” Before Luxuria could even finish she had to duck down because one of her own teammates drew a fireball straight at her head. “What is your problem?! I was trying to answer the freaking question.”

Girl: “Sorry my hand slipped. I will try and do better next time…half breed.” The girl smirked at Luxuria and sat back down, her friends all giggled as she pretended that nothing happened.

Luxuria was about to resume when she heard someone from team A finish answering the question. Great she lost her chance to answer the question. The moment she wanted to participate she had her chance stolen from her thanks to some jealous brat.

Ms. Rose: “Team A receives a point and for future references don’t attack your fellow teammates. You can’t receive points for it, so Ms. Star please do not attack Ms. Telfair again. On to soundbite 3.” The next soundbite to be played was Mozart’s Lacrimosa.
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23 / F / Meh...
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Clover's knuckles crached as his fists tightened at the scene before him. Oh, how he would have liked to just grab that twit's neck and-

Leonard: Control.

Just as the popo opened his mouth to argue back at Leonard, a boy three seats away from them stood up and yelled out the answer. This was followed by the melody of Mozart's Lacrimosa. He was about to say it when a male student from Team B quickly shot a vine of electricity at him. Clover shot out his hand just in time to smother the attack before it reached him. The voltages crackled in his palm before disintegrating.

Boy: Eh?! What's this we have here? I never knew a dog could use magic!

The classroom errupted in laughter. The popo ignored the foolishness of the boy and was about to answer but was interrupted.

Boy: That... thing wasn't even born a popo. A human tainted. What a disgrace. You can smell it all over him.

The boy dug around his bag for something before pulling out a book. To his own surprise, Clover didn't flinch or change his passive expression.

Boy: *turning pages* Don't think that you can just come to this school without anyone recognising you! Your family and its atrocities were studied in our previous years of school!

Leonard: *raises hand* Martin. Stop it.

The student named Martin opened his mouth to protest but was sent a dagger-like glare from Leonard. He sat down, muttering colourful sentences of four-lettered words beneath his breath. Clover took this chance to answer the question.

Clover (out loud): *speaking out* Mozart's Lacrimosa.

Ms Tulane stopped the soundbite and smiled again. The strange, eerie smile that still sent chills down the popo's back. His legs seemed to force him to sit down before he could comprehend how his body was moving.

Ms Rose: Very much indeed. One point for Team A.

The keys of Gymnopédie No. 1 by Erik Satie played through the room.
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“ Gymnopédie No….” Luxuria paused to encase three students on the opposite team, who was shooting wooden stakes at her, in ice. “Like I was saying Ms. Rose, Gymnopédie No. 1.” Luxuria was so tempted to leave the students in their ice coffins but she knew she couldn’t. It was against school rules to kill another student while on school grounds. So with a flick of her wrist the ice thawed, setting the three students free.

Student 1: “What a bi***” Whispered the male student who had been frozen. The two females just nodded and sat back done.

Lux ignored their remarks and sat back down in the sea of guys. If they wanted to impress her so much why not answer one of the questions or watch her back at least…correction, protect her from attacks from the other students. She didn’t want any of them watching her back nor the front. In fact she didn’t want them to see her at all.

Ms. Rose: “So far team B is in the lead with 2 points so team A you better come up with some new strategies. Okay time for the third soundbi….”

Announcement: Will Ms. Tulane please come to the front office, you have a delivery. I repeat will Ms. Tulane come to the front office. That is all.” The announcement cut off just as fast as it had appeared and left the class looking to one another.

Ms. Rose: “Seems like I’m needed in the office so we will have to continue this game another day. You may talk among yourself until the bell but you may not leave this classroom. That is unless you are called by the office or you need to go to the bathroom. That’s all. Ms. Feather will be in charge.” Ms. Rose exited the stage and proceeded to the door where she placed her right hand on the left frame. A bright light flashed and a barrier was put up. “Remember killing is not allow on school grounds.” And with that she was gone.

The minute she was no longer in sight the class erupted in various conversations while other kind of kept to themselves. Lux took this opportunity to slip away from the guys of her team and join Clover and his new buddy. “I would love to say I can’t believe she failed to mention you could attack your fellow classmates but I can’t. So instead I’m going to ask who is this?” She slightly pointed her wing at Leonard.
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23 / F / Meh...
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Leonard grinned sheepishly.

Leonard: Name's Leonard. Nice to meet you. *points to Clover* And your friend here. Who I just happen to be getting along quite well with...

Clover (out loud): *muttering* Speak for yourself.

Leonard: *face falls* There's no need to act like that... so cold... I'll punish Martin later if you want.

Clover (out loud): There's no need.

Leonard: *sighs* Fine... but I asked... I'll make him get rid of that book at least... honestly, what history does to the face of people these days... *looks at Luxuria* Is he always like this?

Clover opened his mouth to retort but was stopped when he felt something in his hand. He quietly looked down and scowled to see that there was a message being carved into his hand.

Teacher's lounge. Now.

Clover: Probably Hector...

Blood filled the cuts and the popo was able to read the message. He knew that people would be able to smell his blood but h still looked around to make sure that nobody noticed. He quickly gathered his things with one hand (which was rather easy) and turned to Luxuria and Leonard.

Clover (out loud): I'll see you guys later.

Leonard: Where are you going?

Leonard's question fell on deaf ears as Clover had already left the room.
Posted 3/12/09 , edited 3/13/09
“Clover?” Confusion was written all over Lux’s face because she didn’t remember hearing Clover be called by the front office. And the faint scent of his blood certainly didn’t help her confusion either. But the popo was already gone so she couldn’t ask him any questions so now she would have to seat in this classroom with a guy named Leonard and rest of the class which b the way, a good portion of the class mainly female, didn’t like her for one reason or another. “To answer your question Leonard, yes Clover is always like that. At least with people he is unfamiliar with.” Luxuria picked her bag off from the floor and set it down in Clover’s seat. Once that was done she turned to Leonard. It was time to get to the bottom of his intentions. “So Leonard what made you want to talk to Clover? If I remember correctly you threw a piece of paper at him and then laughed about it with your friends. That to me doesn’t really say hey I want to be friends.”
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23 / F / Meh...
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Leonard chuckled at Luxuria's question.

Leonard: The answer's simple, really. He's interesting. It was of mere curiosity and I apologise for the act.

The boy smiled even wider as he knew that everyone had fallen into his trap.


Clover closed the door to the teacher's lounge behind him as he entered the room. He looked around but didn't see Mr Hector anywhere. Furrowing his eyebrows, he tried to search for his life source. But couldn't find any.

Mr Hector: I can see that you got my message. Sit.

The popo looked around for a chair but found none.

Mr Hector: I said sit.

The teacher clicked his fingers and slammed Clover onto the tile floor by his neck. Coughing for air, the student got up, glaring at the older man.

Mr Hector: You simply, didn't obey me, Mr Sinclair.

Clover (out loud): Why did you call me here?

Mr Hector clicked his fingers and a chair appeared, quickly whizzing into the back of the popo's knees, knocking him onto the chair. He took out a stack of papers and dropped them onto Clover's lap.

Mr Hector: Seeming that your music class seemed to be on hold for the rest of the period, I took this chance to give you your homework.

Assuming that this was why his teacher had called him, the popo grabbed his homework and made his way to the door.

Mr Hector: Where do you think you are going, Mr Sinclair?...

Clover (out loud): Music class isn't over yet.

Clover healed the carvings on his hand before teleporting back into the music room. He made his way up the stairs to his seat when he suddenly disappeared. The next thing he knew, Mr Hector was grabbing him by the front of his shirt.

Mr Hector: I greatly despise that attitude of yours, Mr Sinclair.

The popo was thrown into the wall.
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