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Where the Vampires rule in the night
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Walking into a dark moon filled world...unknowing where he is...he feels as if he was in a coma for so long...

???- where am I...this is an unfamiliar place to me...grabbing his bandaged head ugh the last thing I remember was being in castle doing some type of alchemy...after that???

All around him, he sees nothing but fields of what seem to be moon flowers. Flowers that only bloom in the night, instead of glowing white however..these ones glowed a blood red. Such a deadly yet beautiful sight it seemed. The sky itself was pitch stars only the moon and a few scattered clouds.

???- so now I shall just walk along these feilds till I find a place to stay I guess...Im so lost...not remembering who I am...not remember where Im from..Im a stranger to this realm, to this life even. looking up and down his body, he sees he is bandaged from head to toe. His bandages are moist in some if he is bleeding still. pulling at a bandage on his arm, as he does he grunts/yelps in pain. The bandages seem to be stuck to his skin at the moment.

Just a little guidance would be nice...could I at least have that.

A man with no past, what seems like no future...will there be someone out there who will guide him or take him in??? Give him a future..give him rank...We'll see where this story goes
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Styx: Ren--? Oh, Im glad that you 're awake! You really are hard to baby sit! What are you doing here? You are still bleeding , you idiot!

thought: could it be that he lost his head again?

Hey REn! Why did you ran away from your room?

She walked towards Ren,she looked at his eyes and he looked so confused,her eyes went blunt and she grew her fangs as the cool wind aggravated the sweet smell of Ren's blood/blue]

thought: Oh, Ren ,, why do you always look this way?! You are so tempting!!

She got distracted with the sigil that binds them..Ren looked at his chest .

A female servant suddenly arrives and distracted Styx.She bowed her head and told Styx that she had a letter, Styx took the scarlet letter with gold seal and ordered the maid to leave her,the maid bowed her head and left

Styx opened the seal of the Scarlet letter and she read : Princess Styx Danu of Eclipse, Greetings from the Academy of the Immortals,This letter is sent to you to ask you to be our guest in the academy,Such talents like you are needed to teach wicca---

thought: me? a teacher?! hmmm..maybe I should think of this first

She continued to read the letter. It stated in it that she was asked to be a temporary teacher of wicca.

Styx:Sounds interesting! except for the fact that they included in the letter my second name,i really hate it! though it means goddess of rivers,water,well, prosperity,magick and wisdom,it is still is ugly,,

What do you think,Ren?! as she asked the dumbfounded Ren/red]

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*my colors arent working for some reason so you'll have to bear with me*

Ren looks down onto the sigil on his chest and claws at it lightly.

Ren: "so thats my are...Princess Styx...I think I remember did I get here I wonder though".

Ren walks up to Styx and get so close his chin is over her right shoulder.

Ren: " well it seems like...from my apparent knowing you. I should stay with seems when Im near you Im more at body doesnt seem to tremble or burn. So...calming...

he rests his head on Styx's he does the sigil on their bodies glow a bright white.

"I think you should take the job as a teacher.That what you were asking me right...*ren begins to close his eyes* ..I'll go with you...I have to go with you."

Styx seems surprised that Ren is now laying against her....

Ren closes his eyes completely and passes out..on the surprised Styx.

*this would be in purple text..its a narrative portion* has someone to be with..for now. His body bruised/burned/bandaged and bleeding still it seems. What will become of him at this "school" he is going to. Shall he be a servant to Princess Styx..a bodyguard??? or even a friend to her?

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