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Who's the Biggest Idiot in Gintama?
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Posted 8/20/11
Its hard picking between Kondo & Katsura - love both of them but gawddd they are brainless.,. Had to finally go w/Katsura - LOL
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24 / M / Unknown
Posted 8/26/11
Gorilla Kondo Isao! He's always victim of something disasters.
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F / Asia
Posted 9/12/11
Gorilla san !!! LOL his scenes always crack me up

Katsura kinda like the cool idiot haha
Posted 9/27/11
Katsura is an idiot and he created his own mobile suit
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25 / M / UK
Posted 9/30/11
It's not rap it's ZURAP.
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Posted 10/7/11
these are clearly Gorilla-san and Madao
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Posted 10/10/11
Katsura. Kondo has some self-awareness of his own buffoonery, but Katsura is completely insane. He thought that Gintoki was hiding in a tomato soup can!
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23 / M
Posted 10/21/11
its obviously Kondo xD katsura just shows up to troll.
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25 / F / It's not location...
Posted 10/21/11
The biggest idiot is me.
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Posted 11/7/11 , edited 11/7/11
I would say Zura. Or actually, Sacchan (why is she not on the list, lol?) Sakamoto is also quite an air head too, so I guess he's high up on the idiot rankings. Hmm...Also, Kondo may be idiotic at times, but he DOES use common when necessary in some situations. I think he's just a victim most of the time, which is why he appears to be more idiotic than many other characters but still, most of the times he's acting a fool, it concerns Otae. Zura on the other hand, is an idiot like, most of the time, regardless of the situation. Though, Zura's not as idiotic in serious situations (like in Benizakura arc) so I guess I'd hand the idiot award to Sacchan (who still remained an idiot when she had to face those ninja without her glasses).
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Posted 11/15/11

stained-rose wrote:

Hata Ouji is THE Baka, of course.

"Ruv-a an-do Peace"

His face is funny (just looking at him makes me laugh)
but he is not the biggest idiot.

I choose Katsura.
In the current arc there is a sound effect that sounded zuraaaa zuraaa zuraaa and he replied "Zura janai Katsura da." hahaha!
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Posted 1/29/12
i was going to say Zura but after finding this pic, it's gotta be kondo

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Posted 3/19/12 , edited 3/21/12

Kondo is just unlucky like Madao

When Gintoki is being pursued because of a baby
- He thinks Gintoki is hiding inside a can that can only fit small things
- "Baka janai, Katsura da!"

After Shinpachi said on an online forum, "Sorry, Fruit Punch Samurai"
- "Fruit Punch Samurai janai, Katsura da!"
- "Seppuku shiro!" (Spamming)

at Yamazaki's Interview in a Maid Cafe and the maids are there
- "Goshujin-sama janai, Katsura da!"
- Katsura: "Isn't it common sense to bring a resume to a job interview?" Yamazaki: (Jouishishi is a job?)

at Yamazaki's Jouishishi Test
- Katsura (and Dragon Leader) got his asshole stabbed by a bicycle seat pole
- Katsura (and Dragon Leader) jumped in at a clock tower clock hand and falls
- He said that it always happen to them (probably him and Dragon Leader)

when Interviewed by a reporter when he's supposed to hide his identity
- "K-san janai, Katsura da!"
- "K*tsura-san janai, Katsura da!"
- "******* janai, Katsura da!"
- He removed his disguise because he can't eat his ramen properly

at the Ryuugu Island
- "Ryuugu janai, Tianzhuku da!"
- He sings "Anoko no Taiyo no Komachi Angel" while trying to write SOS by peeing and he did what everyone did except the kamehameha and the streaking
- "Daijoubu janai, Katsura da!"

at Ikumatsu's Ramen Shop/House
- "Konbanwa, Santa Claus dayo!" (high pitched)
- He says he likes soba to Ikumatsu, a ramen shop owner
- "Baito, janai, Katsura da!"

when Bentendo is selling Ovee
- "I heard they're selling twin Famicom"
- "Mario janai, Katsu- (Shinpachi kicks Katsura in the face while saying Aahhh!) Ohhh! (Echo)"
- He goes for the mother of the heroine in a galge/eroge

when Elizabeth went missing and the gang became Goninja
- "Gozaru janai, Katsura da!"
- "Zura janai, Matsu da!"
- "Roojer!!"
- He died when the curry spilled
- He teaches Kagura how to breathe while giving birth when Kagura is about to poop
- He thought Elizabeth was kidnapped

when Elizabeth went missing at ep. 200 something
- Sound Effect: "zuraaaa, zuraaa, zuraaa" Katsura: "Zura janai, Katsura da!"

When Elizabeth is replaced by a Russian Elizabeth
- He doesn't notice it

and when Elizabeth kicked the ass of the Russian Elizabeth and came back
- He doesn't notice it

when people became Zombrows/Mayuzom
- "Zura janai,Katsura da"
- "It's not scum, it's Zombrows"
- "Katsura janai, Mayuzom da!"

at Sakamoto's Spaceship
- He keeps counting elizabeths when he know he faints while doing it

at the Renho Headquarters
- He asks for a better game cartridge as a food (Along with Gintoki and Tatsuma)
- He keeps counting elizabeths when he know he faints while doing it
- "Sakamoto! You still get motion sickness? I told you to open a window and look far away when you get sick. And take deep breaths." (He rips Sakamoto's Elizabeth disguise/costume while saying it)
- He's playing Uno while being asked by a suspicious guard (with Gintoki and Sakamoto)

in the Kotatsu ep/ Ep. 251
- He gets angry at Gintoki and doesn't listen to Shinpachi while he goes straight for the kotatsu and...
- "Katsura janai, Zura da!"

in Otoshidama/New Year's Envelope Episode
- He thinks he can fool Gintoki by transforming Elizabeth to Takasugizabeth

When he was turned to a cat
- He removes his tail and uses it as a light saber like it's a normal thing to do
- "No, that's not you're sausage. That's my beloved shinsengumi sausage!"
- Gintoki: (So you turned into a cat because you pissed there?) Katsura: "I didn't take piss, I took a dump"

in Goukon Ep/Arc
- He said he doesn't want to go to a goukon but went anyway
- "Rap janai, Katsurap to yo!"

in Wart/Warts/Wartiharu Arc
- He removed his sex organ just to prevent character overlap and didn't notice that he lost something even more important than having his character overlapped (Luckily they are warts!)
- He had a baby with Kondo Isao and it's a real Kondo-san.... I mean ummm .... Gorilla! (probably not their's and luckily they are warts!)

in the Driving Lesson Arc/Ep.
- He gave a wanted sign of himself as an ID to rent a DVD/CD
- Katsura:"What if... I'm nervous?" Gintoki:"What kind of "what if" driving is that?! It's not "what if"! You're really nervous!"
- Katsura:"What if... an Anti-Foreigner Faction Ronin might have rigged a bomb to explode if the speed drops below 50 kph?!"
Gintoki:"How complicated a "what if" driving scenario is that?! And you're the Anti-Foreigner Faction Ronin!!!"

So... I vote Katsura as the biggest idiot!
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23 / F / USA
Posted 4/26/12
Lol I think Katsura is the biggest idiot out of them all xD He's so serious like but what he says make no sense most of the time.
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25 / F / It's not location...
Posted 4/27/12

Although it hurts my pride 'a little', I must say that that's really impressive...
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