Membership Cards
Posted 3/4/09 , edited 3/5/09
~ Closed~

Hi its me Nadeshiko, the creator of this group. We decided to have membership cards in here, so if your active be sure to get one if you haven't before. Before you post here, make sure you have already registered in the academy if your an ordinary member then post there first then here. We'll give you an example after were done everything. Still under construction....

Rules and Regulations:

2. Have fun! And please be active.
3. Your request may not be made if not followed ....sorry!
4. Fill the form below, if you leave anything blank we will not make your request.
5. Do not quote this post!

The layout will depend on your position in the group including the ones you became before (X-Dia,Utau Tsukiyomi,Dark Jewel etc. )so there is no final layout added in here. You will be given membership cards on the amount of your character positions. This is not final.

Not done so don't post here yet unless we tell you too in the meantime this will be a locked topic until I open it.
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