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Posted 3/5/09 , edited 3/5/09
Because im very curious about Screw, i would like to start this. So if you know something interesting, please feel free to post

I also know some Screw facts:


- When on tour, Kazuki and Byou from SCREW often roomed together, so a fan asked who was first to wake up, and how they were when they woke up.
Kazuki answered that usually he woke up the earliest and he happily wakes up.
On the other hand, when Kazuki went to wake up Byou, he got Byou’s special fighting style.

- About Yuuto from SCREW. He was answering some questions from fans in his journal, and someone asked about getting his cartilage pierced.
Yuuto replied, that because it looks like it hurts, he doesn’t have it pierced

- It seems that Yuuto is obsessed with McDonald’s. Yes, those golden arches are nearly impossible to resist. Not only does he like McFlurries, but he also enjoys the recently returned bacon and potatoe pie.

- It’s been announced that SCREW will also be taking part and making an appearance in the Beat Rock Love Movie. But not a main role.

- Kazuki from SCREW admitted in a Q&A interview with hevn, the following when asked if he believed in Santa as a child:
“Yes. I was shocked when I realized my mother was Santa.“
Yuuto said:
“I still believe.“

- Screw had to cancle three lives of their tour in January 2008 because of Jin had been suffering from tonsillitis. On their OHP, they’ve said that just before the live he had a fever that rose to more than 40゜C (around 105゜C), and his tonsils become inflamed. Due to his hazardous condition and laboured breathing, and since doing lives require intense activity, he’s under doctor’s orders to stop (for the time being).
At Kyoto MUSE, Jin truly wanted to perform, however, the result from his discussion the members and staff was to cancel the lives. Of course they all apologize to the fans and to the people who were looking forward to not only this live, but the upcoming lives.

- Before Screw, Byou was Roadie of the Visual Kai band Kagerou. (I don’t know what an Roadie is, can someone tell me, please)

- Before Screw, Yuuto and Byou was together in an other band.

- Kazuki is born in 1985
Byou is born in 1981
Manabu in 1985 or 86
Jin in 1981
Yuuto in 1981 or 1982

- Kazuki was asked, what name he would give his child and he said Michelle

- Manabu is 169 cm
Byou is 172 cm
Jin is 166 cm
Kazuki is 175 cm
Yuuto is 174 cm

- Manabu was born in Osaka
Byou in Tokyo
Jin in Kumamoto
Yuuto in Tokyo
Kazuki in Tottori

- Byou has a younger brother who has a clothes store and another younger brother who is stylist. 1 is byou, 2 the stylist and 3 is the owner

- Kazuki is smoker
- Manabu is smoker
- Jin is smoker
- Byou is smoker

- At Yew Year 2007 Yuuto and Jin talked to Byous family and siblings on the phone and wished them a New Year

- Yuuto has a younger sister

- Kazuki has brothers

鋲 [Byou] → 小島 まさひと [Kojima Masahito]
ゆうと [Yuuto] → 戸高 勇 [Todaka Yuu]
和己 [Kazuki] → ??? 和己 [??? Kazuki]
ジン [Jin] → ていしかた 邦彦 [Teishikata Kunihiko]

- Jin is he bandleader

- Byou was on a “boys-only” school

- Byou very loves snow! His only wish for Christmas was that its snowing on his birthday


So, that´s all i know ~~

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Posted 11/13/09 , edited 11/13/09
Jin was never band leader.
Yuuto was, now that Yuuto is leaving, I believe it will be/is Kazuki.
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Posted 1/3/11 , edited 1/3/11
Interesting information, I just got into screw recently so I'm researching a lot about them(laughs). The reason I'm commenting here though, is to answer what a roadie is.

A roadie is basically a person who goes on tour with a band and helps them move equipment(and instruments) to and from the stage. They will also help set up the stage, and depending on the band they are touring with they may also help make sure that the instruments are in tune for the songs that the band will be playing before their set actually starts. They may also do other stuff for the band if need be, but what I listed above is just the 'basic' stuff a roadie does. I think they may also help with selling the band's merchandise at the shows(lives)-but it all really depends on the band for that matter.
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