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Profile title request!
Posted 4/9/09 , edited 4/10/09

okay..i saw it but i dun quite get wad yu mean about the capitalise part >< sorry ><

Wadyu want it to say:

WeLcome to PePPeR-Chan's PRofiLe!!<3

Pic(in spoilers):

FavoRite DRama:

FavoRite Anime CouPLe:

FavoRite Manga:

FavoRite Anime:


Extra: Could you make it like this plz? ^-^
thx so........... much Haine-Chan!!!><

dont worry anymore haine-chan(:
i capatalize them by myself^-^
so...srry for making yu confuse!!>.<
Posted 4/11/09 , edited 4/11/09

Haine- wrote:

To request for profile titles pls follow the rules below:
-Yu can request until a maximum of 6 profile titles.
-Please make sure the picture is BIG, that makes it easier
-You can be specific with what u want and such~
-please dont rush us
-do not give us any ecchi or hentai pics
-Pics in Spoilers pls
-Pls DO NOT request for banners here(go to the banner request at the forum), or else yur request will be skipped.

Fill in the form below to request:
Wad yu want written on it:
Pic(in spoilers pls):

Wadyu want written on it:

Pic(in spoilers):
hehe doent matter wut order
Welcome To My Profile!

yay thx so much i cant waite to see it *huggels*^-^
Posted 4/11/09 , edited 4/11/09
Wad yu want written on it:

-Welcome to -Haine- PRofiLe!!(:

-About me:
Name: -Haine-
Nicky Name: Haine-Chan
B-D: May 1st
LiL Comment:
AccePt any fRienD ReQuest oR gRouP!!

-FavoRite Anime:
FuLL Moon wo Sagashite
Kamikaze Kaito Jeanne
Kamichama KaRin
Shugo ChaRa
NanatsuiRo DRoPs
Gakuen ALice

-FavoRite Manga:
Zettai Kakusei Tenshi MistRess FoRtune!
Time StRangeR Kyoko
Shinshi Doumei CRoss
AzoRa PoP
Kamichama KaRin Chu

Plz Don't coPy me!!
No Chain maiL!!
Don't huRt my fRienDs!!
Chat with me if yR my fRienD!!

-Ths foR Visiting!!!(:

Pic(in spoilers pls):

Can yu make it like this Haine-?

Extras: chubby letters and anything
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F / ♫ Listening to Mu...
Posted 4/11/09 , edited 4/11/09
1) Welcome to CloudPrincess-001's Profile
2) About Me
Haii ppl~~Just call mii Miyu ne~~Nice to meet cha *smiles* yoroshiku ne~
3) Rules
-N0 chain mails "PLZ!"
-N0 cursiin' "PLZ!"
-N0 Stealers
4) Top Three Favorite Animes
-Full Moon wo Sagashite
-Kaitou Jeanne
-Shugo Chara
5) Thanx for the visit!

Extras: Plz use brushes & heartz..thanx
Request: Haine-
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22 / where melon bread...
Posted 4/24/09

What you want written:

heya guys ! welcome to my page feel free to buddy me i'll accept it all
hope to talk to you soon :D
ruii is my name i love anime and manga.i'm half-japanese and filipino
i'm a happy-go-lucky girl my hobies are watching anime or reading manga chatting and talking
i like laughing around.i love eating melon bread *addicted*

favorite anime
~azumanga daioh
~code geass
~shugo chara
~and so on
favorite manga
~backstage prince
~crimson hero
~hot gimmick
favorite character:
:no stealing of pics
:be nice to my friends
:no backstabbing
:talk to me
:dont be rude
thanks for visiting :DD

Specials/Extras [borders, animation, etc]:nice brushes no animation pls,

can haine~chan can do this?
thank you !
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