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Posted 3/6/09 , edited 7/5/09

kagomi's healing Ultimate power

Friday 6/03/2009

Kagomi - what both of you did to him
Otara & Kora - !!!!
(They saw Kagomi in the sky and she was slowly ..slowly …come down until she reach the ground)
kagomi - who did this to him?
Kora - I did it.
(Kagomi was staring at Ironoside and she was so upset)
Kagomi - why you made this to him?
Kora - if any buddy want to hurt princess I will kill him
(Kagomi look at Kora with fury face)
Kagomi - and does your princess get hurt?
Kora - ....
Kagomi- so you attacked him very badly for nothing?
Kora - what want to fight with me?
(Kora put his hand in his sword so he was ready to fight)
(Kagomi moved in front of him so fast and cought Kora's hand and with one move she broke Kora's hand )
Kora - ahhhhhhhhhhh..........
Otara - !!!!!!!!!!!!!
Kagomi - next time when you want to attack someone better for you to have a good reason
Otara - who are you? Which Level you are in?
Kagomi - Level? if you mean which Ultimate user Level I am in I will say I have no Level my power can’t be comparison with you or your friend power
Kora - impossible.... let me show you my real power
(Otara felt that whatever they will do they will be able to defeat Kagomi)
Otara - Kora stop....
Kora - princess.....
(Kagomi looked at Ironoside again and went near him)
Otara - let’s go Kora
Kora but princess why?
Otara - I don't know hmm …something telling me that she is very strong, and I can feel her power
Kora - .......
(Otara and kora both of them started to move and they left the place)
(Kagomi was up Ironoside and watching his face)
Kagomi - why? Why you push yourself too much? What you are fighting for now? Even now that your memory gone you still hurting yourself?
(Kagomi put her hands on Ironoside’s head)
Kagomi - Healing Technique
(there was a yellow light comes out from Kagomi's hand and it started to heal Ironoside)
(after an hour in the same place where Ironoside and Brast fought )
(Kagomi and Kora return to that place, and they saw no buddy except Fira)
Otara - where is my sister? And who are you?
Kora - master Fira
Otara - is this is your master Kora?
Kora - yes
Otara - so Mrs.Fira where is my sister now?
Fira – the soldiers took care of her and now they are moving toward the castle. Kora …what happened to your hand?
Kora - my hand? I I was defeated by a girl....
fira - a girl? Who was she?
Kora – am not sure …i don't know but she was really very strong and her power was unusual, it was different from us I don't know how she got it
Fira - what? Where is she now?
Kora - I think she is still in middle of the forest
Fira - you two go return to the castle
Kora – are you going to join us?
Fira - maybe...
(Fira moved toward the forest to find Kagomi)
Fira - {impossible there is no a girl who have the ability to beat Kora? there is no exit girls in earth can do that at least not a girl, and this place was destroyed completely, hmm now what is going to happen next?}
Otara - what was with him? Is this is the strongest man in the earth?
Kora - that's how is my master is lets back to the castle and check about your sister
Otara - oh ok lets go
(Kagomi & Ironoside place)
(Ironoside’s body healed completely because of Kagomi’s healing technique)
(kagomi was sitting and she put ironoside head in her leg)
(Ironoside starts to woke up so Kagomi stands up and waits near a tree)
(Ironoside noticed Kagomi near the tree)
Ironoside - who are you?
(Kagomi was looking at another place and her back was in front of Ironoside’s face)
kagomi - its never mind who i am.
Ironoside - you want to battle with me too?
Kagomi - why should I?
Ironoside - hmmm what happened to me?
Kagomi - now you healed and you became better, so what is the problem?
Ironoside - I remember I was defeated completely by a boy that has fire’s power, but now I am fine I just wondering how this can be possible
Kagomi - .... i have to leave now...
Ironoside - huh?!!! Are you planning to skip form answering me, and you want to leave now?
Kagomi - it’s not vital what happened anymore, after all you are fine now
Ironoside – no… is.
(Ironoside become anger)
Ironoside - it is necessary, if we forget what happened in the past then we can’t think about the future and what to do. I lost my memory which made my life without purpose. so do you think what occurred to me is not important?
Kagomi - .... {It is essential but I don't want my little brother to suffer any more }

End Ironoside-Season01-Chapter12

Writer : Ironoside
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Cemetery (UAE)
Posted 3/14/09 , edited 3/21/09
yosh good work kagomi baka i wish i had ur healing technique lol

hey boy i know what happen 2 u ask me and i will tell u

just kidding can't wait 2 read the next chapter
Posted 7/5/09
hod hod ops i mean Tadaima
Kawi ending for the chapter ..( it is important but i don't want my little brother suffer any more )
Thanks ironoside ..keep going are doing great job
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Posted 6/19/10
Waahh..Kagomi has dark power too ??
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