Random Poetry
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Posted 3/6/09 , edited 3/7/09
The curtains lift
The lights shine
He's in the middle of it all
He's the center of attention
I'm just a mere backstage cast
I watch him from afar
I didn't like him very much
He wasn't pretty nice
He wasn't pretty handsome either
I wonder how he'd got the part of the Prince
Then one night
I was alone under the stage lights painting a set
I accidentally poured water into the paint
I tried to fix it up
but the paint was too runny to use
I panicked
That's when he came
With a new bucket of paint
He handed it to me
and together we painted the set
I didn't know when
But I started to watch him
His acting is very attractive
His voice is very strong
That's probably why he became the Prince
At the opening night
I stood backstage
In my painted rags
I cheered him on
with painted paintbrushes like cheer leading pom poms
He was too focus to see me
I just stood there silently
Just hoping he'll catch a glimpse of me
But no
He didn't look my way
Even when he got off stage
But still I waited for him to just look at me
Every night
Then the closing night came
I was going to be gone soon
Going to study art somewhere else
I just wanted to talk to him again
So I stood at the same spot
With the same paintbrushes in my hands
People asked to go out so they can celebrate the university acceptance
but i refused
and at the end of the show
He took me by the hand
and put me in the center of the spotlight
He said "This is my Princess, My one and only princess"
I looked at him
I looked at the girl playing the princess
I looked at the crowd
A murmur started
I looked back at him
he smiled
"You are my Princess, and I want to be your Prince"
Then I'm back at reality
I let the paintbrushes fall
I walked away
Tears rolling down my cheeks
Too bad that's only all in my head
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Posted 3/6/09 , edited 3/7/09
This is so random...I'll report it.
Posted 3/7/09 , edited 3/7/09
Please use this


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