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24 / F / in my La La Land~
Posted 3/7/09 , edited 3/9/09
Nakajima Yuto

Q) What happened lately in the Nakajima family?

A) In my family, we have this yearly tradition of going to a restaurant where they play live piano on birthdays. But for my little brother’s birthday this year, my mom said that we should do something special once in a while; so we went to Yokohama on a dinner cruise. It was really fun! We were allowed to go out into the deck, so if we turned right, we could see the bay bridge, on the left, we could see the port, and also a really beautiful scene. For the food, it came out in courses, so I got really fun. But, even on this really special day, my dad forgot to bring his camera (weak laugh). Since there was nothing else, we took out pictures on our cell phone (laughs). I’m glad we were able to make a really fun family memory.

Q) What is the thing that gives you most pleasure lately?

A) When I play the electric drums, it’s so fun! Also, I bought an amp with my own money, so while the song is playing in the background, I can play along with the song. It became even more fun, and when I realized, 2 hours had already passed. Also, I feel as if I can play at any given moment, so I feel that I’ve improved from before. When I saw our first Tokyo Dome concert, I thought, “I’m so bad!” (laughs). In the latest concert, it was a lot better. But I still want to become much better. That way, it might become more use to my work, and I just want to work my hardest on my hobby (laughs).

Q) Tell us about Takaki and his recent self.

A) His style is really good so anything looks good on him, he’s definitely cool. Also~ it feels as if as soon as we became JUMP, he suddenly became an older-brother. So, that feeling recently came to me. On that note, I’m a little bit sad about doing our concert just with us 7. But I would like BEST to work their hardest as well!

Q) What happened recently that made up blue?

A) A lot (laughs). Lately, I’m really out of it. But I know what caused them. Probably because my dad is in his “misfortunate” age. That aura of his projects out onto my family. So that’s why in New Years, I prayed for good fortune this year. Even then, I’m still really out of it, and my dad himself hasn’t changed at all to my frustration (weak laugh). But in the beginning of this year, a lot of bad things already happened to me so I should be clean for the rest of the year. That’s what I’ve decided to believe in (laughs).

Takaki Yuya

Q)What happened lately in the Takaki family?

A) When I went home, my room… the bed, the desk, the sofa and even the curtains, they were all clean. I immediately knew that it was my parents, and I was really impressed by them too. They know what I like, and the room was to my liking. Before, it was really dirty, and had a trashy-kind of atmosphere, but this time, it was calm. It felt really adult-like, and I was really happy. The insides of the cardboard box that were left from the time we moved here were all cleaned out. My sister actually asked me to clean it out, “I’ll give you some of my money, so please~!” so I just left it out there but (laughs).

Q) What is the thing that gives you most pleasure lately?

A) Definitely the time I spend with my friend. Recently, I went to Osaka to the place where I used to live and I met some of my friends there. You know how Osaka feels really good? It’s like, just by being in the city, you can get really hyper. When I riding the bullet train to Osaka by myself, I became really excited because I felt like an adult. Speaking about adults, lately, coffee started tasting really good. And it’s black coffee! A friend’s mom asked me, “Sugar?” but I answered “Oh, black’s fine!” (laughs).

Q) Tell us about Inoo and his recent self.

A) Recent self… Well, in general, Inoo-kun doesn’t say anything about his private life. For me, I can say, “Yesterday, this happened!” and I can start blabbering, but I haven’t really seen Inoo-kun do that. So that’s why Inoo-kun’s private life is a big mystery. I want to know~. Oh yeah, next time while we’re going home, I’ll secretly follow him (laughs).

Q) What happened recently that made you blue?

A) I went skiing with a couple of my friends, but I was really scared, and I vowed, “I’ll never ever do this in my entire life!” I was up on the hill, and already I was like, “I'm so scared~!” There were a lot of people behind me, and one of them pushed me off, and I was sliding. I was half crying (laughs). My friend told me, “Never show that part of you to your fans. If you do, at least 70% of your fans will scurry away.” (laughs). He even said, “The 30% that’s left will go from “I really like you,” to “I like you.” (laughs). I never knew skiing was that scary. I thought I was good at all general sports.

Inoo Kei

Q) What happened recently in the Inoo family?

A) At my house, I have 2 dogs, Jam and An. Jam will run up to the door whenever somebody comes home, and bark as if he’s saying, “Welcome home.” But An just sits on the sofa and sleeps. But when I come home, they both run up to me. They seem to like me (laughs). But why only me? When I think about it, it’s only me that pets An that vigorously. I do that every single day. Also, I changed the direction that the fur on her face goes to the opposite direction. So maybe she likes that? In the house, even if everybody is there, they’ll only come to me. Everybody loves Jam and An and they all take care of them.

Q) What is the thing that gives you the most pleasure lately?

A) Lately, I go out and eat a lot with my friends. That’s really fun. All the exams are finished, and break started, so we have a lot of free time. Nowdays, I probably meet with them at least two times a week. But even then, it’s on the lower side. In the first quarter/semester, I met up with them almost every day. Like, “Tomorrow, let’s meet up at 5.” (laughs). We hang out, or we go bowling, or go to karaoke, go out to eat curry…Also, some of my friends aren’t finished with their exams, so we get together to cheer them on and go somewhere where we can see their room. And play the recorder there. It probably really bothered them (laughs). That kind of atmosphere is really fun.

Q) Tell us about Morimoto and his recent self.

A) He didn’t really change. Either he’s playing games or he’s watching DVDs. But lately, I’ve noticed something. He’s really into baseball and knows a lot about baseball players. I haven’t heard of him liking baseball. I know nothing about baseball. But when he speaks to Yabu, the names of players come out of his mouth like water. Also, when he speaks, he has this serious face. I thought that was a really interesting side of him, I thought it was cute.

Q) What happened recently that made you blue?

A) I ate an icigo daifuku (strawberry rice cake with bean jam) for the first time. Strawberry rice cake sounds like a really good combination , right. I always thought it was the best combination. I like strawberries, I like daifuku, I like bean jam. But when I ate it, it wasn’t that good. Actually, it was quite normal. I was really excited for it though. I was disappointed. I probably set the bar too high. Next time, I’ll try a strawberry daifuku from a store that I heard that’s amazing.

Chinen Yuri

Q) What happened lately in the Chinen family?

A) Nothing really. Just the normal, usual. The normal Chinen family is basically; we’re all on good terms. But we usually don't go out as a family. Yuto-kun said that he went to dinner with his family for his little brother’s birthday. I was really surprised. My family would never do that. We’ve gone out as a family, but it’s so long ago that I don’t remember it. But we’re still friends. My mom is like a friend whose my age. My mom, my older sister and I are usually in the living room watching TV. If we all have separate TV shows that we want to watch, we usually go with my moms’. That’s basically what the Chinen family is like.

Q) What is the thing that gives you the most pleasure lately?

A) Whatever it is, I’m always excited to go to work. Within all the work I do, I’m really excited for concerts. But, honestly, I’m a little bit shy (laughs). Because I can’t really speak in front of a lot of people. In radio, I can speak away, but I’m bad in concert MC’s. So, if we happen to do MC’s behind the stage, then I might be able to speak a lot (laughs). Basically, I’m a really shy person. But I still love concerts. When we sing or dance, I’m not shy at all.

Q) Tell us about Hikaru and his recent self.

A) Just recently, he bought a base. He seemed really happy when he was showing that to all the members. He kept on saying, “I bought it,” over and over, and he seemed really glad. Well, when I heard that, the only thing I could say was, “Oh, you bought it…” Because I don’t really know a lot of things about instruments. Also, Hikaru-kun is aiming towards being a comedian. Sometimes, he would say something really random and bad, but I’m that type who would laugh at bad jokes. Oh, also, when I’m alone with Hikaru-kun, he becomes really nice (laughs). When we’re with everybody else, he becomes really uptight. But I like both sides of Hikaru-kun.

Q) What happened recently that made you blue?

A) I bought a hamburger. And just when I was about to eat it, I dropped it. I had just taken off the wrapping, and then I just dropped it, so I got soo blue. It was really cold that day, so I was really excited to eat something warm. But the paper wrapping was still partly on, so the hamburger itself didn't hit the floor, so I got really glad again. I got to taste a lot of different emotions in one moment.

Okamoto Keito

Q) What happened lately in the Keito family?

A) I’m getting hated by our dog (laughs). The dog that I have is the type who always barks. Whoever comes to the house, even if it's a family member, he always barks. But he doesn’t bark at me. He doesn’t even come running to the front door when I come home. He probably doesn’t think of me as an opponent. When I enter my house, he goes back into his dog house with sad face. It felt as if he was saying, “Hmph.” When I take him out for walks, he never seems happy. This happened before too, but this time, it seems more severe. I wonder what went wrong. Is it because I only take him out for walks occasionally?

Q) What is the thing that gives you the most pleasure lately?

A) That exact moment when I come home from school, open the front door, and put down my bag. I always feel happiness at least once per day. On the days I don't have school, I feel happiness at that exact moment when I come out of the shower and enter my room. My room is really cold. Even if I put on my air conditioner, it’s really cold. So, I always enter the shower thinking, “It’s so cold, it’s so cold.” So then, after my body get’s all warm and I re-enter my room, I think, “Oh, this is perfect.” That is happiness. So this is the exact season to be happy. When it becomes summer, I think it’ll be different.

Q) Tell us about Dai-chan and his recent self.

A) Lately, I’ve becomes really good friends with Dai-chan. I’ve interacted more with Dai-chan than before. The reason was because Dai-chan started to like Western music. And when there’s a good song, he recommends me that song. Also, lately~ billiards is really popular within JUMP. So, I taught Dai-chan how to play. Basically, I teach him a lot of thngs. But, within that, I want Dai-chan to recommend me more songs, and I want him to teach me dances and stuff.

Q) What happened recently that made you blue?

A) I bumped my head on a sign (laughs). On the way home, there was this sign that was exactly my height. I knew that sign was there, but I still bumped into it~. I’ve bumped into it lately, but I’ve bumped into it a lot of times now. Whenever I bump it, it’s always in the morning. In the mornings, my brain doesn't work. On top of that, I’m in a rush. I’m that type who always sleeps till the last minute. So, when I’m speed-walking, I forget that the sign is there. So in conclusion, if I wake up earlier, I won’t bump into it. But I can’ do that. Also, I can ask the store to raise that sign higher. There’s probably so many people who bump into that sign anyways. But, there aren’t. Oh yeah! It’s my own fault because I walk on the edge of the sidewalk (laughs)!!

Morimoto Ryutaro

Q) What happened lately in the Morimoto family?

A) We’ve began taking care of a dog. You know how I said before I wanted a dog who wouldn’t pee? Well, there are no such dogs who can’t pee, and on top of that, my dog is really stupid. I’ve taught him sit and hand in 3 days, and it was really easy. But he still hasn’t learned potty-training. That’s the only reason why he’s stupid (laughs). But, he’s really cute. He’s an akitainu (TN: a type of dog, a medium size) but I want a small dog, and a big dog too. I thought that since I can handle one dog, why not handle 3?

Q) What gives you most pleasure lately?

A) I’ve found out that cooling chocolate and eating them tastes really good. So when I put chocolate in the fridge, I get really excited to eat it 3 days afterwards. Just 2 days is not good, and 4 days is not good either. 3 days is best (laughs). The first time I realized that cooling chocolate was good is when my parents said to me, “You know, chocolate tastes better when you cool it.” When I heard that, honestly, I didn’t believe that at all. But I tried it. It tasted better than I imagined (laughs). So, in my fridge, there’s always chocolate. If somebody else eats it, I’ll get mad. I make sure Shintaro doesn’t even come close to it.

Q) Tell us about Yabu and his recent self.

A) He’s really funny. If we’re talking normally, I still find him funny. Whenever I’m wth Yabu-kun, I always end up laughing a lot. But lately, it seems as if Yabu-kun and Inoo-chan are really close. So, Yabu-kun doesn’t really speak to me that much. A little bit of jealousy~(laughs).

Q) What happened that made you blue lately?

A) My parents told me to clean my room, so I did. But my clean is different from other people’s clean, and when I think it’s clean, I leave it as it is. Directly across from my door is a window, so I clean around the window. So when you open the door, the whole room seems pretty clean. So at first, my parents would come in and just see the window, so they would say, “Oh, it’s really clean.” But, a little bit after that, when I got home from school… I had stuffed all the stuff on my floor into a closet, but my parents noticed, and they re-arranged all the stuff in the closet back onto the floor. As parents, they probably wanted to say, “Properly clean your room,” indirectly. But that time was sad.

Arioka Daiki

Q) What happened lately in the Arioka family?

A) All the technology changed inside the house! The phone had somehow turned into a newer model, there was also a new humidifier. Also, finally, a hard disc recorder appeared in our house! It seemed really hard to use, so are we fine?... I got worried (laughs). I was really glad that it became hard disc (TN: I think the hard disc he’s talking about is a DVD recorder.) Just before, it was VHS. Now, we’ve finally caught up (laughs). Eh, now it’s Blue ray? ……Let’s just leave that aside for now (laughs).

Q) What gives you most pleasure recently?

A) That exact moment when I’m under my bed covers and finally know, “Oh, I’m sleeping now…” I love that. Do you know that feeling? I warm my bed covers with an electric blanket, put a really good smelling aroma on, put on a warm light, play music in the background… It’s an awesome time. But just when I’m about to sleep, my foot spazzes outwards. It always happens to me. When I’m on the train, and I’m about to sleep, it happens. When it does, I just let it go and hope that nobody saw (laughs).

Q) Tell us about Yamada and his recent self.

A) Lately, he seems to like a shooting game, and recently, he showed me. When he asked me, “Do you want to play with me?” he probably wanted to show me his skills (laughs). Yamada is, within JUMP, the most competitive. But we’re alike in a lot of ways. Our style of clothing are similar, and we both have that same atmosphere around us.

Q) What happened recently that made you blue?

A) After bathing, I was dangling down from a pull-up bar. Then, before I realized it in the next moment, I was on the floor. I think I was in that coma-world for a few seconds, was it fainting!? My head hurt a little bit, so I asked my mom, “As evidence for my falling, maybe there’s a bump on my head. Is it swollen?” and she replied, “Yes, it’s swollen.” What had happened (laughs)? It was the first time that had happened to me, and I got really excited afterwards so I couldn’t sleep (laughs). It’s probably because all the blood in my head rushed down to my legs~. The day after that, I told the other members what had happened, and with a normal face, they replied, “Are you fine?” It seems as if I suck as explaining. For an movie, I would strongly recommend this one movie, right? When I do recommend it to other people, it seems as if they don’t want to see it anymore (laughs).

Yabu Kota

Q) What happened lately in the Yabu family?

A) In the Yabu family, you’re basically free. We all wake up at a time we would like to, we sleep whenever we want to, we eat whenever we want to. We probably will have a meal will all of my family members maybe about once a year (laughs). Also in the Yabu family, our conversations seem to be a little bit different than other families. We talk about difficult topics. When I listen to my mom and my brother talk, I don’t understand what they’re talking about. When they talk to me, they use less-difficult words, so I can somehow understand them. But, they talk about really big topics. My brother is a walking encyclopedia (laughs). I think that’s perfect. This is not a recent (laughs).

Q) What gives you most pleasure recently?

A) I love concerts! A all-country tour is a first for us, and I’ve always said that I wanted to tour the whole country. We can finally do that, so I’m really excited. After we accomplish this, I wish we can go to more places. I haven’t spoken to anybody else about this, but my head is full of all different ideas.

Q) Tell us about Chinen and his recent self.

A) He’s become more adult-like (laughs). He’s about to become a high schooler, so that’s probably why. But, my lap is still reserved by Chinen (laughs). Whenever I see his back when I’m walking behind him, or when we’re about to break apart since our work is done, I wonder if I should walk home with him? I have that feeling. I worry about him. A parent-feeling, or more like a brother-feeling… I also have those feelings for Ryutaro as well. I’m going off topic again. My unexpected side of me just started talking (laughs).

Q) What happened recently that made you blue?

A) My cell phone broke! It broke right in half, and you can even see the cords (laughs). It’s only been about 5 months since I bought it though. I was looking at my cell phone, when an old lady suddenly pointed it out. Then, when I realized it, the cord… You can still you it, but when the cord breaks, it’s over. Before it does that, I better take it to a repair shop. Right now, if I can’t use a cell phone, it’ll be a big problem. Right now, it’s that time where even grandmothers even have cell phones. My own grandmother can use decome (TN: decorative txt messages, I guess). My grandmother and I have the same birthday. And we sent each other happy birthday text messages, and my grandmother sent me a decome txt message. My grandmother’s really fast, technology wise. She uses a blue ray, she uses a car navigation system, she uses an electronic aroma candle, she watches movies as soon as they come out. My grandfather and my grandmother are just great… wait, I should’ve talked about this in the Yabu family corner (laughs).

Yaotome Hikaru

Q) What happened lately in the Hikaru family?

A) Before I realized it, there were a lot of new electronic appliances. First, there’s that new laptop. There was a digital camera before, but there was never a photo-printer. We bought a really brand new one, and our tensions got really high, so we would print out pictures through the night, and now, there are pictures all over the house (laughs). Also, yesterday, we bought a sewing machine. I asked, “What are you going to make?” they replied, “Something” (laughs). And then, this morning, they asked, “Hikaru, give me some jeans that you won’t wear anymore.” It seems that they’re going to make a pouch out of my jeans. If they’re making it for me, I would like to decline taking it. Wearing a hand-made pouch requires courage to wear it in public (laughs).

Q) What gives you most pleasure recently?

A) Billiard. It’s perfect. You don’t really requirea lot of concentraion, and you don’t get too tired playing it. During the free time I have between work, I can play it lightly. Recently, on “Hi! Hey! Say!” Taguchi-kun was a guest, and he taught me how to play. We didn’t exactly play a game, he taught me like a coach at school (laughs). But in order to become better, I need to train like that, ne.

Q) Tell us about Keito and his recent self.

A) Recently, it seems as if he seemed to become nicer. Just before, Yabu tried to eat spaghetti but he realized he didn’t have a fork, and in a really small voice he muttered, “… I don’t have a fork.” Then, Keito stood up, found a fork, and gave it to Yabu. Also, when I spilled something, he quickly gave me a tissue. I don’t think there’s someone as thoughtful as him who is a middle schooler. As expected, English Boy!

Q) What happened recently that made you blue?

A) That high school graduation is coming close (*this interview took place in the start of February.) I’ll be really sad. Because, I’ve been going every day, and all of a sudden, it’ll just stop. There’s already that atmosphere inside our classroom, and it’s really sad. Eh, will I cry at the graduation? Oh yeah, ever since I entered high school, I haven’t cried. Through my life, I’m that type who rarely cries. When I was in elementary school, I went inside a construction zone, and a screw went right throw, and I remember screaming really loudly and crying (laughs). Until the graduation, I plan to eat and do fun things with my friends!

Yamada Ryosuke

Q) What happened lately in the Yamada family?

A) My room changed! I got this lighting where you can change the positions, and tt became more adult-like. Before, the curtains were monocuro (black and white). But now, with just one light, the atmosphere really changes. It’s not that standard incandescent light, so it’s more of a fancy-feel. The next thing I want for my room is art. With like a painting, I plan to put it up on top of my headboard. At one time, I really wanted a mini-fridge on my own, but I realized that I’m way too young for that. If I did have that in my own room, I would live in there for the rest of my life (laughs).

Q) What gives you most pleasure lately?

A) I’m really into billiard. Probably after this, around 2~3 people from JUMP will say the same thing (laughs). I even bought my own cue. In JUMP, the most skilled one is Keito. There’s nothing that Keito cannot do (laughs). I’ve seen Taguchi-kun play billiards once, and he’s really amazing! He said, “I can teach you any time,” so I want him to teach me someday. But when I play billiards, I want my height to grow even longer (laughs). But I have that, “Muscle Strenght” on my side, so I’ll use power to cut everybody down (laughs). Maybe we can play billiards in a JUMP concert someday!

Q) Tell us about Yuto and his recent self.

A) Lately, he hurt his foot, and he’s really doesn’t have it (TN: Like bad luck or something). I think it’s because that he suddenly grew too much, so his body can’t keep up (laughs). To make it broader, you’re really thin, so work out, get more muscles, and become a strong man!

Q) What happened that made you really blue recently?

A) I dreamt a really weird dream. A zombie dream (laughs). My dad had become a zombie, my sister was protecting me, and other zombies were eating normal people, and those normal people turned into zombies. And I’m running like a maniac, but this time a black zombie appears… This is a zombie with the highest rank, and the strongest. My sister became a black zombie, and she was chasing after me… that kind of dream. At the very end, my sister bit me and I thought, “A, I’m done…” and then I woke up. Right from the morning, I became really blue (laughs).

This NOT from me. I got this at this page: Please stop by by page and give her credits ^^
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21 / F / England babeh
Posted 3/7/09 , edited 3/8/09
Ahahaha the bit where they made themseles blue was so funny!
I couldnt stop laughing!
Random stuff happens to them, kind of.
Ahehehe Kawaii!
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21 / F / JUMPの世界!
Posted 3/20/09 , edited 3/20/09
Q) Tell us about Yuto and his recent self.

A) Lately, he hurt his foot, and he’s really doesn’t have it (TN: Like bad luck or something). I think it’s because that he suddenly grew too much, so his body can’t keep up (laughs). To make it broader, you’re really thin, so work out, get more muscles, and become a strong man!

there it is! i finally found it... whew! aww, yamachan's so sweet.. though yamajima pairings aren't so active any more in their current situation, (i.e. yuto & keito always together, dai & yamachan..etc. etc. ) they still have a really strong bond. **kienai kono kizuna~** xD
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27 / F / Earth
Posted 6/3/09 , edited 6/4/09
Yamada's "blue corner" made me laugh.. teehee.. sorry about that XD
though I also got dreams like that @[email protected] and it sure was scary XD
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