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Posted 3/7/09 , edited 3/7/09

  • 1. Obey the group's rules.
  • 2. Remain active.
  • 3. Constantly request; We love it. ;D
  • 4. Upload photos for the group.
  • 5. Participate in games~ Because life would be boring without games.
  • 6. Nobody said it's wrong to interact with each other.
  • 7. AF is a group of friends and family alike.
  • 8. If you have any questions or concerns, speak up!
  • 9. Check AF's front page constantly for news updates and announcements!

  • 1. You skipped my request! What happened?
    ∗ Sometimes if we skip a request, it's because you failed to follow directions. But other times, we skip by mistake. If your request was skipped, please re-post.
  • 2. What can I do to be a mod?
    ∗ You can apply to be a moderator here. Maesunshiine and SerenityStar will check to see if you are an active member, and you will be immediately be added to the moderator list. We assign users to a Crew, depending on how active they are.
  • 3. What does a mod do?
    ∗ Moderators are put into special areas, as said above, according to their sense of being active. If they are semi-active, they would be put into the Graphics Crew. If they are always active and go online constantly, they may be assigned to Birthday Crew. It all depends.
  • 4. What is this group based on?
    ∗ This group is based on anime / non-anime graphic designing. E.g., avatars, profile sections, etc.
  • 5. Who can I ask for help?
    ∗ Just send a message to Maesunshiine or to SerenityStar and we will assist you in any way possible.

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