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Posted 3/7/09 , edited 3/8/09
The constitution states it shall not make a law favoring a religion.

BUT, some religions are against same sex marriages.

Therefore, if there were ever a law passed to ban same sex marriage in all of America, then it would be found unjust on grounds of violation of the constitution.

Which means the law would be overturned and shot down.

Because some religions are against same sex marriages, whereas others feel indifferent.

And because america is what it is. It cannot favor one religion over another bc of the constitution.

So, yeahs.

So, yeah. I don't understand how there can be any anti-gay marriage laws in any state if it violates the constitution.

But if you feel strongly about it. You could probally send an e-mail to your state senator about it. (Which they actually read.)

So, yeahs. I don't know. I was bored and wanted to share this with you guys.
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Posted 7/26/09 , edited 7/26/09
I think that's one of the most intelligent arguements I've heard for the cause... Unfortunately, as Americans, we fear treading on fellow citizens beleifs and sensibilities... It makes for interesting debates that usually piss me off... Why should same sex couples not express their love by making the ultimate commitment to monogamy? Why as Americans do we fear groups of religions in our governments when the very men who created it sought to end religious persicution?

Sorry... I know I probably rambled... But I feel strongly about this sort of thing...
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Posted 1/6/10 , edited 1/7/10
hmm lest see if i can explain what i'm thinking w/ out it being confusing...
okay the USA is all In God We Trust... everything is around God. the only real reason that people don't want gay rights is because the bible says its a sin... but that doens't really mean anything. sinning, adultury, murder, steeling, greed ect are all sins too, and everyone has sined, yet we still give THEM rights. being LBGTQ is a sin, yes, but the bible says no sin is greater then another. so why should LBGTQ not have rights? if "people like them" dont have the rights because its a sin, no other american should have rights.

eh i don't form my thoughts well, they're all jumbled up and stuff
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