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how do you know when you are in love?
Posted 3/7/09

eliz_grace wrote:

fate_tertium wrote:

im completely emotionless..

That is sad.

It's okay to question a relationship, it's only natural to question almost everything in life (religion, sexuality, etc.)
What is important is if you are happy or not. In the begining of a relationship, you get this "high" and you laugh more and smile more and just feel amazing. After a while, the "high" fades, but that doesn't mean love disappears. Love is a choice. You can choose to love someone, to put up with them, to help them, to be with them. Or, you can choose not too.

So what does being in love feel like? It's constantly changing. Love can be that amazing "high," or love can make you hurt. What is up to you is to decided whether you want to stick with it or not. And it's not a bad thing if you don't. Sometimes it's good to take a break from a relationship and just live life for yourself.

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wait, wha?
Posted 3/7/09 , edited 3/7/09
well, if you can't answer questions about your relationship with confidence, and you're already doubting it, then it's more or less possible that you're not in love (with him)
that's how I see it, anyways...
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Posted 3/8/09
•my heart beats faster when i saw him.
•i'm afraid to talk to him
•i go crazy when i saw him(total blush)like this→>/////////<
Posted 3/8/09
well i dont think you need to ask when you know when you're in love.. you just know it yourself.
so maybe try asking yourself instead of others
try being with him more then you will find your answer.
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Posted 3/8/09
when i am always thinking about that person....
when i always feel like i want to be with him all the time...
and i feel so sad when he is away... n i feel that i miss him....

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Posted 3/8/09
I'll know when I'm in love when:

1. I can't stop thinking about the girl
2. I'm happy being with the girl
3. I want to know more about the girl

Idk, but I've never doubted my relationships, you girls always have doubts which makes me think that you're indecisive. If you have doubts, try to spend a little time alone, if you can live w/o him/her then its better to end it.

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Posted 3/8/09
i cnt slep juz 2 think of him all nyt
Posted 3/8/09
i love a girl when my dick has grown a few inches -_-
Posted 3/8/09

tia_yangel wrote:

because i dont know.
i question my relationship alot.
so this is consider not love riight??

ME NONO. ://

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