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It really easy just make a character of ur own with ur own name, age and description u can create a bankai or tranformation of ur own or take one that it already in the anime/manga. Also put the name of sword and bankai or and put a pic of what ur character would look like

P.S. U can copy from other members bankai if there from the anime if there original u can't take it as ur own


Name: Cristian
Age: 16
Sword: Zangetsu (white)
Bankai: Tenza Zangetsu (white)
Description: He's a human that died young and the soul society decieded to make him a soul reaper cause of his high spiritual power he mastered every aspect of a soul reaper but deciede not to accept the rank of captain he abandoned the soul society the reason are unknown
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Name: Brandon

appearence: long silver hair,blood-red eyes, tall (5'10)

Age: 15


Bankai: Gongetsu

Description: the sword splits down the middle and turns into two pure black blades (handle and all). then they start to grow bladed out of one side turning them into halbeards. after that a spear tipped blade appears on top. as heavy as it sounds, it is surprisinglyly light. Everytime he slashes his weapon a dark slab comes and obliterates everything hit charges at in a ten foot raduis

background:born with a dangerously high spirit pressure. He had allready mastered how to use his sword by eight, then his bonkie at thirteen. Just like Zempachi, Brandon had gained a love for fighting... and killing. After he fought Zerpachi he was defeated, not easly, but was defeated. with that he set out to be even more powerful, and to do anything to get it. he set off alone to become... an eronkar (er-ron-car)(no clue how thats spelled). He beat the inner Gongetsu in him. After he became an eronkar, he set out two perfect that power he had controlled
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