Christmas Madlib
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Posted 12/20/07 , edited 12/20/07

Go here for your christmas madlib. Then post it here for all to see.

How the Llamas Saved Christmas
On a Freakin cold Christmas Eve, Santa walked over to the Llamas and said Seasons Beatings ! He went on to say that it was too Freakin cold to fly the sleigh this Christmas. The Llamas were very upset! After Santa left the Llamas started to talk. They decided that if they got the lights out of the Kitchen they could see well enough to fly. Steve, who was one of the smarter Llamas, said that they would need electricity though. Another Llama decided that if they put enough extention cords together they could still go. But where would they get enough extention cords to reach across the world? They went to work! They decided if they took the extention cords from Matt, Nikki and Gimpy's house they would have enough but they decided to take only the Violet ones.

Everything went well but when they got to Florida all of the sudden the sleigh stopped in mid-air. Santa bounced out of the sleigh and fell in to Sea World. The Llamas didn't know what to do! First they flew back to find out why the sleigh stopped. They discovered that the extention cords got caught on the Empire State Building. They untangled the cord and then flew back to Sea World and picked up Santa.

So that is how the Llamas saved Christmas.

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Posted 12/20/07
i think u clicked on something wrongly lol...
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Posted 12/20/07
This is more or less the same as an online quiz. But just for the sake of holiday cheer, I'll let it pass.
Posted 12/20/07
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