High School Musical sings for BOBO
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Posted 3/8/09

BOBO, consisting of 19-year-old Jing BOran and 21-year-old Fu XinBO, is the only self-formed and fan-named boyband.

Once upon upon a June night, news first surfaced about a High School Musical reamke starring BOBO. After months of inactivity, when almost everyone forgot about the movie, today, in an interview during Huayi's 2009 Plans Press Conference, BOBO mentioned the movie again.

BOBO's song "If" was the third most searched for Chinese song of 2009, beating out works by Jay Chou, Jane Zhang, JJ Lin and Charlene Choi

The June news stated that Huayi Brothers and the Shanghai Media Group (which owns Shanghai/Dragon TV and My Hero) had brought the rights of Disney's High School Musical. However, BOBO's Jing Boran said that the movie will be made specifically for the two of them. They will also film a romance movie in March. It's hard to figure out from the interview whether the romance movie is the Musical. Either way, this will be the second musical from competition stars, the first being Le Huo Nan Hai, which should be airing in April...except its two leads are shut off in Meteor Shower filming for three months, so don't bet on it (no pun intended) airing before May.

BOBO's "always ready" to climb the ladder of success

H.Y. Brothers was founded by two brothers (whose initials are not HY but WZJ&WZL), in 1994. From a small media agency, it has grown into a mainland movie powerhouse with movies like Kungfu Hustle, A Chinese Tall Story, The Assembly and The Forbidden Kingdom and actors like Zhou Xun, Huang Xiaoming, Li Bingbing, Ady An Yixuan and now Lu Yi. Huayi is also the home to Zhang Jizhong, who has produced all but one of the six Jin Yong dramas released since 2000 and one in production (Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber). It also began to gain a footing in the music industry by signing both established artists like Alec Su and Yu Quan and rising stars Jane Zhang, Laure Shang and BOBO.

BOBO sang their song Glory at the Opening Ceremony of the 2008 Paralympics.

Without a doubt, H.Y. Brothers is the most powerful entertainment company based in mainland. Whereas EE Media is full of youthful vibrance, H.Y. Brothers stands for quality. Huayi's weakest spot is probably its lack of a TV platform like Hunan TV for EE Media. Its drama department also excels mostly in period dramas like Return of the Condor Heroes and Soldier Sortie. Yet with increasing amounts of young idols like BOBO, H.Y. Brothers will have to expand somehow to appeal to a younger audience. BOBO's High School Musical may be one of its steps along the way.

source: http://cfensi.wordpress.com
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