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Posted 3/8/09
I loooove poetry, so if anyone would like to post your work or maybe a poem you think is interesting please post it here ^_^
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Posted 3/8/09

Kikoenai Tomaranai Akiramenai
Taiyou no aka mamoritai Hitomi ni utsuru boku wa
Kienai zo


I can't hear, I won't stop, I won't give up
The redness of the sun, I want to protect you
My reflection in your eyes won't disappear
Posted 3/9/09
wow. i really like that. i love poetry but there i cant think of any to put up here -_-
Posted 3/19/09

Dressed all in white
An angel of the night
Shrouded in darkness, hidden from daylight
She keeps her beauty out of sight

Hiding from the monsters in the shadows
She watches chaos atop the gallows
Where Love and Hope hang
Excecuted there by Rage and Pain

Rage, Pain and Anger her only companions
All happiness deserted her for champions
She's so lonely and afraid
Her goals in life seem to fade

And so she walks, sliently
While she dreams, violently
Alone in her world of hate
She ponders her unknown fate

In this world of chaos
everything to her is lost
Angels hear her cry
and rescue her from certain demise

No longer an angel of the night
No longer to whisper with the shadows and sigh
She sings joyously on high
With her new friends of the light

Posted 3/19/09 , edited 3/19/09
Vampire Blood

Eyes pressed you know nothing of what your doing,
you must know this energy, feel this energy, have this energy,
walk to me, sit with me, look at me
you already crossed the line
you walk with me outside, into the cool of the moonlight
my hair billows in the breeze, you smile
the shine of my skin is new, like I have just become apart of something,
something you know nothing of,
"show me why", you say
"show you what", I answer,
I don't understand why you want to see,
you know nothing, you are ignorant to my power,
to my light, or to my darkness,
the tan of your fingers glide down my side,
stare, you begin to trance, not because I want you to,
but more because you have to,
you kiss me, I kiss you, then smile,
you seem nervous, but you still want to know,
kiss, kiss, kiss, what about the rest of your wonderful figure?
I kiss you neck, my lips feel the blood rushing through your veins,
they can sense the warmth, like electricity pulling me to it,
I nick your neck, you shudder, then I lean back in,
ah, do you know yet? no, you want to know more,
I dig my nails into your back, just the way you like it I sense,
smile, I feed my every want, druck with feeling, with blood,
you begin to let go, to give in, you want to be done,
done you say? get what you wish for,
dry, done, you begin to fall from my hands,
lick the blood from my lips,
so you can taste life in form...

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