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Posted 3/8/09 , edited 3/9/09

Welcome to my shop~ =D
My name is Sakura ;3
This is a request forum for you to request to me~
You can request Aviis, Banners, Icons, Dividers, Profiles, Pictures, and much more~ =D
Hope you enjoy my shop!!

1. You need to upload 1 picture in the groups album to request. 1picture=1 request item
2. Please be patient with the things you request I am sometimes very busy
3. if you don't like what I make don't say bad things and don't request to me D:
4. When requesting things such as Aviis, Banners, Icons, etc. Make sure the picture is large and has good quality or I will skip it.
5. Please quote this post or else I will not do your request.
6. Please put your pictures (If requesting aviis or stuff) in spoilers!
7. Enjoy this shop >=3

♫♪Avii Requests♫♪
~Please fill out form~
Pic: *In Spoiler*
Did you upload 1 picture in the album?:
When will you need the avii by?:
~Avii Examples~ (Made these for friends)
Pic Used 1:

Avii Final 1:

Pic Used 2:

Avii Final 2:

Under Construction~
Check back later~

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