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Posted 3/8/09 , edited 3/9/09
Okay... Well I wanted to make this Forum Topic because it seems like in these Forums and when discussing FLCL. Nobody seems to pay attention to my favorite female character! Ninamori of course!
When ever she's discussed she's commonly referred to as the "Mayor's Daughter" or if I bring her up, people say "Nina-who?".
It's sad to hear this about one of the most important and impacting girl characters in Naota's life! Seriously! I'm sorry if nobody else notices her important influence throughout the story, so that's why I'm here! Her character needs at least a double-take when watching this show.
So then, why is this Ninamori girl so important? There are a lot of important aspects of this girls character that impact the entire story.
For instance here's something that might come as a surprise to you all. She's the only female character in the story that is not screwing up Naota. WHAT?!?!? What could this possibly mean? The other girls don't seem to be messing up Naota...
Well sorry to say, but those other two beloved female characters, Mamimi and Haruko, nothing but making the poor boy's life much harder than it needs to be. It's obvious if you pay close attention the other two girls are filling up Naota's head with false intentions of emotional connection and sex.

The worst of this is on Mamimi's side. Mamimi is the most manipulating girl in the story. She uses Naota to help herself feel better about the neglect she receives from Naota's brother. She uses him constantly in this way which does nothing but confuse poor Naota. She pretends to have an emotional connection with Naota so that she can feel like that she has an emotional connection with his older brother, even though she knows that this is not true. Mamimi is an emotional mess that uses Naota as a sort of comfort drug.

Alright next, what about Haruko? Well, her problems with Naota are more obvious in the story. Haruko is nothing but a large troublemaker and the fact that she is causing this great confusing impact on Naota's life during one of the most life changing periods he will ever experience makes it even crazier. Haruko is an older woman that creates an emotional connection as well as a very close and dangerous sexual connection with Naota. It's obvious that they never make a real sexual connection, but with all innuendos she puts into his life as well as all the close calls, it's a big enough impact to really mess him up. With his constant attempts at trying to be the adult and do the smart adult thing, it's more than he can really handle and Haruko challenges him on it to try to prove to him that he shouldn't try to act so adult. Her influence is quite significant to really confuse as well as change him.

Alright... So I spent that time explaining those two characters instead of really explaining why I made this forum in the first place! So getting back to Ninamori! Why do I find her such an unforgettable character?
The main reason why I like her so much is because she is the female side of the entire story. She grows along with Naota with a similarity of the same sort of problems that Naota has to deal with. She has to deal with very adult situations like Naota, although her problems are a little different from Naota, like having to deal with parent problems, or being the center of negative attention due to her fathers political scandal that he get's into. These problems, although do not affect her character directly but they impact her character and how she's treated. She's affected by these problems through people and school and that was well explained when a magazine was found by the teacher that was all about the political scandal that the teacher brought up and embarrassed Ninamori in front of the class unintentionally. She continued to learn how to deal with these problems as the story goes on and the scandal clears itself up.

Ninamori's impact on Naota is also very important, as it soon begins to develop that Ninamori has an obvious attraction to Naota. This is also perfect because as she continues to grow along with Naota she shows that she becomes more attracted to him as he continues to grow up and tries to act more mature. With her trying to be more adult and responsible she is obviously going to be attracted to the way Naota acts as he tries to be responsible around others.

The fact that this very well thought out character is able to grow along with the main character and show a parallel story to the main one except from the point of view of a female and also put in having to deal with situations that are out of her control. It makes her growth as a character very unique and very interesting. Also the fact that she is never an obstacle for Naota but merely a real interesting partner like character makes her also very fun to watch. She is a deep impact for the story as a character and I think everybody should review the entire series and pay attention to her as the great and dynamic character that she really is. My suggestion is watch my favorite episode, Episode 3, which I often just call the Ninamo Episode.
So I hope with reading this you understand a little bit more about the often ignored but still great character that is Ninamori.
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