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Posted 3/10/09 , edited 3/10/09
When you first enter Madrigal, your job class will automatically be Vagrant.

In general, vagrants are a melee class that players will use to learn the way of the sword and get a good grasp of how the game is played.

You will be able to transfer to a more advanced job class upon reaching level 15.


Rangers are a ranged based melee class that focus on using bow skills to damage enemies. Coupled with the Dark Illusion Acrobat skill, Rangers can make a great PK support class as enemies will be silenced, and will not see you attacking, or leaving the scene of the crime!


Billposters are undoubtedly the most self-sufficient class in the game. With their normal assist buffs, and their additional damage skills upon second job change, they are a very strong class. They are more of a melee class, and fight using a knuckle and a shield.


Ringmaster is the other class that an assist can choose from. When it comes to partners, this class is the most sought after due to their ability to enhance other's abilites and skills. With extra buffs and skills, this assist class is almost considered a necessity for gameplay; or, at least, they make it easier.


Elementors are a second class for magicians and are a high damage spell casting class that uses staves to cast devestating elemental spells. They have a wide range of elemental skills at their disposal which can damage one or several enemies at the same time, as well as self buffs to increase the damage they deal.


Psykeepers are one of the Magician's second classes. These, however, do not deal in the field of elemental damage. Most of the attacks, which are very powerful, tend to be based off mental and demonic forces.


Blades are a second class for mercenaries and are the best damage dealers in the game. As a blade you will be able to wield two weapons at the same time and thus drastically increase your damage output.


Knights are a second class for mercenaries and are the best tanks in the game. As a knight you will receive more health points per stamina point than any other class.

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