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Posted 3/11/09 , edited 3/11/09
ok. Squad tornaments will be held once every two to three weeks. You need three men to be a squad and only six squads are permited at a time. If you want to join send me a pm and I will need to accept it. I will form the teams with the help of my moderators. Dont worry if you chose to pick an already existing character, its a side event and doesn't take place in the story. That means a team of sasori, kakashi, and zabuza can be made

If you want to be on a team with a specific person add that to the application

Name:( user or character)
rank:( genin chunnin and so on)
teammates:( if you want someone specific on your team. Otherwise leave this blank )

Send this info to me in a pm please dont post here untill the game begins

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