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Continues from the last chapter, after Ulquiorra fired a cero through Ichigo's chest he drops Ichigo down which Orihime dashes out and calls her shield to catch Ichigo before he smash on the ground. After that she runs toward him but Ulquiorra comes right in front of her.

"It's useless. You cannot bring him back with your powers." Says Ulquiorra. However, Ishida appears above Ulquiorra and fires an arrow at him. Ulquiorra uses his wing to block it. He looks at Ishida who is waiting for Orihime to get out of the way. Once she is out Ishida uses Licht Regen (Rain of Light) at Ulquiorra. He's attacked by thousands of light arrows.

However, once it's over a completely unharmed Ulquiorra comments, "How unexpected. I thought you were the calmest one out of all Kurosaki Ichigo's friends."

"I am the calmest. That's why I have advantage in fighting you."

A scene cuts to Orihime who is freaking out and starts to heal Ichigo even before she reach him. But once she see a wide eyed unrespond Ichigo with blood pouring out of his chest she starts crying, her hands against her head, "What should I do?" She thought, "I avoided eyes contect because I believed Kurosaki kun would be alright. Because I believed Kurosaki kun would definitely win..." "What should I do" ( repeat x 10)

The noise snaps Orihime to reality and she sees Ishida on his knee and lost his left arm. She screams but Ishida tells her not to worry because he has injected a styptic then tells her to take care of Kurosaki. After he said that he dashes out to Ulquiorra but he uses his tail to hit Ishida and he rolls on the ground. Orihime calls out her sheild to help Ishida but Ulquiorra still uses his tail to break it.

Upon seeing this makes Orihime panic even more, "I don't know what to do anymore. I don't understand anything anymore."
"Kurosaki kun." (x 10)


After Orihime's scream, it shows Ichigo's hair grows longer and his left hand

How does this spoiler summary make you feel?
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1. Either Ichigo will go Hollow or Vizard.
Kinda obvious... so obvious.. that it is sad.

ROFL at the (x 10).
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Lol, Kurosaki-kunning is over 9000.

And yet, I cannot bring myself to hate Orihime.

It's her infatuation with ichigo that seems to hurt everyone.

T___T I hope she uses her 1337 powahs soon.

(There's a chance Ishida was LYING about the anesthetic thing)
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Haha, I can make a mot saying that.
Right when I started actually liking Orihime, she messes it up.
Yeah, even though he said that he stopped the bleeding, it was STILL bleeding.
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Bleach 352 ~"The Lust 6"

It continues from the previous chapter, Ichigo beat Ulquiorra and fired a cero at him at close range.

The scene changes to Rukia and Rudoban, the head of execution squad who is in a really bad condition with ice covering his whole body. His tree branches are majorly broken.

“If your ability is to create subordinates from your fruit, then things are easy.” The female shinigami says. “I just have to destroy the branches that the fruit grows from.”

The buffalo headed guy stays silent knowing that what Rukia says is true. None of his branches that are currently covered in ice can grow the skull fruits.

However, before Rukia can finish this fight, something falls on the stone ground between the both of them. Rukia sees the side of Yammy’s face and his big hand that swiftly swings at Rudoban’s neck. She is surprised to see him attack an ally.

At that moment, the effect of Yammy’s fall breaks the stone ground under Rukia. She loses her balance and falls from the second floor of the tower with her head down, but she manages to land on the ground gracefully.

Yammy continues to fall down further until he reaches the ground near Chad and Renji who are dealing with the other arrancars. All of them are surprised by the sudden appearance of Yammy.

“Weird..” Chad wonders. “I fought with him once in the human world and remembered him as a big guy. But I can’t recall him being such a giant?” Renji doesn’t seem to believe that it can be that way even though Chad insists that his body looks different from the last time.

All this time Yammy doesn’t pay attention to them even a little. His eyes look angry and he screams out loud.

“That four eyed bastard, I’m gonna kill him!!”

Rukia and the others see this reaction, so the three of them prepare to fight him. Suddenly there is the sound of an explosion from the top of the dome. Everyone stops and looks at where the sound came from. At that moment, they see a big light column from the top of the dome reaching to the sand floor below.

“…This spirit energy… is Ichigo’s…!” Rukia says looking above surprised.

The scene goes back the top of the Las Noches dome. Amongst the smoke Ichigo in his hollow form stands in the air. His right hand holds his sword while his left hand holds Ulquiorra’s right wing. The fourth espada’s bottom half is completely gone.

Ichigo tosses the body away, and then he moves towards it preparing to stab his throat. Before Ichigo can stab Ulquiorra, Ishida holds Ichigo’s wrist back.

“It’s enough” the quincy says.

“He’s surely the enemy, but we don’t need to kill him. It’s enough, Kurosaki.”

Hearing that, Ichigo tightens the grasp on his sword intending to strike but Ishida also increases his grip.

“Can’t you hear me, Kurosaki…!” Ishida doesn’t give up. “I said it’s enough…! If you do anything more than this, you won’t be like a human anymore…!”

However, Ichigo has no reaction towards Ishida’s words. He still focuses on striking the enemy’s throat in front of him. Ishida screams again hoping that he can get through to Ichigo. “Kurosaki!!!”

This time, Ichigo reacts to Ishida’s voice for the first time. Instead of striking Ulquiorra’s throat, the sword stabs into Ishida’s abdomen. His body flies away as if he’s a rag doll.

“Ishida-kun!!!!” Orihime screams frightened by seeing Ishida flying away with Ichigo’s sword stabbing into his body. While she hurries to the quincy, she hears a voice that makes her stop.

“…” Ichigo mutters as if it's a mantra. “I… will… help… you…”

Then, Orihime realizes what happened earlier.

“Because of me…” She thinks to herself. “Because I said that… Kurosaki-kun is trying to help me.”

She closes her eyes painfully.

“Why” She asks herself.

“I have tried so hard not to be Kurosaki-kun’s burden. I came here because I wanted to protect Kurosaki-kun and it should have been like that. In the end, why do I have to rely on Kurosaki-kun again?”

Ichigo moves towards Ishida and prepares to fire a cero via his horns.

“Wait Kurosaki-kun!!!” Orihime screams… with all her voice “Kurosaki-kun!!!!”

However, Ichigo doesn’t listen to her, but focuses on charging his spirit power into his horns.

While Orihime thinks she should do something…

Suddenly, Ulquiorra who is meant to be seriously injured jumps on Ichigo, his lower half is already healed. He uses his spirit energy spear to cut Ichigo’s left horn accurately.

Swiftly the spirit energy that had gathered in Ichigo’s horns loses its stability. After it is cut off the energy swells into a big balloon and then explodes in his face.
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umh.... i'm kinda don't understand this.....
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