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Posted 3/12/09

Hello hello Mrs.Lamperouge aka iloveMicchi-sanalot875 her to tell yu guys tht yu can request now request manga coloring!(: juss simply follow the form below:

Colour of eyes :
Colour of hair :
Colour of the skin :
Colour of clothes :
What you would like written :
Cropped(if so into an avii or banner...) :
Backgroud colour (optional) :
any deisgns:
Posted 11/7/09

User: yiseunggi
Colour of eyes : Short Haired Girl has Green and Long Haired has Blue
Colour of hair : Short Hair is Light Pink and Long Hair has Blond
Colour of the skin : Short Hair has pale almost White and Long Hair has Yellowish Skin. Asian style yellow.
Colour of clothes : Short Hair has Red and White but its ur choice for the long haired girl.
What you would like written : yiseunggi (in cursive or something fansy)
Cropped(if so into an avii or banner...) : Avii
Backgroud colour (optional) : Ur choice but it must be something fansy.
any deisgns: Fansy Style

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