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Has anyone experienced an unlucky Friday 13th?
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23 / F / Boston
Posted 3/13/09
i never actually experienced a horrible firday the 13th, except for one:

on february 13th
my skool does this thng called singing valentines, where groups of girls and boys, dressed up in hearts and all the valentines crap,
go around the skool singing for people who paid fo valentines day singing grams
i happened to be in one of those groups and we were doing really good
until we got to a classroom where there was a guy who liked me
"whose this singing valentines for? he asked
and one of the girls in my group shouted out that its for him, from me
everyone thought of it as a joke and laughed
it hurt his feelings, but made him technically stick to me...UGH

after that, everything became worse
i felt guilty
so i messed up on every single singing valentines after that
and tripped down the stairs a couple times, landing on my head twice

and that day was also the last day of skool until vacation
and because f the singing valentines, i almost missed my plane to california

btw, i messed up in front of my crush and he started laughing...he fell off his chair...asshoe
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31 / M / Japan
Posted 3/13/09
Refer to this thread, please:

Friday the 13th

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