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Posted 3/13/09 , edited 3/13/09
Which CLAMP anime/manga characters got to have an appearance on Tsubasa Chronicle and what role?

I just wanna know cause I kinda saw some episodes and I thought I saw someone I know but I'm not sure.

Please, to avoid spoilers, hide the answers on a SPOILER unless the answer is one of the main characters the gets to make an appearance on every episode cause no one gets too spoiled by that.

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Posted 5/30/12 , edited 5/30/12
Carcaptor Sakura - Sakura Kinomoto {Princess Sakura from another world,she gived her Star Staff to Clone Sakura},Syaoran Li {Syaoran from another world,Sakura Kinomoto's boyfriend},Tomoyo Daidoji {the princess of Kurogane's Nihon Country},Fujitaka Kinomoto {the deceased adoptive father of Clone Syaoran;in the original timeline he's Real Sakura's father},Nadeshiko Kinomoto {Nadeshiko is the Queen of Clow Country,Fujitaka's wifre and mother of Touya and real Sakura in the original timeline},Touya Kinomoto {king of Clow,brother of Sakura},Yukito { the high priest of the Clow Kingdom and close friend of King Tôya and Princess Sakura},Clow Reed {in the altered timeline, Clow is the King of Clow Country and father to Toya and Sakura}

xxxHOLiC - Yuko {Dimensional Witch},Watanuki {Syaoran's alternate existence}
Chobits - Chii {she is made by Fai using one of Sakura's feathers}

X - Kamui {one of the vampire twins,leader of the City Hall in Tokyo},Fuuma {a hunter,leader of the Tower in Tokyo},Subaru {the other vampire twin,he was in a comatose caused by Sakura's feather},Seishirou {a hunter,Fuuma's big brother,he's hutning the vampire twins},Sorata {appears a lot-in Hanshin Republic,Koryo Country and is one of the seven fighters of the Tower in Tokyo},Arashi {appears a lot too-in Hanshin Republic,Koryo Country and is one of the seven fighters of the Tower in Tokyo}

Tokyo Babylon - Subaru and Seishirou

RG Veda - King Ashura from Celes {the king of Celes, who had taken in and raised Fai},King Ashura from Shura {King of the Ashura clan in Shura},King Yasha {king of the Yasha clan in Shura},Amaterasu {Empress of Nihon and is Tomoyo's older sister},Soma {Princess Tomoyo's bodyguard}

The Legend of Chun Hyang- Chun Hyang {a girl from Koryo Country who practices hijutsu}

there are also characters from Magic Knight Rayearth
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