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Interview please (17 years and above)
Posted 3/13/09

Posted 3/13/09
would u like to b 16 again ? Hells no, I only have a year and half b4 I can legally drink, why the f*** would i go back now?

what attracts in a boy/girl? How she presents herself, personality, and looks.

what car do u drive or would like 2 drive? I drive a 2000 Mitsubishi Eclipse RS

your most recent purchase and where did u buy it frm? Video game bought it from gamestop

the one film u can see again and again? What Dreams May Come

a special childhood memory? My first fight. I learned people dont fight fairly

your first crush? Megan Jones 3rd & 4th grade

if u woke up 2 find tat u hav turned into the opposite sex,u would....? Hm, Dont really know. I would def. be a lesbian though.

one thing u would like 2 change abt urself? How callus I can be at times

what perfume do u wear? I wear cologne, and whatever I think smells good.

the type of resturaunt u love goin to? Dont go out to eat unless im on a date, then i will let the girl decide.

your favourite outfit? I love to buy/wear Echo Unlimited, even though it is quite expensive

do you pray? If yes, to whom? To God

the last holiday you went on....? Dont remember, I dont have the convenience of doing such things.

three wishes u'd like a good genie to grant u? To grant me? I dont know, honestly I dont know if I would be willing to accept anything that I didnt get from well deserved hard work. I hate handouts even if it is from a mythical being.

when u get angry u.......? Go a few rounds on the punching bag.

who or what sets ur pulse racing? No longer have a who, but my what is def. racing my car.

the outdoor activity u love? Taking walks when its cool outside.

the best thing that ever happened to you? I probably have to say getting accepted into SCAD (Savannah College of Art and Design)

you don't believe in.....? Luck, great people make their own. I may sound cocky, but thats just who I am.

Hm, that was a bit interesting.

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Posted 3/13/09
this thread is just going to end up with flames and trolls... I suggest you just make a more direct-to-the-point topic, rather than post something that will make people raise their eyebrows and wonder what the hell it's for...

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