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Posted 3/13/09 , edited 3/13/09
Here are some Best Of compilations I've put together. Most music requests in this thread happen to be in these files, so it might be worth it to download. I've included album art in all files which works nicely in iTunes or an iPod or such and all music is ripped at the highest quality - 320kbs variable bit rate.
This contains contains 27 BGM pieces from the Music and Song Collections. All the files are tagged as "One Piece Best TV BGM" but the original album names and track numbers are in the "Comments" section of the ID3 tags, so it still has all the proper info and if you want to retag using the original album names, it'll be easy. Some of the songs say "playlist edit." Several tracks on the CDs are combinations of two or even three pieces. Sometimes one part of the track is great but the other part isn't or one part is a redundant piece from another track. So in these cases I edited them to keep the best parts.

They use a lot of the movie music in the series as well, so here's a Best Of Movie BGM. There are 38 tracks that cover Movies 2-8 but not Movie 3. Nothing really stands out on that one and they very rarely use any of it in the series. For this playlist I left the original album titles and track numbers in the tags but the files themselves are numbered in chronological order of the movies all the way from M2 to M8. All you have to do is drag and drop into Winamp or whatever and it should play them in order.
1. One Piece Insert Song - From The New World. This is the mp3 of the piece played during the Luffy vs. Croc finale. The flac file can be found in K-F's Get One Piece section.

2. The BonClay-Chopper song A rare track I cut from the Grand Battle 2 soundtrack. Cute and weird.

3. The Luffy Island Song - The song Luffy sings while walking through the forest of Skypeia.

4. The soundtrack from episode 309 - Every song, in order, from episode 309. Big episode, big music. Alternate download.

5. Jouriku! Ougon No Shima (Omake edit) - This is the music which introduced the omake shorts shown at the end of episodes 279-283. Edited from the longer track to match the TV length.

6. Eyecatches - Every eyecatch in separate files with individual art. Even Vivi.
The best One piece song :
Here are all of the available karaoke OP/ED and some other singles. It's zipped in four parts.
naruto music

01- Rocks
02- I said i’m Naruto
03- Nine tail demon fox
04- Morning
05- Naruto’s daily life
06- Nervous
07- The raising fighting spirit
08- Sadness and sorrow
09- Loneliness
10- Sakura’s theme
11- Kakashi’s theme
12- Sexiness
13- Go go Naruto!
14- Evening
15- Glued state
16- Need to be strong
17- Bad situation
18- Strong and strike
19- Turn over
20- Victory
21- Naruto main theme
22- Wind



01- Far off distance
02- Daylight of konoha
03- Confrontment
04- Evil
05- Sasuke’s theme
06- Survival examination
07- Afternoon of konoha
08- Fooling mode
09- Konohamaru’s theme
10- It’s the training!
11- Gai’s theme
12- Hinata vs neji
13- Orochimaru’s theme
14- Avenger
15- Orochimaru ~fight~
16- Raikiri (thunder break)
17- Sasuke ~destiny~
18- Alone
19- Harmonia



01- Beautiful green wild beast
02- Sakura season
03- Fake
04- A crisis after another
05- Rock lee’s theme
06- Dance
07- Ultimate secrets
08- I’ll do it right!
09- Oh! student and teach affection
10- Avenger
11- Heavy violence
12- Sarutobi
13- Hokage
14- Grief and sorrow
15- Jiraiya’s theme
16- Ripple
17- Swaying necklace
18- Bunta
19- Tea country
20- Sneaking nightmare
21- The 5ths fight
22- Hero
23- Those who inherit the will of fire


comin up:DMC ,samurai 7,kiba FMA music a little while later
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Posted 3/13/09
I like Full Metal Alchemist's soundtrack better than the ones posted.
Posted 3/13/09
My friend, care to stop with making these pointless threads ^^ ??
besides if we ( teh idiots from crunchyroll) are interested in anime music, we would use this

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A waste of bandwidth and server space, this thread is.
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Posted 3/13/09
I can't believe I wasted 5 seconds of my life to write this
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Ban-Midou wrote:

ur making too many threads dood.

and... did u notice theres an ANIME SECTION..and a MUSIC SECTION..on the forum, but u decide to put it in the GENERAL SECTION???
Posted 3/13/09
maybe you should just post this on your page thingy?
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Posted 3/13/09

It's a magical website
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Posted 3/13/09
Why don't you use this

Anime OP and other Soundtracks
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good grief your kidding....
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Posted 3/13/09
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wet da fook? wrong WRONG WRONG!
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Posted 3/13/09
You guys are noisy... Seriously, if all you can say is "failed", "wtf such a retard", then I suggest you save your time and not type a reply at all.

Refer to the thread posted by Nussara
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