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Post Reply Episode 23: What kind of name that is last form of Kouchi's Linebarrel.
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Posted 4/22/09
1. Form: LINEBARREL (The Executioner, I think?)
2. Form: LINEBARREL Mode B (The Black Executioner)
3. Form: LINEBARREL's true form, that is all.
They also say it in the series when he goes beserk in the end.

"So that is LINEBARREL's true form!"
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Posted 4/23/09
its called the ANTI MACHINA FORM when it crys loud the other machina stops duh!!!!!
Posted 5/1/09
actually, the real name is Linebarrel, Overdrive Mode. (says so in the model case)

apparently this is where Linebarrel takes away limiters and goes to its full potential
Posted 6/6/09
Satan Linebarrel. Just kidding.
I think Linebarrel C.
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Posted 6/11/09
There is no name or mode, that is just LINEBARREL's true form. But if you were to refer to a name headst20 would be correct it would be called the ANTI MACHINA form.
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