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Waves Stopped & New Challenger Ayoma

Friday 13/03/2009

Kagomi - you want to register for Sora Tournament right?
Ironoside -that's not my purpose now {how she knows about it}
Kagomi - it’s ok if you register, but be careful don’t let anyone see your dark side
Ironoside - dark side?!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hey speak… who you really are how you know about my dark side??
(Meanwhile Kagomi was slowly slowly flying to the sky)
Kagomi - don't hurt yourself any further
(Kagomi was about 1 meter up from the ground)
Ironoside – what?.. hey girl say to me what you know about me ?
Kagomi - bye
Ironoside - answer me.
(Ironoside runs to catch her)
(Kagomi flight with high speed and she went too far in no time)
Kagomi - {bye little brother and be careful of yourself}
Ironoside – hmmm.. She went. What she know about me? What kinds of Ultimate power is this?
(Ironoside started to move to continue his journey)
(In big and dark castle)
(Shitoro was sitting on chair)
Shitoro - hmmmm …it seems that Ironoside is safe for now
(a voice come to |Shitoro’s ears)
Ironohide - father?
Shitoro - Ironohide?
Ironohide - yes its me, am sorry for bothering you
Shitoro - why you are apologetic? You are my son and you can converse to me anytime you want so don't be sorry
Ironohide - I stopped the darkness power waves.
Shitoro - good job Ironohide, so when you will back?
Ironohide - I think I will delay
Shitoro - Ironohide? What’s wrong, are you fine?
Ironohide - farther I will be back so you don’t have to worry, trust me I will return; I think I can’t talk more...
Shitoro - Ironohide???!!!!!!!
Ironohide - ....................
Shitoro - {Ironohide I hope you are okay, I will respect your wish and I will trust you, because I know you and I have faith on my family members from the beginning}
(in a space and a place that is too far from earth)
(Ironohide was standing but he was very exhausted and he had a lot of wounds)
(in front of him there was a kid about 0.5 meter and looked like 6 years old kid)
Mady (the kid) - so did you finish your call?
Ironohide - huh? {How did he find out that I was talking to my father, this kind of communication just Hayo’s power user can do and some other strong power, how comes a kid like this one know about it}
Mady - so are you planning to tell me what you are doing here?
Ironohide - and why should I tell you little kid?
Mady - little kid? Hmmm I think I must teach you a lesson right?
(in big and dark castle)
(Shitoro heard a voice)
Noto - Shitoro?
Shitoro - Noto? What do you want?
Noto – My Master has started to move and he is fighting with Ironohide in this moment
Shitoro - Legendary Master Mady?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(Space and the place that is too far from earth)
(Mady was holding Ironohide neck very strong, and Ironohide was looking like a half dead)
Mady - so now who is little kid?
Ironohide - I can't believe it; I lost against a kid
Mady – Hayo’s power user right?
Ironohide - what do you mean
Mady - is this the real power of Hayo’s family members?
Ironohide - let me prove to you the true power of hayo’s family members ......{ father I am sorry if I failed you....}
Mady - don't tell me.......
(in earth the place of Ironoside )
(Ironoside was outside forest )
Ironoside - {hmmm now where I should go? which direction I have to take?}
(he looked around and he saw a restaurant)
Ironoside - {there must be some people that know where I must go}
(Ironoside moved toward the restaurant )
(Ironoside opened the restaurant and he saw there is big cat in restaurant and the cat was near a girl and the two of them was eating)
(Ironoside moved toward cashier desk)
Ironoside - do you know where is Sora tournament holding?
Cashier - Sora tournament? It’s in the city
Ironoside - city? Which city? Where is the city?
Cashier - city is Midoriiro and its near here you can go from main road to west
Ironoside - hmmmm.... {hmmm I think I will loss again......}
(The girl that was eating said)
Ayoma - Sora tournament? You want to register in Sora tournament?
Ironoside - yes..
Ayoma - do you think you strong enough?
Ironoside - what you mean?
(Ayoma stopped eating and she looked at Ironoside)
Ayoma - can I see your strength
Ironoside - you want to fight girl?.....................................

End Ironoside-Season01-Chapter13

Writer : Ironoside
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Cemetery (UAE)
Posted 3/21/09 , edited 3/21/09
thanks writer keep going u are doing fine
Posted 7/5/09 , edited 7/5/09
Sumimasen, but i want To tell you truth this chapter is my favorite one . secert .I realllly enjoyed reading it because the characters started to show up and to participate on the Hayo’s family members played good roles in this stage.. ..I liked Mady…yah ironohide get a lesson don’t fool be people's look…thanks it was so interesting pleaseeeeeeee…^^
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Posted 6/19/10 , edited 6/19/10
ironoside love to fight Lot XD hehe
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