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i will tell u r helping in the gundam series MSG: EFF, MSDGZ: AEUG, MSGZZ: AUEG, MSGW/EW: Gundam Pilots, MFGG: Domon and co, MSGS: EAF>Clyne Fraction, MSGSD: Clyne fraction(srry GSd fans i would not allow u 2 play as ZAFT since i dislike the GSD ZAFT which is 2 radical), MSG00: Celestial Being, between 0079 and Zeta: EFF
so for register, u need name, age, MS, mask(if u want 2), origin ok i start forgot gender.... also gene type: etc: nt,corrodinator, ot, nt/c

name: Shadow
age: 20
gender: male
MS: ZGMF-X20A Strike Freedom
gene: Newtype/Corrodinator
mask: no
origin: unknown
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Name: Mantis

Age: unknown

MS: SYSTEM ∀-99 (WD-M01) ∀ Gundam aka: Turn A

Mask: depends.....on what you'd call a "mask"
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I'm pretty sure that this is a dupe... Please refer to the link below.
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i am thinking about something unlike RRW. something like from the group arcahngel........
here is the inspiration:
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