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Posted 3/15/09
Since no one has decided to start a topic on Volume 4 I thought I might as well. So tell me what you think your favourite and worst bits, you know just fell free to say what ever you want about it.
I thought it was a good volume and I have to say I give it a 4/5.
I loved Wu-hee's family they are really weird and the thought of creating your own little village/town is kinda strange, but each to their own
We get to see a bit more of the mysterious Jin of D.D.L and see his relationship with E-Wan, the exchange between the two leaves us wondering is Jin all he's cacked up to be. It's sad about E-Wan's mum but it does slightly explain his twisted character.
Loved all the E-Wan/Kum-Ji moments and E-Soh was cute too XD
Now for v.5
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Posted 5/8/09
lol I loved Wu-hee's family too...and I agree that creating your own village is kinda weird, but hey...that's what makes them so interesting ne? lol

I was left a little curious about E-Wan and Jin's relationship...I kinda want to know how they got to become friends since the two are complete opposites...and yeah...I wonder about Jin sometimes too...I'm not too sure what to think about him...sometimes I get the feeling that he's gonna turn out to be some kind of phony or sell out...but we'll see I guess.

It was really sad about E-Wan's mother and everything that happened that made his family unravel so much...but yup I agree with you there too DramaQueen that all that garbage going on in his house would explain his twisted behavior...especially that story about the anenome and how he killed it...that kinda freaked me out.

Top fave moments have to be 1. When everyone was riding on chairs in the back of the truck and they left Kum-ji and E-Soh to walk. lol...and Kum-ji asks how E-Wan was acting riding in the back of the truck like that and E-Soh responds that E-Wan was acting as if he owned the world. lol It was the funniest sight seeing E-Wan sitting on that chair in the back of that truck like he was a King on a parade float and acting like he could care less. lol and 2. The most sweet scene: when E-Wan is talking to Kum-ji and describes her own personality to her right down to a tee...and then he tells her that because of that personality of hers, she sparkles and he's envious of her...that was too adorable.
Posted 6/3/09
I loved the "that's why you sparkle"moment too!
Posted 7/19/09
We may have some bad news. I was looking throught the web for info on the series and I found a site, can't remember which one but I'll look, that said that Chocolat had been discontinued in Korea for quite a while now. So I went to the publishers Yen Press and on their Chocolat page they had no info on any plans for a volume 8. It appears tha JiSang Shin and Geo have been working on a new series called Very! Very! Sweet! and from the looks of the publishing dates for this series on Yen Press they may have no intention of coninuting Chocolat.
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Posted 8/14/09 , edited 8/14/09
Thanks DramaQueenRF for the news update! ^_^ I appreciate your contribution to the group while this ol' creator was, well, MIA. XD If we had a point system, I'd definitely award you some points~

Yeah, I had been hearing about that, but wasn't sure if it was all just rumors or not. =T Yeah, I just got volume 7 back in June, and I've been trying to find word on volume 8, since 7 came out like, back in December of last year, I think....but no luck. I'd be devastated if they permanently discontinued writing it. I just love this series, and... Darn it, I need to find out who Kum-Ji ends up with! D=
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Posted 8/26/09
Damn I hope they don't discontinue this story...I already have so many that were left like that! Hopefully what's happening is that they're going to finish up Very Very Sweet and then continue the Chocolat story after. I also read Very Very Sweet, and it's a pretty good story, but not as good as this one and the guy isn't nearly as good looking as E-wan. lol
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