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Posted 3/15/09 , edited 3/15/09
A dark shady underworld of a city simmalar to italy. maffia can be found everywhere.
nowhere is safe.
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Posted 4/8/09
but out of the sahdows come a new warrior, the Russian, looking for a new home and a new life.
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Posted 4/21/09
walks throught the shadowed streets of italy silently and paitently,then i come across 4 drunk men hurting a single women,then i throw 3 daggers and 3 men get killed,only 1 left...i pulled my hidden blade,stab and killed the drunk men and i left without a trace...
Posted 4/21/09
*stealthily observes each and every one of you to see who has what it takes to join me in ranks in the mafioso faction*
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