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Name: Shinku Yukishiro
Age: 13
Type(Vampire, etc): Witch
Weapons: Magix.
Powers: Magic
Background: She lives on her own, her parents died and her life is full of cruelty. When her parents died she had a stepfather and mother, her stepparents are making her do all the chores in her OWN house. They also didn't bring her to special occasions and never gave her a holiday, they never celebrated her birthday, that's why she ran away and lived on her own. She still had her money. But now no one knows where she lives or who she is.
Crush: --
Bf/Gf: --
Personality: Cute but rather quiet and calm. Lots of boys like her for her calm nature. She is very pretty and could be kind or mean. She doesn't wear the school uniform but instead her own casual clothes. This is because she claims that "the school uniform isn't comfortable enough" She likes chocolate but doesn't get too hyper over it. She also likes tea. She rarely go out with her hair down. She plays all the instruments. She's sometimes hyper.

Human form:

Extra: --

Witch form:
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Name:yuki oozora
Age:16 years old
Type(Vampire, etc): assasin
Weapons: claw, katar, blade
Specialty:high speed
Powers:back step,kill people with high speed
Background:when she was 10 years old she was really good girl, loved all villagers and family, YUKI has big talent, she could run faster than all, she could fight with the leader of villager, later she will became the candidate of the new leader .But oneday there was a man wearing black rope and force yuki to stole villager's diomand but she refused, and that man killed some of the villager ,she became shock and that man said that the next victim will be her parents if she refused to stole that diamond,and she did it, with her speed no body knows that she came to leader's house to stole the diamond that the metaphorical of that villager,and some villager saw her stole that diamond and that man witn black rope took the diamond and ran away . No one belived her, she will get the death penalty from all villagers ,her family also didn't belived her, she felt angry, sad,disappointed , suddenly all villagers been killed by her .her eyes was blind and open for darkness " nobody understand me"
Personality: cold, quiet,cold blooded person
Pets: human form :big black cat


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Accepted ;D
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Posted 3/18/09
Name:Hoshina Yume
Type(Vampire, etc):magician
Weapons:wand, staff, spells, mahou/magic
Powers:elemental powers. can summons creatures
Background:Yume is born with magical powers. Her parents were both powerful magicians. She has been training since young and she had learned lots of magic since then. Unfortunately. her parents died in an accident when she was 8 years old and it was then that she summoned Hikari and Cross for company. She now lived in the house that her parents left for her. She is studying at the biggest magical school which is in the city she lived in.
Personality: She is fun, outgoing and hyper as well as a little dense. She enjoys Sports and Music alot.

Extra: She will went beserk if her emotions is out of control.
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