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Feel free to add some~

Pairings from a series can count as prompts too~

But put for what kinda ppl before it~

One per post please~!



Can quote and answer prompts if used~

Wanna read~
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For: Fantasy Writers

Prompt: The twist of a classic Fairy Tale, like Snow White


"Her skin's as white as snow, her hair as dark as ebony, her lips as red as blood....
and her heart as cold as ice."
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For: Writers who likes the "Lords and Ladies" plot line

Prompt: To stare at and cry for one thing


"Tears cascaded down her cheeks endlessly and silently as she stared at the charring photo, watching the remnants of HIS face curl up with one corner and flood through flaming crimson into charcoal black."
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For: Angst and Medieval (such as when people still had servants) Writers

Prompt: Answering selfish requests with a simple, "Of course."


"Once again to the prince's impossible deeds, his only answer was, 'Of course, my lord.'"
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For: Imagery Writers

Prompt: To look at a sky and wonder...


"If I had never looked up at the sky, i would never have noticed its stark contrast between the disdained I and its bright blue skies; my filth and its purity..."
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For: Horror Writers

Prompt: A dying bloom


No more blood flowed from the two punctured wounds. Her beautiful face frozen in the mask of shock, then fading to nothingness with the wind. Like that rose, I mused, dropping the disintegrating body upon the distilled grounds. Glory taken for its moment of beauty and wonder. Wilted.
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For: Imagery Writer

Prompt: The Other World

Her hair dangled over the deck, and was dangerously close to whipping the still surface of the lake. The day was slowly creeping into night, and the last of the sun's ray were minutes from disappearing. Her eyes were widened by curiosity, and her fingers were digging deep into the wood with excitement. It was like another world; just beneath the water.

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