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Posted 3/16/09 , edited 3/16/09
Hey, Kanon fans! The time to vote in International Saimoe League has come again! Please help show your support for some of the cutest girls in anime!

International Saimoe League is a competition where 64 anime girls go head-to-head to determine who is the cutest and most lovable of them all (the most 'moe', as the term is), and as a Kanon fan - a supporter of Shiori Misaka the most! - I hope you guys can help give Kanon the attention they deserve.

So if you could spare a vote for Shiori - create a miracle for her after she barely made it through in the first round, against all odds - or any other girl you find deserving of the title 'most moe', please help vote in ISML. Polls open in 3 hours (5 AM PST) and stay open for 24. Thanks! And don't forget to vote every round!
Posted 7/6/09 , edited 7/6/09
ah cool so many kanon characters were in there ^^
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