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Posted 3/16/09 , edited 3/16/09
I would change two thing one is that Najika would have been beaten by someone in one of the rounds of cooking
competition she respects and wants to try to surpass them and also I would have like to see Daichi be more understanding and caring towards Akane in the beginning like him trying to spend time with Najika and Akane seperatly so she wouldn't have been so desperate for attention or him being more worried about her eating disorder because I felt Najika was the reason he help and not because of Akane
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Posted 3/16/09 , edited 3/17/09
I would definitely give Akane more face time. Seriously, I like Akane much better than Najika.
And I would have more Akane/Seiya moments.
Ooh, and I'd have less of Najika.
Sorry, I just liked Akane a lot more than Najika >.<
Posted 3/30/09 , edited 3/30/09
The personality of Najika. She's not aggressive enuff, but too sensitive.
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