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Posted 5/5/09 , edited 5/5/09
thanks for the scans KAT-TUN the Yakuza is <3
My Eyes is not sensing Jin at all next to the blond guy is another kid

Koki & Jin are the leaders the rest are their body guards XD
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Posted 5/7/09
[ posted 7 May, 7:59pm ]


- Finally the new chapter started, with an opening count in Spanish until number four
(Uno, Dos, Tres, Cuatro) and with new "friends" (this lions are really cute XD)

"KAT-TUN ○ ○ OKITE I want to explore"

In a near future the official page will include a questionarie too.
will inform about it when it is more defined ;)


- New longer BtR CMs have been aired showing a mixture of concert and Pv
footage both old (Real Face Concert, Signal...) and new (Rescue, QoP....).
The tags so far are :



- More about Domucon taken from magazines, Jweb entries ....


- Rehearsal training room for Domucon has three walls covered with mirrors

- Preparation room has computers that record the view from different angles of the rehearsal room

- There is a model of the stage

- Many costume designs are pasted on the wall

- Kame said he won't eat carbohydrates before the con and that he's training his chest muscles

- Maru said, "I feel depressed whenever i think of the bungee, what would happen if i faint because i'm too scared?"


- Each member seems to be designing a whole day each
(So far Kame has mentioned he want to use harmony, and Junno that his theme is war and destrution)

- Lots of LED lights will be used, specially in Kame's solo

- Maru commented that one of the concert goods will be a make up bag with hearts pattern
(still no news about the rest)

- From Maru JWeb: Full dressed rehearshal are been made everyday,
each day will have different songs and they will perform pre-debut songs

Awww Maru! ganbare! we're all rooting for youu! :D
and KAME. if youu train your chest muscles anymore, fans will die from nosebleeds! xD

Credits to Tsuyaka @ LJ
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Posted 5/10/09
[ posted 9 May, 11:07pm ]

6 Days to Doumucon!


- News and interviews start to appear in newspapers

Asahi Newspaper BE Evening is the first.

Roughly translated :

Koki: "When the official decission was made it felt like if it were other people's buisness.
But as the dress rehearshals advance, little by little, i have realized it is real"

Junno: "The idea is for everyone to enjoy it thoroughly"

Kame: " Seats won't be reduced in favor of the stage. The audience is the priority. Even those fans that cannot
come make KAT-TUN"

Jin: "I think it'll be good if we all can have fun"

Ueda: " With each performance we will reach the huge number of 680,000 people, I am looking forward to see them all"

Maru: " It is a live audience. I want to have fun while thanking them"

- Concert goods final list:

Pamphlet [ 2000 JPY ]
Poster (7) [ 800 JPY ]
Clear File (7) [ 500 JPY ]
Uchiwa (6) [ 500 JPY ]
Original Photo Set (7 sets) [ 600 JPY ]
Penlight [ 1300 JPY ]
T-Shirt [ 2800 JPY ]
Bath towel [ 3000 JPY ]
Water Bottle [ 1000 JPY ]
Wristband [ 800 JPY ]
Key Chain [ 1000 JPY ]
Make Up Bag [1000 JPY ]
Shopping Bag [ 1100 JPY ]

- Maru recomends to be seat 15 minutes before the concert starts because there will be a member produced
clip shown during that time. (AHHHH~~~ I WANNA SEEEEEE ): )


- Two more CMs



- Koki will be in Daily Sports Newspaper "Saturday Johnny's" 5/16


- [ Yomiuri TV 2:25 AM (5/8-9) ] "Gokusen" had a small feature in the tv show "Kyunn!" (movies news )

Credits to Tsuyaka @ LJ
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Posted 5/11/09
[ posted 11 May, 9:02 pm ]


- i looked through Youtube and found these
i think some of youu have already seen it but if youu havent, here youu go!





- mini news. but thought youu guys should know

KAT-TUN topped the charts once again!

Credits go to the uploaders from their respective YouTube accounts.
i did not upload them (:
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Posted 5/16/09
[ posted 16 May, 11:38pm ]

as we all know, KAT-TUN has officially started Doumucon!
so.. for the next few days, i'll post special reports on the concert if there is any news about them.
im telling ya, the concert is AMAZING. GOD.



Opening night of Domucon! The goods were being sold this morning from 8, and since Tia and I woke up ridiculously early we figured we might as well get it out of the way with. The goods are gorgeous this year, especially the shopping bag, and Kame is criminally pretty. I finally own a Jin uchiwa, also.

Anyway, we had pretty decent seats tonight, in Gate 22, so we were in a great position to see pretty much everything, including the suspicious-looking wires...and the giant planets suspended from the ceiling. I don't have a picture, but I know people who do. We watched the planets move slowly for a little while until the lights dimmed and they came down from the ceiling, round the sides, and disappeared behind the stage.

The 'Planets' theme is actually a bit more universal than that. KAT-TUN appeared in animated form on the giant screens, all looking very cute. (Jin had plaid and little hair flips, and Kame appeared to be wearing a waistcoat. Or a bra, but the waistcoat is more likely.) The six of them boarded a space shuttle, Akame taking the front two seats, and shot off for the stars. There were a number of times when the screens had space-type images - between that and the lasers, you could almost feel like you were in Star Wars or something.

There were hundreds of Juniors involved (well, it seemed like it) and the first thing we saw was a bunch of them posed in a giant frame on the stage. A pretty impressive backdrop for 'Rescue', with giant flames on the screen at the back and the real thing down the front.

'One Drop' was next, and this had water imagery. The middle stage was basically the water stage, with sprinklers all over the place to shoot out water for the guys to dance around/under/on - yes, I did say "on". See Kame's solo for details.

'LIPS' went with Wood as a theme, maybe? There were - I don't know what you'd call them, moveable platforms? Like stairs with railings on the end. They had mossy decorations along the sides. The guys went up in them to sing.

'Yorokobi no Uta' had gold, and Jin changed the lyrics to 'ai shite imasu' again. This got the expected cheer, though not nearly as loud as when Kame removed his sunglasses. Kame and Jin looked damned near identical at the beginning of the show, wearing matching blue checked wrap-around things and shades, and Kame wore a bandana for a while. (Akame shop for the same skirts?)

I think that was Saturn swirling around during 'Keep the Faith'. They ran through the singles pretty quickly, which is why I don't really have any notes other than the titles. Next was 'Don't U Ever Stop', followed, surprisingly, by 'White X'mas'. I never thought I'd see that one in concert.

Next was 'Sadistic Love'. Jin ended up invading Koki's personal space for a bit during the rap. Plenty of lasers around for this one.

Then came the solo that made everyone in the Dome slightly weak at the knees. Kame is the most demented, gutsy, downright crazy member of a group known for being weird at the best of times, and if anyone doesn't believe me, go see for yourselves. I thought at first that the member going up to the top of the Dome in a red cage was Maru, because of the whole bungee jump thing, but it turned out to be Kame. He dangled out of the cage by various limbs for a bit, then fell to the ground. Lunatic.

It looks like that was probably him committing suicide as the general, because the next thing you know, there are spotlights searching the arena till they find him, reclining in a red kimono with his hair pinned up and looking ultra-girly. Lots of flag-bearing Juniors on the stage - Kame and his male harem? My recollection of the sequence of events is somewhat cloudy because my brain stopped functioning round about the time I noticed he started stripping. Can you blame me? Smeared red lipstick, dancing with giant fans and parasols, and actually standing on (well, suspended above) the fountains on the centre stage. Yes folks, Kamenashi Kazuya can walk on water. Are you ready to worship him the way the Juniors were doing?

After losing some more clothing and doing some suggestive dancing mid-air, Kame stopped playing the wife and started playing the page, I think, wearing a different colour robe (still half-shirtless) and brandishing a sword. He remained on the stage for part of Koki's solo, getting drenched (probably) by the fountains in the centre stage while Koki played Taiko drums, accompanied by Juniors making odd screeching sounds.

Koki's solo, 'Pierrot' was also epic, but for different reasons. I don't mean the "interesting" lyrics. He had Pierrot make-up for one eye (couldn't tell if he had on both), and there were playing cards on the screens during his solo. He rode his motorbike round the arena for a bit and then went into a giant metal cage/ball-thing with another ride, also on a motorbike. The other guy rode round him for a while, then exited, so Koki rode round the inside of the cage, going round in circles, upside down and so on. (It was difficult to make this out exactly because both men were wearing helmets and I have no clue who the other guy was.)

After riding back to the stage Koki continued his solo, winding up on a trolley with some Juniors (I could only make out Kitayama) and Junno. Cue Junno's solo, 'Wind'. He had Koki join him for the first little bit, after changing the opening (I think he was singing about himself?).

Once Koki departed, the trolley went round to the rear stage, where Juniors danced behind Junno with scarves. He tap danced for a bit, did his glow in the dark juggling thing (he did drop the balls in the end, though), and did a couple of flips. Then he called Jin, who was off to the left on another trolley. Junno's had wind imagery (moving clouds etc.) but Jin's was decorated with FIRE! Jin sang some of 'Wind' with Junno, and that was it for the first solos segment.

Nakamaru emerged in the bright orange RESCUE uniform for some solo beatboxing, after which the others materialised in identical outfits...all except Koki, who was dressed as a Dragonball character. (Krilin, was it?) We were shown VTR footage of the "cowardly" Nakamaru, including the failed bungee jump. (I forget when, but Yamada Ryosuke was "rescued" from the audience at some point around here, so even he could take part in teasing Nakamaru. I thought it was Yamapi at first, because Jin was messing around with him, ruffling his hair and stuff.)

Anyway, Maru got all geared up for his jump, and Kame got us all to count down from ten. Nothing. We counted down again. Nothing. Maru was all, "Muri! Muri!" - there was no way he was going to do it. He came down and everyone else except Yamada had disappeared. I don't know what the Kansai Juniors are up to at the moment but they got Nakayama Yuuma out there, and he and Yamada did 'Mayonaka no Shadow Boy' - I think there were some other Juniors involved? Then Nakayama did a song I don't know at all, so we'll skip that.

Next up, 'Peak', with the boys in flying cages! Jin's cage moved quite suddenly and he got startled; it was very cute. Then we had 'Jumpin' Up' and 'No Matter Matter', followed by the MC. They discussed the dramas they were in, plus the Gokusen movie and Bandage (Koki actually said *he* was in Bandage, if I recall correctly, so Jin took exception to that one). There were individual screens for all six of them so they kept trying to get in each other's screens. Tia tells me Kame and Ueda kissed but I'm afraid I didn't notice - I was too busy watching Jin trying to hide behind Koki and staring up at the back.

The MC ended with a surprise present for the audience - the giveaway of six tour posters (the ones currently all over the Tokyo Dome), based on the draw of ticket stubs. Each member drew one out and read it out in turn (I think there was only one in the arena and the rest in the stands, which the guys remarked on), and the spotlight and camera would go seek them out.

It was a bit nervewracking. When the draw was over, they said they were going to perform a coupling song (B-side). It turned out to be 'LOVE'! It now has a bit of a shambolic dance, but it was wonderful.

I can never spell the title of the 4 seasons one but you know the song I mean. I don't care for the song much but while they sang it, the screens above were showing trees in the four seasons, losing leaves etc. It was very pretty.

Back to the centre stage for 'Water Dance', and I'd be surprised if no one got a soaking. The six of them did a fairly intricate dance with the sprinklers, which shot from one side to the other and all in between. They followed this up with 'Moon', which I adore, but sadly I have nothing to say (except how fantastic it sounded) because I was too busy being thrilled to take notes.

Time for the Juniors to have a go. I'm afraid that because there were so many around, it was very difficult to keep track of what everybody was doing all night. ABC-Z performed 'Vanilla' (is that the right title?), and I cringed a little at the performance because while I have actually gotten to like Hasshi's singing, I find it a bit distasteful that he's singing such provocative things in English when he's so young. But hey, they had backdancers! Kis-My-Ft2 did what I think may have been 'Kis-My-Calling'? Very catchy. And then 'Fire Beat', which was really good.

Back to KAT-TUN. They had the date showing on the screen, then ran it back to the date of their debut. What else could it be but 'Real Face'? Past PV footage was playing on all the screens as they sang, and it was quite amusing to check out all Kame's hairstyles. (You'll be pleased to hear his hair looked fabulous tonight.) Junno did Koki's rap at the end, and very well too.

Time for some older songs! Jin forgot some lyrics to 'Never Again', which was performed while wearing the 'Six Senses' outfits from QoP.

Nakamaru was the producer for tonight, so they did a medley of songs he'd chosen. First was 'My Weather', for which the rest backed him up. Kame sidled up to Maru and patted him kindly on the head. Jin then did the same thing, but kind of clamped his hand down over Maru's head.

Next in the medley was a pre-debut song I didn't know, then 'Pika Pika II'. They were showing old concert footage on the screens, which kept distracting the members every time the audience reacted to it. Jin, in particular, got distracted very easily.

Best vocals of the concert were Kame and Jin on 'My Angel, You Are Angel', where they sounded so beautiful I almost got misty-eyed. Jin did start to crack up when they were showing footage of Ueda crying in the 'Okyakusama...' concert, though.

Back to the solos. Ueda, alone on the stage, played the piano rather beautifully for a while, but stopped playing when his solo, 'Hana no Mau Machi', actually started. I remember him saying he can't play and sing at the same time! There were feathers drifting up on the back wall, and footage from Romeo and Juliet on the screens. Very pretty, and very Ueda.

I don't even know how to describe Nakamaru's solo. Before he actually started 'White Wind', he did a sort of solo dance routine with the lights, running around the set and leaving images of himself behind. Complicated to describe, but impressive to look at! During the song, he and some Juniors danced with ghosts, and there were snow crystals on the screens.

It ended with Nakamaru sitting down on a throne at the back. When the lights returned, Jin was on the throne, pimp hat in place, four girls dancing attendance on him and a splash of lights that read 'Akanishi Jin feat. Crystal Kay'. (I have no idea what the song was called.) She wasn't there in person, you understand. Jin sang and danced with the girls on stage, but on the screens, there was footage (and obviously sound) of her singing, and a VTR of her dancing with Jin/backdancers. I think it actually looked good, though I didn't care for the song much. Jin's English pronunciation was excellent, however.

When Jin and his harem disappeared, Tottsu and Kawai turned up to introduce the members of KAT-TUN - but the wrong members were showing on the screens when their names were mentioned. This was a very strange segment, Remember I mentioned the cartoon versions of KAT-TUN? The Jin and Kame cartoon characters had been made into giant balloons, one on each side of the stage. These kind of hid in the corners for the moment while it was Junno vs. Koki. I'm not sure what they were doing, to be honest.

Next was Ueda vs. Nakamaru, which involved riding bikes around the arena. By this point, everyone was worked up because it was obvious who the last two opponents would be - Akame. Oh my. So, they appeared in black leather, hats and stuff, suspended over the arena, and flew from one side to the other to reach their opposite inflatable selves. I didn't see them do anything, though, and they went back and flew out again. They were both laughing, and Jin was trying to make flying movements. (He was sleeveless - this was quite entertaining.) Don't ask me who won, as I don't even know *how* you win.

They sang 'Ai no Command' and 'Wilds of My Heart', then returned to the rear stage to play with the LIPS microphones - except these shot out gold glitter streams, I think. Jin ran away so the others couldn't shoot him.

As expected, they finished with 'Neiro', and audience participation was mandatory. KAT-TUN didn't leave the stage for long. I think it was at this point that we were treated to more KAT-TUN on a space shuttle, because when they emerged for the encore, they were riding a trolley made up to look like a space shuttle. (They flew away to explore other worlds.) Jin sat on the front while the others all stood up and danced - 'She Said' was up first. Planets were shown on the screen, giant Earth hovering over them at the end, and they finished up with 'Peaceful Days'.

When they thanked the Juniors Kame introduced FiVe almost wholly in English, which was cute. We all had to check our seats for a sticker - if we had one, we were supposed to switch our penlights on, otherwise switch them off, and it spelled out WE ARE KAT-TUN in lights round the Dome. (I think. I wasn't looking.)

Jin didn't swear in English or anything this time, but he did ask us a few times if we were ready to rock - on the last one, he sounded 100% American. I think he screwed up the beginning of 'LIPS' but can't remember how.

Credits to KATTUNLOVE @ LJ
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Posted 5/16/09
[ posted 16 May, 11:46pm ]


Just the differences today. Maru did not jump again. Guests to be rescued were Chinen Yuri and Massu! ♥ Of course Kame (and Jin) were whispering stuff to Chinen that he then said to Nakamaru after he did not jump. They just love to bully Nakamaru. *g*

The Juniors sang the same songs they did yesterday. Chinen sang Mayonaka no Shadow Boy. I know the title now. *g* A.B.C-Z did Vanilla and Kis-My-Ft 2 Fire Beat. And Nakayama Yuma was there again. I still don't remember his song. And some one else from HSWest with Nakayama Yuma. Sorry don't know his name.

I remember the following songs from Ueda's corner: Fight All Night, Sparking, Gloria, Tsuki no Michi.

The letters formed by the audience were "We Love KAT-TUN". From the arena you could see that very well, and all the times they had fire on the stage it was really hot.

Ueda forgot the lyrics for his solo and also made some mistakes playing the piano and started one part again. He apologized for that after. So cute.

Kame did Koki's rap for Real Face. Koki called him Kame-chan before that. ♥ And Koki sang Kame's lines.

Kame's solo was as awesome as yesterday, god he so very pretty. :D

Jin was in a very good mood today. He forgot some lyrics again, I think.

We got Maru and Koki as Tanaka again, and they made fun of Jin. Akanishi monomane for two songs, but I forgot which songs. That was part of the battle. Ueda and Junno were like fighting with light effects, but I didn't get who won. Jin and Kame were flying on wires again. Jin was hanging in his like he was dead after the second swing. But he was revived and then died again. But I think I got this time that they fighting out who is in charge for the Osaka concerts since they only have three days there.

The audience was much better this time. We got a second encore. They came back and sang "Will be Alright".

Credits to KATTUNLOVE @ LJ
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Posted 5/16/09
[ posted 17 May, 12:04am ]

BATTLE TWO [ part 2 ]:

After we found our seats (not the very highest up, but pretty close to it. drat), I took a couple illicit pictures of the stage. The theme of the concert is the solar system. Each guy is represented by a “planet”. Kame= Mercury, Jin= Mars, Junno= the moon, Koki= the sun, Ueda= Saturn, and Maru= Venus. Now, if you’ve read the reports, they do a lot of stuff with the different elements (water, fire, earth, etc). That’s because in Japan, each planet has an associated element (think Sailor Moon). In fact, the Japanese name for Mercury literally translates to “Water Star”, Mars is “Fire Star”, and so on.

Oh, and one thing I’ve got to mention about the audience. The cheering and screaming for Jin was easily twice as loud as it was for anyone else. Three times louder than anyone who wasn’t Kame. Okay, and now comments by song.

Rescue- Lots of fire in this one. The whole back wall of the stage was lined with juniors in red. Very cool.

One Drop- Bringing out the water. That whole middle stage and walkway contain fountains. I hate to say it, but Kame seriously messed up one of the “whoas” towards the end.

Lips- No fancy microphones. Instead, they did it on platforms that looked like trees and/or something that had been dragged up from a swamp.

Yorokobi no Uta/Keep the Faith/DUES- I’m putting them together because they were basically a medley. They cycled through these really fast. Too fast if you ask me, since Keep the Faith and DUES are two of my favorite songs.

White Xmas- Very pretty! They used lots of fog machines.

Sadistic Love- I think I liked it, but for the life of me I can’t remember anything specific. I meant to take notes, but I lost my pen sometime early on. Shoot.

1582- If you haven’t heard, Kame’s solo performance was absolutely EPIC. They pulled out all the stops on this one. First, he appears in this hanging red cage wrapped in chains. Then he opens the door, dangles from cage for a while, and then FALLS for real (they had one of those stunt mats on the ground so he wouldn’t kill himself). Yes, Kame does his own stunts. Then, he shows up on top of the stage in a pretty kimono-like robe with his hair all clipped up, looking oh so pretty, and dances with traditional fans and paper umbrellas. Then, he’s lowered down to the stage where he throws off the girly robe in favor of a black robe with one arm out, smears something on his mouth that looks like blood, and waves a sword for a while. THEN he levitates on the fountain by surfing on an upsidedown umbrella. THEN he flys around with some long white cloth. THEN the taiko drumming starts and he’s suddenly wearing white and running through the fountains, getting soaked by them and also by the juniors who are throwing buckets of water in his face. That last bit was rather odd. I kept expecting “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice” music to play. So, I think it’s pretty safe to say that Kame pulled out all the stops and then some with this solo. Oh, and I think there were fireworks at some point too.

Pierrot- Why had I never read the lyrics to this before. The English had both T-san and I cracking up in the middle of the performance! The people around us probably thought we were crazy. I mean, there are lines like “I live like a rock and I die like a rock” and “I know that you hate my style. The fact that I’m a rock, but you know what? I hate your ass too!”. So… Koki= a rock. Good to know. Koki went in a cage while a guy rode his motorcycle around him. Looked dangerous, and I kept thinking I was at the circus. It didn’t help that Junno’s solo was next and it involved juggling.

Wind- Junno juggled glow in the dark balls. Jin sang with Junno at the end. When it was over he said, “Sorry for intruding!” Lol.

Rescue Corner- Maru comes out in “Rescue” jumpsuit. Does some beat boxing. Then everyone comes out in jumpsuits except for Koki who is wearing his Dragon Ball costume. Tonight’s special guests were Chinen from HSJ and Massu from News (and Rescue). That Chinen sure is a cute kid (but not as cute as Nino, and don’t you forget it Riida). Once again, Nakamaru failed at bungee jumping. We counted down 3 times too! Then there were some junior performances. Chinen sang “Mayonaka no Shadow Boy” and some Kansai juniors sang something.

Peak, Jumpin Up, No Matta Matta- Nothing specific comes to mind. That doesn’t mean I didn’t enjoy them though!

MC- Was loooong. I thought they’d never shut up. Mostly, they talked about their upcoming dramas and projects. The best part was Jin being teased at the beginning. They wanted him to talk about something, but he was hiding in the back (getting his water I think), and they made him introduce himself. Then he tried to hide again, but they dragged him back out to talk about Bandage (and introduce himself again). We got to hear that adorable Bakanishi giggle. Kame and Jin talked about Gokusen, during which they got kind of close to each other, causing the audience to scream. Junno got picked on for not talking. At the end when they drew for the signed posters, Jin read his ticket like it was a receipt (he said a price in stead of a seat number. Such a Bakanishi). I did not win one of the signed posters they drew for.

Love- Glad to see this performed. It’s one of their better B-sides.

That Seasons Song- Nope, still don’t like this song.

Water Dance- This was a really cool performance. They were sort of weaving back and forth through the fountain. It occurred to me that if anyone accidentally missed a cue and stood in the wrong place he would have gotten soaked.

More Junior Performances- There were a couple girls behind me who were MAJOR fans of Kiss My Foot and ABC. They were screaming so much it sounded like they were being dismembered by wolves or something.

Real Face- Kame did Koki’s rap part at the beginning, and Koki sang Kame’s first solo line. Hahaha! Junno also did the final rap part. I guess they’ve been singing this song enough that they like to mix it up.

Member Directed Section (Ueda)- They seem to be working their way backwards through KAT-TUN, since it was Nakamaru’s turn last night. If you don’t know, this is a section that changes every night, with one member getting to pick the songs each night.

Fight All Night- Oooh! I’m happy Ueda chose this one. The dance sexy, and surprisingly enough, they all seemed to remember it well.

Sparking- Ueda solo, with the other members joining in. When it came Junno’s turn to sing his part, suddenly all of the music stopped and everyone just stood there. He belted it out accapella. LOL. I wonder if he knew that was going to happen or if Ueda was playing a trick on him.

Gloria- Another nice choice. Good job Ueda!

Uh…- I’m not sure what the song that went with all the nostalgic KAT-TUN footage was. Some old album song. Sorry!!!

Ueda Solo- Some nice piano playing to start things off before going into his solo. Poor Ueda forgot his lines during part of it. He dropped to his knees in apology at the end.

White World- Nakamaru did something interesting and hard to describe involving a mix of him and recordings of him moving all around the back of the stage. He sang quite well!

Wonder- Yeah, that’s the name of the Jin/Crystal K. collaboration song. I really liked it! I wonder if there are plans to release it as a real single. I’m sure it would sell well, and looking at the back screens during the performance, it seems like they’ve already pretty much filmed a PV. Jin appeared on a throne with a small harem of female background dancers. All hail Jin, king of sexy.

Battle Corner- Ueda and Junno threw energy balls, Dragon Ball style. Koki and Nakamaru decided not to fight and treated us to some TaNaka instead. This time, they did really funny impressions of Jin! When Jin and Kame were flying around “fighting each other” Jin took a lethal blow on the first pass and hung there like a dead body, twitching occasionally, for the rest of the fight scene.

Ai no Command/Wilds of My Heart- Great high-energy songs for the last set.

Neiro- They had the audience sing the final “Neiro” and Jin said, “Beautiful!”. They asked the audience to check under their seats, and people without stickers turned off their penlights so the audience spelled “Love KAT-TUN”. It looked really cool!


She Said- There was no costume change for the encore, so it happened really quickly.They rode around on a spaceship cart for this one.

Peaceful Days- As usual, Junno is a happy bouncy bunny. Surprisingly, even Jin was jumping up and down at the end.

So, thinking the concert was probably over, since that’s where it ended last night, T-san and I waited for a bit and then started to leave. However, just as we were halfway down the stairs, KAT-TUN emerged again. We got a second encore! As we rushed back to our seats, the girl behind me tapped me on the shoulder and said “Safe!” with the baseball hand signal. Lol.

Will Be all Right- Jin messed up the lyrics a bit at the beginning, so instead of “Tell Me” he sang “Sorry!”. Also, he upended a water bottle on his head, and was looking very very sexy with his hair all wet and slicked back. Anyway, I love this song, so I feel pretty lucky that we got two encores.

Total Concert Time: About 3 hours, 10 minutes.

And now I am very very tired, and I have plans to go to the gym with a friend tomorrow, so it’s bedtime for me. The show was great, I only wish I could have had a better seat. I didn’t know how lucky I was at the Ishikawa concert last summer, even being able to make eye contact with some of the guys! Tokyo Dome is just so big though that most of the seats aren’t very good.

Credits to KATTUNLOVE @ LJ
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Posted 5/17/09
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Day 3 had a few surprises in store for us! Tonight we were sitting in Gate 24, row 15, which meant that a) we were far enough round to the left to get a fantastic view of Kame falling from the cage, the giant inflatable Kame, and everyone walking round on the left and b) anyone who went past on a trolley was at the right level to see us and be seen. It was better than sitting in the arena, actually.

The setlist was the same as for the 16th (no 'Moon' or 'Ai no Command') except that there was no second encore (well, there was, but they just came out to say a few words and went back again), and of course the medley changed. Koki was tonight's producer.

During 'Rescue', Koki removed his sunglasses and got a scream almost as loud as Kame and Jin do when they remove theirs during 'Don't U Ever Stop'. But it was his night, after all.

'One Drop' had some pretty major sound problems, by which I mean more than members screwing up their lyrics. Kame sounded fantastic, however, especially when he was doing the "wow" bits.

During 'Yorokobi no Uta', Kame, Koki and Ueda went past us on a trolley. Koki kind of nudged Kame to get down from the trolley.

I didn't notice this before but during 'White X'mas', the Juniors along the sides were twirling long wands with lights on the end. (Not quite lightsabres, but I guess that would be Arashi.)

'Sadistic Love' was entertaining as usual, with Kame getting right up close to Koki in the rap. Kokame fans are getting it in the songs, Akame fans are getting it in the MC, Kame/Maru fans (what is their name-smoosh?) get it every five minutes.

Oh god. '1582'. If you thought Kame was epic before, you ain't seen nothin' yet. The cage was slightly to our left, over our heads, and we could see Kame up above us when he was dangling...and then falling. And landing. He crashed through a soft cover and disappeared out of sight. For the first time, I noticed all the war-type imagery on the screens above - it looked like the Japanese equivalent of the Bayeux Tapestry. I love this solo, there's just so much to it! You have to pay attention to everything going on everywhere, to all the sights and sounds. It's a story and Kame tells it in a way that has everyone in the audience basically on their knees and begging for him.

(Yes, I'd include myself in that number, but it helps that the song is arranged slightly differently for the concert - when Kame becomes the page, the bass really kicks in and the whole thing has a heavier, more masculine air to it. The sword-twirling helps too.)

Anyway, once Kame was in mid-air, he twirled round in a circle holding fireworks, spraying out sparks. The man is a nutcase. Not content with plunging out of a cage and getting himself half-drowned, he has to risk blowing himself up. This had better be on DVD.

I'm afraid all my notes on Koki's solo are about Kame too, though the bikes did ride right past us. When Kame returned to the centre stage for a soaking, he was there dancing in the water for absolutely ages, twirling his way round all the sprays with a sort of demented grin, then got hit by all the buckets at once.

'Wind' was very cute. Koki and Junno were singing to each other, hands outstretched, quite heartfelt. At the other end of the song, Jin and Junno were taking it in turns to go "wow". (I mean the sound as they write in lyrics, not the expression of surprise.)

Poor Nakamaru unfortunately started coughing during his beatbox segment, but he was impressive up until that point. Today he "rescued" Hey!Say!JUMP's Daiki Arioka, Nakayama Yuuma (the girl next to me was a mad fan and screamed loudly at this) and...Matchy! Matchy was lovely but didn't go up on the stage with them - Kame held Maru up by the back of the jumpsuit and said he wouldn't dare not jump when Matchy was watching, would he?

Maru had two 'X's on the helmet (last night, of course, he only had one), but tonight... Koki did a little dance while the dramatic music was played, and Maru swayed forwards quite a lot during the countdowns. They lowered him down so he could jump from a lower height...and he did! Nakamaru did the bungee jump! Kame hugged him and ruffled his hair when he got down. The poor boy was all pale, sweating and shaken up, clutching his stomach - Koki and Ueda did impressions of this. Everyone high-fived Maru, though Jin attempted to hit him in the head rather than the hand...

For the third night in a row, we sat through 'Mayonaka no Shadow Boy'. *sigh* But I suppose they had to do something to have time to get the cages ready.

'Peak' was quite funny. Ueda and Nakamaru were in the cage very near us, and Maru was clinging on for dear life for a while, still looking shaky. Ueda indicated that it was his turn to sing, and poor Maru just couldn't. Meanwhile, over on our left, Jin was sitting cross-legged in his own cage, looking all peaceful, and not actually singing (conserving his voice?). He lay down for a bit as well. Koki mugged for the cameras.

During 'Jumpin' Up', Jin and Junno walked past us, and Junno then hung right over us on one of those moving platform goodies.

Koki and Ueda were on our side during 'No Matter Matter', and Tsukada spent absolutely ages over there, waving his arms and getting us to join in.

Kame then went past, nearly getting run over by the horde of Juniors, but then he stopped in front of us and danced with a little one - I think Tanaka Juri? (I fail at identifying the tiny ones.) He hugged him, then gave him a piggyback round to the main stage. It was adorable.

I think they were all on crack during the MC. Koki and Ueda both bowed with Jin when he shyly did his Bandage promo, and first Kame, then Maru then Junno did that thing Maru usually does with the arms. Akame were all giggly during the Gokusen promo. Koki pretended to forget the name of his drama. There were more post-jump Maru impressions. I love watching KAT-TUN make gentle fun of each other.

They gave away more posters, and Kame pretended his was in the arena. Jin played it straight this time.

The Juniors segment was a bit different! ABC-Z were introduced but KisMyFt2 came out as well, and they all sang something I didn't recognise. Then ABC-Z went down to the rear stage and did 'Star Seeker'. KisMyFt2 did 'Fire Beat', but ABC-Z went to the centre stage and joined them!

'Real Face' went along the same lines as last night. Koki called "Kame-chan!", and Kame did the beginning rap, so Koki did most of Kame's first section. Koki then yelled "Junno", so Junno did the end rap, as usual substituting his own name for 'JOKER'.

Time for Koki's medley, and he started with 'Hell, No', followed by 'Shorty'. Koki and Ueda sang pretty close for the 'Mr Sexy' bit, and Jin did it as well, to greater cheers. I had to look up the title of the next one - 'Dou ni kanarusa' - and Ueda and Maru threw frisbees in our section at this time. They ended the medley with 'Precious One'. Kame walked past us, Jin screwed up the lyrics and then apologised.

Ueda played his piece perfectly tonight, and he was so happy about it that his smile was twice as bright as usual.

I got a slightly closer look at the cameras during 'White World' - looks like it was Kawai, Tottsu, Kitayama and Fujigaya dancing with ghosts on the sides.

No comments on 'Wonder', except to say that Jin's hat is seriously ugly and when the English lyrics are playing on the screen nearest you, you can't help but laugh at the bit about having his hoodie up. I'd find the song more appealing if you could hear Jin a bit more in it, and if he wasn't dancing somewhat mechanically with the four girls.

I still don't get the King battle thing, but it was Junno vs. Ueda again (Ueda looked utterly defeated), and Koki and Nakamaru did more monomane. Maru did the same Jin in 'Don't U Ever Stop' one as he did yesterday, and Koki did the "We'll survive" from 'Rescue' after Maru sang a few lines of it.

Akame battle again and Kame was fairly near us - though not as near as his giant inflatable self. He got hit by the fountains going through the centre stage, though. Jin didn't move much. Kame hugged Ueda when he helped him down.

During 'Wilds of My Heart', Koki ran past us with Kame in hot pursuit (Ueda followed at a more sedate pace). Kame actually went down to the arena to see the audience, but unfortunately the barrier fell and fans surged forwards, prompting a bit of panic for the security guards.

Jin sounded amazing during 'Neiro' (audience sang only last line again), and we still can't figure out if that's him saying "beautiful" at the end.

Tons of fireworks went off! There were two penlight things today - white stickers and red stickers. The white ones made a heart in the arena and I think one in the stands; the red ones made 'WE ARE KAT-TUN' again.

Encore: Jin was soaked again when he came out on the trolley for 'She Said', and he ended up pouring more water on himself and shaking it all over everyone during 'Peaceful Days' - probably not why Junno changed his shirt mid-performance again, but a valid reason.

Kawai and Kitayama spent ages in our corner getting the audience all worked up, and then Jin and Junno's trolley paid us a visit. Koki kept yelling out for everyone to jump, so everyone on the stage did.

The intros included Tanaka Juri, aww. ABC-Z got introduced by name this time (Hasshi wasn't there - past his bedtime?), as did KisMyFt2. Kitayama blew one of those big, ridiculous kisses, Fujigaya did a cute pose, and Kame called Nikaido "Nika-chan". Aww, I say again.

We tried for a second encore but while they did come back out, they just talked for a bit and went back again. No more songs tonight.

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Yep. I ended up going again! It turns out that if you wait until like an hour before the concert starts, you can buy pretty good tickets for less than face value. I ended up sitting in the stands (not the balcony this time) a little over halfway down. I was a little nervous because it was a fan club ticket. The guy at the door looked at my ticket, then at me, then at my ticket again. I guess I don’t look much like a “Ristuko Takada”. He didn’t say anything though, and soon I was inside and home free!

Once again I forgot to take notes though, so I’ll just bullet point things I remember that were different from Saturday. If this seems Jin focused, it’s only because I’m Jin focused. Lol.

-You can see it in the guy’s faces that they’re getting tired, but they’re giving it their all!

-Jin did something weird with his lines at the beginning of “Keep the Faith” and somehow ended up still singing during the part where Kame’s solo line was supposed to start. Kame gave him such a, “WTF are you doing!?” death glare.

-Seeing Kame’s solo from closer, I think I might have actually been drooling. He could seduce a rock, even a male rock. Oh, and during Lips he was on the crane thing in front of me totally shaking his ass at the audience. What a little minx.

-Koki hugged Junno while they were doing the intro to his solo. Awww.

-Jin was giving all these exaggerated lovey expressions when he was singing at the end of Junno’s solo. He almost started laughing.

-Today’s guest was Yaotome Hikaru from HSJ. There was no Rescue corner because they had to get to the MC for the live TV spot, but he did sing Mayonaka. Pretty well, I might add, though I don’t understand why people would find him hot. To me, he’s just funny looking.

-At some point toward the beginning, I don’t remember where, Jin went over to the audience and jumped up against the railing a couple of times, so some lucky bitches fans got to touch him.

-Kame was carrying a Junior around on his shoulders during “No Matter” again.

-Jin got in a fight with one of the Juniors during “No Matter”. I’m not sure who, but he kept trying to smack him on the head. I think Jin lost the fight though, because they ducked backstage and then he got dragged out by his hood.

-MC. As you probably know, they did a live TV spot. Before it started, they told the crowd to cheer really loud since it was live TV. It was a lot of fun, but you can watch the video. Just a quick explanation for those who don’t speak Japanese. They asked them what the worst kind of guy is. Nakamaru is used as the example for “A cowardly guy”, and Junno as, “A not amusing guy”. KAT-TUN all picked, “A guy who lies” as the worst kind of guy.

-After that, they talked about their upcoming stuff as usual. Kame couldn’t remember the date something comes out (I’m not sure what), and all the members started trying to figure it out. No one could really remember, and at some point Jin loudly declared one of them to be a “Baka”, though I’m not sure if he was referring to Kame or Ueda. Also, Junno said that he was going to be in a Korean drama (lying), which is ironic given the TV spot. He feels left out because he’s not doing any outside work lately, I think.

-After the talk, Nakamaru did indeed do his bungee jumping! Good. I thought they might skip it. They’ve put marks on his helmet, Xs for the first two days he didn’t jump, and a very small circle for the day he jumped from halfway. He jumped again today, but only from halfway again, and it took a lot of encouraging. Two countdowns, lots of clapping, and chanting “Yucchi” finally got him to do it. Poor guy looked petrified up there.

-Once again, failed to win a poster. Jin read his ticket suuuuuper slowly. Drawing out the suspense.

-For the next part, they came out with new costumes! They’d been wearing old costumes from their last concert for this part, but they have a new set now. Kame has a purple pimp suit, Jin is in all black, Maru has some kind of soldier uniform, Junno has a white furry cape thing, and I can’t remember what the other two wore. Because you know how KAT-TUN hates it when their costumes match in any way. (J/k)

-The performed Moon this time instead of that seasons song. YAAAAAAAAY!!! It was really good. They danced with Japanese umbrellas.

-Today’s member corner went to Junno, and I’m ashamed to say that I couldn’t recognize half of his setlist. Some KAT-TUN fan I am. I think he chose some really old songs. During the first song Kame and Koki pretended to kiss a couple of times. THAT earned some screams.

-Second song was “Samurai Love Attack”…sort of. They did the intro part with the other members frolicking in a circle around Junno, but just as he was starting to sing, Ueda hit him on the head with a giant fan.

-The last song was “Crazy Love”. Oh! I didn’t think I’d be hearing that in concert again.

-When Jin was starting his solo, in a quiet moment, a clearly MALE voice yelled his name from the balcony. Everyone around me was giggling and trying to figure out who it was.

-For today’s TaNaka, first Koki did an impression of Maru during “Rescue”. Then Maru did Jin’s oversexifiedness during “DUES”.

-I don’t know if they did this before, but in addition to the “We are KAT-TUN” message, they had the people in the arena section make a heart with their pen lights.

-During the encore Junno was trying to change into a concert T-shirt and Jin dumped his water bottle on him and then ruffled his hair.

-Jin was the last one to leave the stage. He peaked his face out half way (so cute!) and said something, but it didn’t catch what it was. *EDIT* Apparently he said “Ciao!” Kyaa!


Credits to KATTUN_LOVE @ LJ
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thanks for the repo OMG i Wanna be there & today`s Jin`s Produce :tears:
here are some quite intresting news thanks to paui chan who informed me & made me search ambelo
dont want to start a fight though

KAT-TUN 2nd in ambelo japan & Tohoshinki tops 1st
The rank is calculated using a combination of average daily visitors and pageviews.

Original source :
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[ posted 20 May, 7:07am ]

Today was Akame's rabu rabu day! ♥♥♥♥

so yesterday, was JinJin's day! and the fan-reports are from 2 fans.
(i edited and put them together) both from kattunlove @ LJ

ps: since my exams finish today, i'll post up some fan-taken-concert-pics like the Akame one above later on. if not, tomorrow yeah?


Okay so I did not go to the concert, sadly.
But because I have not seen any concert reports tonight yet, and thinking that some of you might be as anxious as me, i kind of went to other websites like Japanese fans blogs and chinese websites to look for fanreports.

And, I was thinking i could translate some parts for you guys!

Oh by the way in Jin's production today, he included le ciel, Murasaki, 6 senses and love or like!!!

Okay, so translation starts now, from different sources. :D


Jin smiled a lot through the whole con! He is so cute! We had Arena seats and sometimes he was really close... he looks amazing ♥
He looked so happy! And his voice was amazing!!

In Murasaki's A MELODY (the first part of the song) Jin and Kame sang together, and the screams/response was overwhelming. (laughs)
Kame was very excited and he extended his hand while singing it. (AWW!!!) Murasaki was sung by Jin with the members, one by one. But only when Jin was singing with Maru that he covered Maru's mic and refused to let him sing.

Kame: He took off his sunglasses and looked at Jin, Jin stepped back a little after looking at Kame but after that was the hand extending gesture.

Junno: When he went to put his hand on Jin's shoulder, Jin escaped.

Ueda: Normal but they exchanged glances while singing.

Koki: At the part when the lyrics went "抱きしめてあげれる" Which means something like "It is possible to embrace..", He made a hugging gesture but Jin didn't go to him, and so he went up to Jin and hugged him

Maru: They did many strange moves together and laughed alot. ouhh and Maru didn't come to Jin, Jin came to him and they did that game with the fingers an numbers... ah dunno the name >.<

Special guest was ... dadada.... Yabu Kota ^o^!!! And he is so tall and kakkoi O___O
But KAT-TUN likes to molest people, so they touched him a lot, helped him to wear his earphones, stuff like that.
Ueda was trying to pull something out of the backpockets from his trousers (I think he had his mobile in the pocket... not sure though) Kame was pulling his knees, till he was smaller as Kame, then Kame pu his ellbow on his shoulder 'natsukashii~' (is the spelling correct?)

Jin wet his hair at the end again today Kame mama said that Uebo was cute after watching Konkatsu!

MARU DID NOT BUNGEE TODAY. There is replacement bungee ticket that Maru can use only ONCE, he can get any member to help him jump once, but the thing is that he would have to listen to anything the member says. But the audience still liked him (Kame asked them in the end of the con, 'Do you like Nakamaru?' 'YAAAAY' :D)

During Neiro, everyone was wearing something kimono-ish? but Jin's outfit did not seem to be ready when he got up the stage. And he was beginning to sing the first line, but at this time, Kame was the first to take off his outfit (most likely the outer layer) then everyone else took theirs off too , many fans cried after seeing this. (BECAUSE JIN'S OUTFIT WAS NOT READY, SO EVERYONE DID NOT WANT TO LET JIN FEEL AWKWARD, i guess) After NEIRO Jin asked "Why did you all take it off!"

Adding on more, there was one part whereby because Jin was perspiring, his fringe was all messy and flat on his forehead, Koki went to help him fix his fringe and Jin got a shock and was all shy about it XD When they flew around in the cage, I think Jin was a bit nervous... maybe he was afraid to fall, but still, he smiled at everyone But he sat most of the time, when he was in the cage. After the battle part Ueda helped Kame and Kame hugged him Junno helped Jin, but no hug for Junno XD

Ueda solo: he crossed his fingers before he started to play his solo a kissed them... that was so cute :D
It was perfect! And I think they didn't make any major mistakes today! ^^

Kame's solo: Today I also saw it, it's not Kame it's a stuntman! And his lipstick looked less reddish today, maybe he changed the colour .o. He used fireworks for his solo, too^^

About the Gokusen topic, Jin said that Yabuki and Ryu went to LA together but on the way back, Yabuki lost his ticket so Ryu came back alone. Then he said that he did not get an offer from Mr. Brain because Yabuki and Ryu were fighting over going to LA. They fought and fought then in the end Yabuki won and went. HAHA.

(Note: The Mr. Brain and Gokusen topic are part of MC, and it just might be the other way round, but this is the only the drift, that jin kept making excuses XD)

Oh yes there was one funny part where Kame said Yabu was too tall, and told him to stand with his feet 2m apart while pulling his legs. so cute :D

Credits to KATTUNLOVE @ LJ
Picture credits to maishampoo @ LJ
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[ posted 21 May, 1:50am ]

sorry its kinda short. will edit when more fan reports come in plus, its reeeaaaallllyyy late now -__-


Set list for today

05.Keep the faith
07.White X'mas

Mayonaka no Shadow boy(Takaki Yuya, Tamamori Yuta, Kamenashi Kazuya)
Why did you go?(Nakayama Yuma)

12.Jumpin' up
13.No matter matter



Fire Beat(Kis-My-Ft2)
16.Real Face
【Mercury. Kamenashi Kazuya Produce】
18.Hanasanaide ai
19.GOLD(They threw signed frisbees here)

21.Hana no Mau michi


26.SHE SAID...

As usual, I am just going to translate some of the more interesting portions of the fanreports i read!

The opening video order changed to KUNATT
Maru didnt jump again today
Part of Jin's and Takaki's convo
Jin "Takagi"
Takaki "Takaki desu"
Jin "Aa, this is the first time I have heard that your name is Takaki (laughs)

Kame did Mayonaka no Shadow boy with Takaki and Tamamori, but he didn't know the dance steps fully, so he just walked around and tried to dance, in the end, he still managed to kind of do it :D

During the MC, Koki wanted to make Jin's hair AGAIN, but Jin dodged, In the end, Koki made Jin's sideburns flat down on his face, and made him look like a monkey. During the song YOU, at the back, Jin's return at Sendai in Cartoon kattun II concert was playing, Jin sang his lyrics wrongly, and was like "Oh no, i sang wrongly (laughs)".

In Hanasanaide ai, Kame held a handy camera and became a cameraman. He took all members properly, except for Maru. He just took random body parts of Maru (*coughs*crotch*coughs* cheeky turtle ) In poster giving today, Uebo picked "369", and Kame said "Isn't that Miroku", Jin replied "Aa, It's Miroku." Tomorrow and the day after, would be produced by all members During MC, Jin told Kame that he should have rejected when they were going to dye his hair black, Koki poked fun and said "ARE YOU HIS MANAGER?"

When they finished singing encore, Jin smiled and waved with both hands, then when he got down the stage, he hid behind and kept peeping out again, Koki had to pull him to the backstage AGAIN. But he suddenly popped his head out to say Bye again!
During MC, Kame told Jin "Your mucus is flowing out! (laughs)" Jin then used both his hands to cover his nose and looked up. It was super cute

When Takaki and Tamamori knelt down and asked Kame to sing with them, Kame said that if Tamamori did something interesting then he would sing, Tamamori went slightly forward, and said "YAY" in high tension. Kame then said "Can't be helped...(I will sing)"
In Hanasanaide Ai, Jin and Maru, Junno and Koki were paired up, they were raising up their hands and twirling in circles, Uebo didn't have a partner, so he was twirling in circles himself. (HAHAHA SO CUTE.)

Fans said that Junno's voice started sounding a bit hoarse today, Poor boy. hopefully they all pull through. GO KAT-TUN! Today, the penlights wrote WE ARE KAT-TUN.

During encore, Kame pulled Takaki up the stage, and he was holding Kame's uchiwa. Jin as usual, sang with Junno in the later half of his solo After singing, Jin went "FU~~~!" at Junno, And so Junno also went "FU~~~" at Jin, both of them looked really happy!!(≧▽≦)

Oh yes, because of swine flu, KAT-TUN's osaka concerts are still in the midst of deciding whether they should hold it still on the same days or not. Hopefully everything goes fine. :)

Credits to annatanhe @ LJ
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[ posted 21 May 9:36am ]

Wilds Of My Heart:

for those who have not seen them (:

Videos were NOT uploaded nor recorded by me.
please do thank the uploaders in YouTube for the videos
and of course, the wonderful fans who recorded them!
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Posted 5/22/09
[ posted 23 May, 2:11pm ]


Well...i'm afraid i don't have much to say for today's concert. BUT i'll try my best to remember all the highlights and elaborate

Today was Nakamaru's day and they all sang:

Never Again
Understandable...(i think?)
Pika Pika
My Angel, Your Angel

There were tiny akame moments in Never Again. tinyyy but CUTE

so i'm taking a bath and i'll update later :D

and i'm back :)

so to answer someone's question, i thought it was like everyone's day, but when I checked Jweb today, it had the same message nakamaru wrote on i was like oh i guess they're going back to that order. So yes, today was Nakamaru's Higawari Produce day.

Today, my seat was Gate 40, Aisle 3, Row 24 so I was on the right side and surprisingly, today, out of all my seats, I thought I had a "good" one...which is a bit sad since all of my tickets are around the same I was able to see each member quite clearly through my binoculars:)

Well let's see, Rescue- as always, amazing. everyone's dancing was great One Drop -- Jin's little moment of sexyness...he stops singing a bit before this part, and licks his lower lip like the tongue swishing thing he does and says, "Bang" and that lead me to screaming lol. Before Yorokobi no Uta when they do their intros, Jin was like, "Are you guys ready" Crowd screams. In Japanese, Jin-"ぜんぜん聞こえねーよ" which means "I can't hear you at all" and the way he said that was HOT. and then again, "Are you guys ready!" Don't U Ever Stop - Jin took off his sunglasses again at the "Haha...Hell yeah." giving us the finger again..and it was hot, BUT i would say the way he did it on Tuesday was much rougher and swifter = DOUBLE HOT. no...TRIPLE x infinity hot hahah. White Xmas was as always beautiful, and Jin's voice was amazing...and I just noticed how I've been only reporting about Jin today...ahh sorry this is going to be OVERLY biased. Sadistic Love- major KoKame as always hahah. they're faces were like THIS close...well I'll leave it to your imagination how "THIS" close was And I must say, Koki's voice in the beginning is like pure seduction.

Kame's solo...was as always truly beautiful. At first, I really liked the song and the whole flying and the set. But today, I was constantly saying how beautiful Kame looked and how his movements were really graceful and pretty as well. Seriously, BEAUTIFUL. No twirling in sparks again...I guess I was lucky enough to see that on Sunday because it was really pretty.

Koki's solo, I think I'm beginning to like it more than before since it's a song that you could really get into. And I seriously love his taiko drumming with the shigotonin theme song...really, EPIC hahah.

Taguchi's solo - When Koki finished, Taguchi said, "That was a very koki-like performance." Koki, "Arigato." and Taguchi, "Let's sing together..." And the FUU thing again...and they touched each other's faces and hugged. And then Koki said, "Thanks again guys!" And then Jin came in again, and then they were like Fuu Fuu-ing and then Jin was like, "Taguchi Uruse." --Shut up Taguchi

And they sang Bokura no Machide! and jin didn't sing much for that lol Water Dance - their dancing was pretty cool, in sync, good

Higawari corner:
Never Again: Jin forgot his lyrics again so he was like, "I never understand. Wakasugitanosa Yasa..GOMENNASAI." and then when kame goes like, "Samayou FUTARIII" he said, "SAMAYOU AKANISHIII" and that's the tiiiiny akame part I was talking about when everyone actually screamed ahah. it was cute :))

Understandable: Jin kept bothering Nakamaru while he was dancing and the others as well. Koki at one point stood right in front of Nakamaru...a bit of member ai

Pika Pika: It was a good natsukashii song, and it brought back good memories :D

My Angel, You're angel: Akame's harmony was BRILLIANT. i LOVED it since I hadn't had the chance to hear it live. it was sooo pretty

Ueda's solo: he played the intro beautifully but messed up a bit in his intro for his song, but it was still really pretty I actually noticed that they were blowing the sakura petals before it got dark and I thought that was really beautiful I'm liking his song a lot!

Nakamaru' solo: as I said last time, I could really appreciate Nakamaru's voice and I really think he's the best at singing apart from Jin although Jin has his off days. It seems like Nakamaru never really have his "off days." AND during the rescue comedy thing when TaNaka does an impression of him, his "I don't wanna cry alone~ I don''t wanna cry alone" is always so pretty.

Jin's song: well, I like it. I dance to it. I look at the rest of the audience, and they're not THAT into it. but I've grown to like it.

MC: Kame promoted his movie first and then they went to the where's Hayato? And Jin, "Hayato...went to L.A. He went to Narita...wait Haneda?" and then someone was like, "how many times have you been doing this? It's Narita." and Jin was like, "Yeah at Narita, and Ryu was going to go but Hayato was like, "Wait/Hold on~" ちょっと待てよ~in a kimura-kun way. and then Kame was like, "yeah~" And Jin, "that happened before Gokusen 3." and Kame, "Wait it's after Gokusen 3 right? We were in Gokusen 2...*laughs*" Then Kame said, "Akanishi you have a movie right?" and throughout his Bandage promotion, Kame spoke a lot like, "You sing in a band right?" or "You sing songs that sound like they're from the 90s right?" And during the Mr. Brain promotion, when someone asked Kame if he has finished shooting, Jin butted in and answered, "Yeah, I've finished." and they went through the Hayato/doctor thing a bit until koki interrupted saying, "you're just going to go on meaninglessly right?" and stopped the akame playtime there

AND ueda jumped for nakamaru tonight and after jumping so gracefully, he spun around and around like some Dreamboys flying\stunt sequence.

and i'll emphasize how much i adore neiro again &hearts: SO VERY ABSOLUTELY beautiful :)

OH and jin played around with a junior today during one of the songs--jin like pulled up the junior's jacket over his head while he was dancing.

Credits to KATTUNLOVE @ LJ
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Set list changes: No 'Love' but we did get 'Moon' (yay!), no 4 seasons song. The daily corner was 'Heartbreak Club', 'Miracle' and 'Utai Tsuzukeru Toki', and there was a second encore with 'Harukana Yakusoku' and 'Will Be All Right'.

There's never much for me to write about the early songs because I'm always too excited to take notes, but I do recall Ueda's hips being lethal weapons during 'Rescue'. It's a trifle difficult to take him seriously when he does it, though, because he has such a big smile and blows such cute kisses.

Kame was leaning back over the rail again during 'LIPS'. For 'Keep the Faith', Jin, Junno and Nakamaru's trolley was parked in front of us for quite some time, but since Jin still had his sunglasses on, there was no way to tell if his Foreign Girl Radar was working for us. He gave the audience the middle finger again during 'Don't U Ever Stop'.

'Sadistic Love' is no longer the Kokame love song (wouldn't 'Cute and Fluffy Love' be more appropriate for the two of them?) but the general KAT-TUN Love song, which I think says a lot about the relationship the six of them have. (Just kidding!) Kame's eyes were shadowed by his hair, making him look rather desperate and psycho-serial-killer-ish, but that didn't stop him singing close to Koki. Jin, Ueda and Junno were also closing the gap between themselves and Koki, which obviously made an impression on Koki because he was staring at Junno's rear when they were in the cage together. I...did not see that coming. The other unexpected thing was Kame sticking his middle finger up at the audience - Jin being a bad influence?

'1582' had the sparklers back again! Kame had one in each hand and twirled around in the centre, but he also did the part where he twists himself up in the scroll and twirls his way out. He was magnificent, he really was. Is it just me or has the song acquired some extra material for the live? I'm pretty sure there isn't a chorus on the CD that ends with "ai ka".

'Pierrot' amused me greatly because one of the typos in the English lyrics was corrected - 'devel' to 'devil'. The other mistakes were still there, though! The wind trolley with Ishigaki, Fujigaya and Kitayama went past us in the dark on its way to meet Koki, and we could see a tiny Junior in a white and green costume standing between Fujigaya and Kitayama. Yep, Tanaka Juri. So cute! He had one eye made up too, just like his big brother, and he sang the end of Koki's solo with him.

Junno and Koki hugged again in 'Wind' - I was behind them at the time, so it kind of looked like they were hugging over Juri's head?

*sigh* Chinen and Yamada got rescued again. At least it's people I recognise. It makes sense now that it was all HSJ members since they announced concerts during this segment. Jin threw Junno off the trolley again and Koki was in the normal ranger uniform. Maru nearly jumped on the second countdown...and then on third, he did it! From the heighest height! The crowd went nuts. The poor guy was so pale when he got down. Everyone high-fived him, Kame slapped him on the back and was smiling so brightly you'd think he'd just scored a home run. Koki gave Nakamaru a big hug. Aww. Koki's really into hugging people.

'Mayonaka no Shadow Boy'/Nakayama song: round 8.

This time during 'Peak', Ueda yelled out congratulations to Nakamaru instead of telling him to bungee, Junno climbed up to the top of his cage, Kame leaned out over the arena...and Jin was, as usual, sitting down.

'Jumpin' Up' was so cute! Kame and Maru ran towards each other, arms outstretched, and hugged tightly, then high-fived. KAT-TU are obviously incredibly proud of Nakamaru for jumping, and so am I. Maru was clearly proud of himself too, because he seemed to have an attitude change. When he went up on the moving platform in front of us, he was swivelling his hips and generally behaving more like Jin than himself. Meanwhile, Kame was dancing with Juniors again.

My notes for 'No Matter Matter' are all written over each other because I was very excited, but I think they read that Jin and Nakamaru hugged, and then Jin clamped his hand down on Maru's head again, earning himself another kick in the leg. Jin shows affection like a little kid - if Maru had pigtails, Jin would be pulling them. Koki wouldn't - he went up and hugged Maru again. Lots of love in the air tonight. Koki and Jin got in line with the Juniors on the right and ran up to the stage with them. Kame, on the other hand, was dancing *very* close with a tiny Junior - what's with all this underage fanservice? - and then swivelled his hips.

Right, well, probably everyone knows what happened during the MC - KAT-TUN announced an arena tour for the summer. A word of advice to anyone who happens to go to the shows in Fukuoka - be prepared for your sandals to melt. There was a press conference of sorts on the stage (has any of this appeared on the news?), and people with a yellow sticker on their seats had to hold up their penlights. The lights spelt out 'arigatou KAT-TUN' (the 'arigatou' was in katakana). After all the intruders left, the MC continued as normal. When Jin was promoting Bandage, he was all smily and giddy in the first part..but he didn't speak much at all today during the MC. When Kame was promoting Gokusen, Ueda was like, "I'm going to go see it." Koki, "I'm not." Jin, "I'm not going to see it." LITTLE akame moment? maybe? I thought it counted as one hahah.

'Moon' continues to impress me with Kame's seductive umbrella twirling. The guys were almost dancing in sync for a while there.

Junior corner: ABC-Z did 'Vanilla' (Kawai's smile was so bright ^_^), and KisMyFt2 did 'Fire Beat'.

Costume change for 'Real Face', so back to Kame in the purple pimp suit, which went pretty well with Koki and his blackjack-dealer outfit. Koki said for Kame to do the rap (no "chan" this time), and Kame did. Koki touched Kame's face tenderly while they were singing, getting the expected screams. Jin was surprisingly sweet here, getting Maru to sing his lines by sticking the mic under his nose. He was actually up pretty close to him for a while. Junno did the end rap again.

Medley! 'Heartbreak Club' is my favourite KAT-TUN song ever, but I never thought I'd get to see it live. I went completely mad when they started playing it - I confess, I screamed. They started from the second verse so that people other than Jin got to sing, and Koki did a backflip - though he did stumble a bit on the landing and bowed afterwards. Junno must've realised that sunglasses are the key to popularity in KAT-TUN, because he was wearing some for the medley.

Second in the medley was 'Miracle' - Jin appeared to be unsure of the lyrics again. Head in the clouds, that boy. He put an arm round Koki as they walked past us and up to the stage after throwing frisbees into the crowd.

The final one was 'Utai Tsuzukeru Toki', which no one remembered very well. Why do they pick songs to sing if they can't remember the lyrics? At least Jin has an excuse for that one, since he wasn't there for it! Kame got the audience to sing some of it and gave us a big thumbs up and massive smile; Jin sang the final note without a mic at first, then used it from halfway through.

'Hana no Mau Machi' - oh dear, poor Ueda. He made a "safe" sign again when he finished the first piano part, but messed up the intro to his solo. Now, after he left the keyboard and came forwards, I only saw him getting up and because of the thumping sound, I assumed he tripped, but it was more likely an apology! He went on his knees and pretended to slam his fist on the floor CUTE. Koki's little brother came to sing with him in his solo in the last part.

'White World' - Maru continues to impress me with his willingness to sing his solo live - the first part, anyway, and he's so tired and strained by now that the difference is very, very noticeable.

I have no notes on 'Wonder', other than that Jin's tongue made an appearance.

The king battle went more or less the same as yesterday, with Ueda shooting Junno, Junno taking poison and then getting shot again. Ueda stood on him while he was on the ground.

Koki and Nakamaru did their monomane again, and we got the Jin/DUES one...and then another Jin/DUES one, this time an impression of Jin's laugh after the 'are you ready?' line. Except that the laugh was done as Jin's normal high-pitched giggle. ^_^

Akame battle - Jin was gearing himself up properly this time, making all the little gestures you'd do when preparing for a challenge, and again with the tiny flapping motions. Occasionally, Jin's so incredibly dainty I tend to forget he's also something of a klutz. He held himself straight after that - less like a dead bird, more like a frozen tuna - while Kame played dead this time. He flew right over us, and it was a nice view. Ueda got the massive hug again when he helped Kame down. You'd think Kame had just made it out alive from a plane crash, the way he clings to Ueda.

During 'Wilds of my Heart' poor Nakamaru kept turning round nervously because Jin was following him. I agree, it's probably not wise to have Jin behind you.

Jin held his robe over his shoulder for 'Neiro', and his singing was a bit wobbly - hell, everyone's was by this point - and Kame...missed his cue ?Jin messed up in his lyrics in Neiro and said Gomen and continued singing. TIIIINY AKAME PART

In the last part when each member sings, "Kaeru basho wa kimiga kanaderu..." Kame missed his...because I guess he thought he was last when Jin was. So Kame sang when Jin started singing his part and Jin looked at Kame like he did when Kame messed up in Keep the Faith in Music Station. Kame said, "I messed up" at the end of the song and apologized during his final words.
Kame looked so cute and happy, though, anyone would forgive him.

The penlights spelt out 'WE ARE KAT-TUN' again, with the heart in the arena. Up on the screens, there was a congratulations message for the 8 days, and the guys bowed.

Encore - we were "boys and bitches" again in 'She Said', Jin was all wet, and the giant planets flew past us and blocked our view of the screens. That Earth balloon? Enormous. Jin was at it with the water bottle again during 'Peaceful Days', pouring it over himself, spraying out mouthfuls of it. Picking up bad habits from Kame, evidently. It's so impressive watching everyone jumping on the stage together, particularly Ueda, who can probably keep it up for hours.

We had a second encore with some surprise guests! Yasu, Ohkura, Ryo and Maru from Kanjani8 appeared with a bouquet of flowers (and some seriously dodgy hats). Kame accepted the bouquet, which had a K8-style 8 (infinity symbol) for the 8 days on it. Congratulations were given, and then it was 'Harukana Yakusoku'! Ryo went round singing with Jin, Kame and Maru(K8) went together, and Koki and Yasu. Ohkura kind of trailed behind, wandering around by himself.

They finished with 'Will Be All Right', and Jin messed up the 'you shine on the world' bit. Again. Honestly, Jin. Kanjani8 were adorable, with Maru over on our side, getting us all to wave, and Ryo looked so funny when he tried to join in the dances. Maru had a camera round his neck, so I don't know if he took any photos? It looked like Yasu was crying at the end when he congratulated KAT-TUN again, but don't quote me on that. Kame had given up by that point and was throwing himself around the stage like a seventies rock star after a three-day drinking spree.

Finally, Jin peeked out from behind the stage again and told us all to take care.

Credits to KATTUNLOVE @ LJ
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