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31 / M / Glendale, AZ
Posted 3/17/09
I was at a surprise party for my mom's 50th birthday (she actually is turning 50 later this week) last night with friends and family. One of the people I talked to said this (not the exact words but bear with me), "I don't remember where I read it but Tucson has the most registered Lamborghini Diablos in the country". I tried to Google this but have found only keywords. Can someone please shed some light on this if is true? If this is true, it's cool for me because I live in Arizona. That is, for one of my home state's cities to have the most registrations of a specific supercar than anywhere else in the country is awesome.
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Posted 3/21/09
Since you live in Arizona, there are tons of superclars where you are, and not really surprised if that really is true, though I imagined dubai or some other upper class place have equally or higher density of a specific model.
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