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Posted 3/18/09
Please feel free to post ur testimonies here n encourage others.....
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Posted 3/20/09
This group is awesome! we can share our troubles and help others, we can tell our experiences with Jesus..
what Jesus have done for us..

i'm positive that we can be closer to one another and also to Jesus if we joined in this Friendly Village!! ^ ^
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Posted 1/19/10
Definitely! I agree. My testimonies is..

Since i'm young, I went to church but i don't believe in God as I went to a Chinese church and i don't
understand chinese. So my parents found another church which is in English. I went there and felt happy for some reason. But i do not RELI feel God's presence then when i turn 11, my family and I moved to Sibu and joined the Sunday Sch at Wesley Methodist Church. But I HATE the Sunday Sch there cuz i felt is very babyish. So i quit going to church. As my parents worry, they asked me to join d Youth Service there.

U could have seen how nice the Service there! They use eletric guitar, bass guitar, drum, piano and even a grp singing in front. And it sound like i'm at a real HillSong concert. But i still feel lonely.

But after 4 years there, i found Christ and believed in Him. And have many fwens. I still attend there and hoping to go to camp and Friendship Nite ( which is D best PARTY EVER!! >U<)

Well.. tat's d end of my testimonies.
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