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Twilight made into anime???!!!
Posted 3/18/09

chaquina wrote:

prettisnow wrote:

Forgottenfeelings wrote:

I personally don't like Twilight. I don't like there's this bond with Edward and Bella. But there's always this one problem. And then it just goes from exciting to boring. So I was wondering if they put it into animation, will it be better. What do you think?

i second to ur saying, i dont realli like twilight much, but my friends are all crazy about it, the first book was interesting and the second was ok, but when i got to the 3rd and 4rd.. is get a bit boring a while
[please dont be offende the twilight fan]

UR right i think they could've done better, of course the vampires(males) weren't that bad

lol yeh a bit disappointed in the movie
Posted 3/18/09
Posted 3/19/09
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