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Which is more better Grand Chase or Maple Story??
Posted 9/6/10 , edited 9/7/10
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26 / M
Posted 1/26/11 , edited 1/27/11
Grand Chase i mean i got all the characters and we just got guild system X.X but ganna have guild war soooon and in GC its all about your skills. and dungeon are all about team work how you combine your skill with others and theres boss at the every end of the dungeon.
Not to mention that how cool the pets look and how nice they are and they have free pets too slime free pet when evole is strong but not too strong.
well for me im a heavy casher so i get nice pet that does same damage as my moste powerfull move which im always amaze about. my fav right now is Jin,Sieghart,Ronan,and Dio but right now my Dio is just tooo overpowering sooo strong i can kill Staklin lvl 57 boss in 10 sec o_O.

so for me i prefer Grand Chase over Maplestory.
Dont get me wrong ive played maple story i got to lvl 52 F/P mage i also cashed for MS it was waste all i get was looking good and nothing els and the pet i got is like just waste money does nothing dont even help you in battle at all.

So GC FTW!!!!!!!
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F / Britannia
Posted 5/28/11 , edited 5/29/11
None. I never really got into either of them... but I thought GC was more cool^0^
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F / District 12
Posted 5/30/11 , edited 5/30/11
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F / Crunchyroll
Posted 7/25/11 , edited 7/26/11
Maple Story
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