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Posted 3/19/09
the rules are simple just state what u think of the avi abouve you on a scale of 1 - 10!

well have fun!
Posted 3/20/09
Posted 3/21/09
8!!!!! the pics so cute!!!
Posted 3/22/09
urm sis where's ur pic? i can't rate anything lol xD ~Nya!
Posted 3/23/09
U rate the avi not the pic sorry I didn't make it clear :(

Posted 3/28/09
ohhh rite 8~!!!! but sis dere's only us playing xD ~Nya!
Posted 4/16/09
2182 cr points
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22 / F / my palace on the...
Posted 9/2/09
i luv it 9!!!!!!!!! (i hav more excalmaition marks thn u hehe)
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