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Posted 3/19/09
The new RP will be based on the Dawn of War video games storyline, with the RP characters all being low level space marines. I will take the part of Captain Angelos to lead the company through the story.

Extra Info:
Posted 3/19/09
<will we do till Arcadia? like in the books of the Blood Ravens? or only Tartarus? and dont forget you destroyed Cyrene with an exterminatus ^^ you bad man :P>

Name: Uthius Aritha (what else?.. dont forget its like a parallel timeline so you can use same names like in story #1 if ya want>

Age: 99

Rank: Devastator Marine (Heavy Bolter)

Bio: Uthius, born on a desert planet. called Rahes Paradise he was damned to live on the street till the Death Angels from the sky came to take some of them with them. Uthius was one of the chosen one when the Death Angels came and began with the famous Blood Games. He knew that he would only have 1 chance so he decided when they came the first time and he was 18 to wait till they came again. several years later his moment came. he had survived with a few other people, chosen to become Adeptus Astartes and after the standard procedures to become an Adeptus Astartes Uthius decided to do everything to become a Devastator when he saw them in battle, because he was impressed which function they had except giving fire cover, they gave the fighting troops morale to fight harder than ever. and after some years he became a Devastator of the 3rd company of the Blood Ravens.

Extra Info: He lived on street so he has the knowledge of surviving alone and fighting for something he is really believing in, like in the god emperor and his captain. He would give his life when his captain would be in danger like for everyone else.


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