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Posted 3/19/09
Kim Bum Loves Coffee

Kim Bum and Suh Woo become lover's The two were picked as Maxim's advertising models of 2009 and finally started filming the commercial. The theme was that of a new couple that had just started dating. It starts out with Kim Bum taking Suh Woo home and the two awkwardly standing in front of her house. Both lost in thought, Suh Woo is thinking "Should I ask him to have a cup of coffee? Is that too fast?" while Kim Bum is simultaneously thinking "A cup of coffee? Should I just ask for one? Nah, just go." As Kim Bum is about to leave, she calls out "Do you like cappucinos or macchiatos?" and calls him back.

One of the team members explained "For this commercial of 'Sweet Seduction', the actors were superb and immersed themselves into their roles. They really looked like a young couple in love and the concept was pulled off extremely well." Good for the company, but I can see some hate directed towards the girl in the near future. I doubt crazy fangirls netizens will let the girl off for even pretending to be a couple with Kim Bum.

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